Here is how we spent the 4th this year. MD’s singing group, the Santa Barbara Choral Society, always performs with the Santa Barbara Symphony at the free concert in the sunken gardens of the Santa Barbara courthouse. The rest of the fam and friends usually picnic (low-carb, of course) on the grounds and watch. In the above photo the SBCS sings (the symphony is in the back) their hearts out. MD (aka Nanny) is front row, third from the left in the light-colored jeans.

This photo is without telephoto lens back from where our group was sitting. You can click on the picture to enlarge it. The upgrade of my blogging software allows this function, and it’s the first time I’ve used it. Let me know what you think. If the download isn’t too slow, I’ll put all photos like this from now on.

Here is our little patriotic granddaughter sitting on Dad’s (our son Dan) shoulders watching Nanny perform. Our friend Julian Nott is in the white shirt. On the left you can see some of the smoke from the monster Goleta fire burning about 15 miles away on the far end of town.

This is a photo of the sunset taken from our seat on the courthouse lawn just before we left. The only good thing I can think of that comes from these California fires is the spectacular sunsets the smoke provides. It’s hardly a recommendation for starting them, though.

After we had watched the festivities and finished the picnic, we all headed to the Santa Barbara Yacht Club, the best place to watch the fireworks. Here I am sitting on the deck outside with son Dan and granddaughter Emma (all wrapped up in her Princess dress with arms pulled inside to keep warm from the chilly night breeze blowing in off the Pacific) watching the spectacle. In years past this deck was clotted with people. There were only a few this year. I don’t know if the economy or the fire or both kept them away.

The grand finale of the city fireworks display. It was accompanied by a raucous applause of a zillion horns from the boats in the marina below. All in all a fun day. I hope your 4th was as good.


  1. Sounds like you and family had a lovely 4th! I like the click on photo feature very much. only one picture took some time downloading. The rest were nearly instantaneous.
    Thanks for the feedback. All the ones that instantaneously opened did so at the same size as they are in the post – the one that took some time was the larger, full-sized one.

  2. I just had to state the obvious: your granddaughter is adorable! Anyway, glad you had a great holiday and thanks for all the effort you put out to keep us all so informed.
    Adorable? Gee, I had never noticed.:-)
    Cheers and thanks–

  3. No problem with the photo. This format is ideal as it allows for a clear layout on the main page and a full-size view if one desires.
    Thanks for the feedback.

  4. Upon review of Mr. Nott’s website, I must say you have quite a contender for the “Coolest Person in Santa Barbara award.” However, he gets negative points for holding what appears to be a fructose laden soda in his hand while I’m awarding you a bonus for having such a lovely granddaughter (although not as esteemed – yet – she takes a much prettier picture than the one of H.R.H. Prince Charles from Lott’s site, transatlantic relations be damned), so anyway …. Happy Fourth, Dr. Eades et al!
    Hey John–
    I blew up the photo to check – Julian was drinking an aspartame-laden, caffeine-free diet coke. And you’re right. My granddaughter takes a much, much, much, much better picture than H.R.H.

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