MD and I escaped from snowy Seattle to a windy, overcast – but snow free – Dallas where we had our own Merry Christmas with kids and grandkids.  Chaos has reigned since we arrived and was over the top yesterday.  Now that I’ve had a chance to catch my breath, I’d like to wish all readers of this blog a belated Merry Christmas and a great holiday season whatever holiday it is you celebrate.
In keeping with the holiday spirit, I would like to give readers of this blog a free copy of The Protein Power LifePlan.  But there is a catch.  You have to pay to get it from me to you.
I did this last year, and a zillion people took me up on it.  But a number of people couldn’t avail themselves of the offer because they lived in other countries, and at that time we weren’t set up to ship anywhere other than the US.  Now we are.  We are now using the US Postal Service (USPS) along with UPS to ship.  If you want one of these books for shipping and handling only, go to the products section of our website and click on The Protein Power LifePlan.  You can determine how you want to have it shipped, so you can look at both the USPS and UPS, see the difference in price, and pick whichever you choose.  If you do not live in the United States, then you must choose the USPS.  We are set up now so that the shipping price to anywhere in the world can be calculated.
The only problem that may arise if you order from another country could be a glitch on our end in the processing of a foreign credit card.  Our web guru set us up, but we have no way of testing if it’s set up properly or not since none of us has a foreign credit card to test it with.  We’ll have to see what happens when the first foreign order comes through.  When it does, if it gets messed up, don’t worry.  We’ll get it sorted out once we have a card to work with.
Once again, here is the deal.  I’ll send you a first edition, hardcover (not paperback) copy of The Protein Power LifePlan absolutely free (one copy per person).  All you have to do is pay whatever the normal shipping and handling is.  I’ll keep this offer up for the next 10 days, so it will end at midnight on Jan 5, 2009.  At that time the book will go back to whatever its regular price is.
And if you were planning to order anything else from the products section, go ahead and combine it with the book, which will make your shipping for the book practically free.  (We can’t make this offer to our non-US customers, however, because we can’t ship supplements to other countries.)
This is my way of saying thanks for hanging in there with me for another year and ordering stuff through the Amazon link.  And it’s a way of welcoming new readers.
Whatever the case, I once again wish everyone happy holidays.
Note: I just got word that our first non-US credit card did not go through.  Our guys are working on it, but word is that they may not get it fixed until Monday, Dec 29.  If you live somewhere besides the US and you would like to get a book, give your card a try, but if it doesn’t work, try again Monday.  Sorry for the hassle. I’ll remove this note when I know that everything is okay.


  1. Happy Christmas from England !
    I already have Protein Power Lifeplan or I’d order it from you. I love the book and have reread it at least three times over the past two years as there’s so much valuable information in it….plus it’s very readable. I put it as my first favourite book in my ‘Blogger’ profile !
    Happy New Year too !
    Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed the PPLP.
    Happy New Year to you, too.

  2. Hi Doc,
    Many years ago I used to give PP as presents. One fateful day a woman friend wanted to learn about nutrition so I, with misgivings, loaned my own copy with margin notes. Time went by and she wouldn’t return it, saying the book had been damaged (likely story!) and offered to buy it. Naturally I couldn’t accept money for it so went looking for a new copy for myself. Checked several bookstores, new and used, and couldn’t find a copy. Out of frustration, I said to a clerk, “Ok, give me the PPLP.” Within an hour or two, PPLP was my new favorite nutrition book!
    I’m glad to hear you enjoyed both books.

  3. Hi Doc,
    Had my eyes opened with your blog and PP. I just ordered the PPLP two days ago from B&N. Not sorry I didn’t wait though, it was a reward to myself for losing 25 lbs since mid-October! Thanks and enjoy the holidays!
    Sorry I didn’t get this up two days earlier and save you a few bucks. Hope you enjoy the book.

  4. Hi,
    Ordered my copy using a ‘foreign’ credit card and it wouldn’t accept it.
    I’ll try again later.
    Thanks for the feedback. I’ll pass it along to our web guy to see if he can get it fixed.

  5. Dr. Eades,
    Love your blog…read it faithfully. I also enjoyed your Low Carb CookwoRx program, and was disappointed when our local PBS station no longer carried it.
    Thank you so much for the book offer. In your blog post you indicate you have both UPS and USPS for shipping, and the checkout section indicates there is an option for USPS Priority Mail, but there is no USPS option listed to choose.
    Thanks again, you’ve been a great help to me over the past several years. I look forward to reading you blog for many years to come!
    Thanks for the nice compliment. The USPS Priority Mail option is the USPS option. Check that one out. It’s a little less expensive, but takes a day or two longer for you to get it and it’s more difficult for you to track.

  6. Dr. Eades, the problem is that there is no USPS option listed in the shipping options drop-down in the shopping basket…there are only 4 UPS shipping options, ranging from UPS Ground at $9.00 to UPS Next Day Air for $67.40. No USPS option there to choose. Thanks!
    I just checked, and USPS Priority Mail was the 5th option. I don’t know why it isn’t showing up on your computer. If you continue to have problems, let me know through the comments, and I’ll forward your email to my tech guy so he can see what the problem is.

  7. Wow! Thanks for this very welcome gift.
    Question for you… you think it’s possible to go TOO low on carb intake? I read somewhere today that going too low increases your risk of stroke (however, it wasn’t backed up with a reference so I have no clue whether this is just a scare tactic or based on valid data). And, I’m wondering if going too low on carbs is actually detrimental rather than beneficial to weight loss?
    I am one of those women who is having extreme difficulty with fat/weight removal in spite of the fact that I have cut out all frankenfoods and eat relatively no nuts or cheese (a measured ounce or two of nuts or cheese, once or twice a week). I have removed approximately 70 pounds over the last 2 years but would like to remove another 30-50. My scale weight loss is under 1/2 pound per week on average over 2008.
    My fitday average for effective carbs over the last 2 months has been 25 (1600-1700 calorie average). For the last 2 weeks, it has been about 15 ECC. (Macro split 63%/8%/27%)
    I’m just wondering if going TOO low on the carbs is perhaps not working and that I should increase back up to the 7-10 per meal level of PP. Or maybe I need to drop the calories a bit more? Just looking for another opinion.
    Maybe you should replace a meal or two with a protein shake to get things moving. I don’t see a problem with carbs being too low because there really isn’t a requirement in the human diet for a single gram of carb.

  8. Hi! Not related to your giveaway for Protein Power Lifeplan (I bought a copy way back when, it’s awesome) but read about your plight where you got your flask taken away at a sporting event. I saw this site, with “gadget” canes, you should get one! 🙂
    Glad you had a nice holiday!
    Thanks for the info. The troll that got me did everything but a cavity search, so I suspect she would have been all over a cane. I didn’t lose a flask – it was two little airline sized bottles of Jameson.

  9. Merry Christmas! And thank you for maintaining this wonderful site.
    Because it is Christmas time, my family wanted my Grandmother’s cookies which call for shortening. I noticed in a past post, MD made fondant for a cake with lard. Can I just substitute the shortening in the recipe with lard from the grocery store that is shelf-stable, or do I need to find a place that sells lard that requires refrigeration? I’ve tried everywhere for the latter and have been unsuccessful. I tried replacing the shortening with Coconut Oil, but while the taste was fine, they didn’t look quite right and the texture was different. Speaking of Coconut Oil, is the less expensive LouAna brand something to be avoided?
    I checked with MD and she says that shelf-stable lard would be a much better choice healthwise than vegetable shortening. But the best of all would be organic lard requiring refrigeration, which is difficult to find. Any readers out there have reliable sources? She also says she would use butter rather than coconut oil simply because butter is solid at room temperature. She made Christmas cookies with our grandkids with butter – as she does every year – and I can tell you that they were good. (I had two.) She doesn’t know anything about LouAna coconut oil, so she can’t comment. She always buys Spectrum Organic coconut oil. Hope this helps.

  10. Just two little airline sized bottles? I got outraged over nothing then. You did chug ’em down in front of the vile little troll, didn’t you?
    BTW, I placed my order for PPLP (thanks! I have the original PP and am looking forward to this book) and had no problems selecting USPS.
    The vile troll had ’em out of my computer case and poured out before I knew what happened. As I was going on through after, MD asked, Why didn’t you just drink them? I’ll be going back and now I know the deal, so I will be able to make my carry-in booze unfindable. I think. This woman clearly knew what she was doing. She made me open my sunglasses case and reading glasses case along with all the little compartments in my computer case, so I’ll have to be clever. She didn’t check my rag-wool socks, however, which would easily have held a couple of small bottles of Jameson.

  11. I tried ordering using my credit card here in the Philippines. It was a no go. I’m going to try again on Monday.
    Sorry for the hassle. I hope we can get it fixed. Thanks for your patience.

  12. cool! my foreign card didn’t work so I’ll try on Monday.
    Is there much stuff that changed since that first issue (esp. anything you wouldn’t advise today?)
    Sorry for the credit-card hassle. I hope we’ll get it worked out.
    I would change a couple of things. First, ignore the chapter on exercise. We updated that with the book Slow Burn. Second, at the time we wrote the PPLP we were still believers to an extent of the lipid hypothesis of heart disease, and so spent more time on cholesterol than we would were we to write the book today.

  13. Drs. Eades (both of you), thank you so much for your kind and generous offer. I already own two copies of PPLP (my faithful dog-earred, marked-up copy that I refer to frequently, and a clean copy you sent me free of charge way back when your newsletter didn’t make it … or something like that … and you even autographed it for me!). I also got a free copy when you offered it last year, which I sent to a friend. So, I won’t impose again. Let someone who is new to LC eating or who can’t afford your wonderful book have my free copy this year.
    Thank you again for being so generous with your time and with your books. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to reading your next book. It’s been on “pre-order” with Amazon (through this site) since you first announced it.
    I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the book so much. Don’t worry about imposing. If you would like another to give to someone else, go for it. It’s my Christmas present.

  14. Hi Doc and Merry Christmas,
    Would you happen to have a Amazon Kindle version available? I just received it for Christmas and would love to be able to load it on this device.
    You got a Kindle, eh? You’re a lucky guy. MD got me a Kindle for Christmas – she ordered it over a month ago, and Amazon is so back ordered that I won’t get the thing until February. I’m looking forward to giving it a try, but I’m not as eager to get it as MD is eager for me to have it. The Kindle is what we call a Homer-gift in our family. I used to watch The Simpsons with our youngest son, Scott, who loved the show. On one episode Homer got Marge a bowling ball with the name HOMER engraved in it. When Marge asked why she was getting a bowling ball with Homer’s name on it when she didn’t bowl, he replied that the name Homer on the ball meant that it was from Homer. So, whenever anyone in our family gets a gift that will be of use to the giver, it’s called a Homer gift. MD feels like King Canute trying to hold back the tide when she deals with the constant influx into our lives of books that I order. She figures that the Kindle will stem the tide of physical books and make her life easier, thus making it a Homer gift.
    I don’t know how to get a book converted to Kindle – I guess the publisher has to do it. So, if it’s not that way already on Amazon, I don’t have any control over getting it that way. Wish I did because I would buy it myself. I’m forever looking stuff up in it, and having it all electronic and with me all the time would be great.

  15. DR. Eades,
    Thank You for the generous offer of your book. I tried to order it, but it wouldn’t accept my VISA for some reason. I’m from Canada, and have a Royal Bank VISA. Perhaps your Web dude could check it out? I don’t want to miss out – I love your book, both my wife and i have read it, but we borrowed a library copy. I can’t wait to own it so i can mark it all up with notes!
    Hang in there. We’ll get it fixed. Sorry for all the trouble. Until this, I didn’t realize and out-of-US credit card was handled any differently than one from here. I’ve used my credit cards all over the world, so it never occurred to me that there might be a problem.

  16. Me again. I just had to write again to say that I heard a doctor speaking on the “great medical stories of 2008” on Fox News this morning. She talked about the importance of D3 supplementation, so I thought, “Hey, she knows what she’s talking about!”
    Then she started talking about cholesterol. She said that statins have taken a hit this year, but were more than vindicated in two recent studies (Jupiter and the other one you wrote about, the name of which escapes me at the moment). Anyway, she said these latest studies shows without question that more people need statins that originally thought. She urged people to go to their doctors to ask “if it’s time to start on a statin.”
    Wait a sec. Isn’t that the slogon for one of the drug company pushing statins? “Ask your doctor if it’s time.”
    Coincidence? I think not.
    I wonder who it was? Nancy Snyderman? It shows the depth of the brainwashing the statin makers have performed. Or she’s on the take. I don’t know which is worse. Yeesh.

  17. Hello, Dr. Eades! Thank you very much for the generous offer — my wife and I have benefitted so much from your work. We would love to pass on a copy of your book to relatives who want to join us in our lifestyle upgrade, and we happen to be just outside Eagle, in Boise! Can you share Kristi’s location there?
    Thank you again for your wonderful offer!
    I’ll pass your email along to Kristi. She will contact you and let you know where the handoff will be.

  18. Thanks alot for such a nice christmas gift! … Being from Sweden, me too failed getting my Mastercard accepted, I’ll retry it when you fix it.
    Happy holidays!
    Sorry for the trouble.

  19. Mike, Happy Holidays for you and MD as well. Thank you for your continuous effort in keeping us well informed and up to date. Personally, I can’t thank you enough for your contribution to my own professional life (I changed research fields after I read your first Protein Power book…). May the New Year comes full of success and opportunities for you and your family.
    Thanks, Gabe. Same to you and yours. Hope we get to get together at a meeting sometime this next year.

  20. Thanks so much!! Even though I’ve owned a copy of Protein Power AND PPLP for many many years, I figure I can always use this as a gift to the right person in the right moment by having it on hand, so thanks!

  21. Homer gift ! Haaa, good one! I too have enjoyed, in the past of course, that witty chap Homer Simpson. Purely for educational reasons I assure. Here’s a quote in honor of LC diets.
    Homer: Are you saying you’re never going to eat any animal again? What about bacon?
    Lisa: No.
    Homer: Ham?
    Lisa: No.
    Homer: Pork chops?
    Lisa: Dad, those all come from the same animal.
    Homer: Heh heh heh. Ooh, yeah, right, Lisa. A wonderful, magical animal.
    As far as the lard, I would look into a local chapter of Weston A. Price Also has a list of local people who raise beef, lamb, etc.
    Hope she sees this.
    Ah, yes. Homer does come up with some good ones.
    Thanks for the links. I should have posted them myself.

  22. Dear Drs. Eades,
    Diana’s website turned me on to your christmas offer. I live in Meridian. I’d like to buy a copy for myself and take advantage of your free offer for my mom. She’s pre-diabetic and I think this might be of some help to her.
    Unfortunately the only Eades address in Eagle doesn’t correspond to your name(s) and I don’t find a business listing under Eades or under physicians or nutritionists.
    What is your business address. And what are the hours that your assistant keeps?
    Thank you.
    Carl Papenfuss
    I don’t live in Eagle, ID – my assistant Kristi does. I’ll pass your email along to her so that she can contact you about where to meet to get the books.

  23. Wow, that was a very clever ploy on your part to get me to order a bunch of stuff that I’ve been thinking about buying for some time, but I’d just not gotten around to doing it. 🙂
    More seriously: thank you! I’ve gleaned so much understanding from your blogging over the past six months. I’ve also lost quite a bit by cutting the grains, sugars, and modern vegetable oils from my diet — 15 pounds so far, with just 5 more to go. And I feel better than ever. (In contrast, I never lost a pound on “The Zone” some years back, although the increase in protein did help stabilize my blood sugar somewhat.)
    I’ll keep pointing people to your work. Already, quite a few of my regular blog readers have lost pounds and gained energy by a similar change in diet.
    Happy New Year!
    Thanks. I spent some time on your blog this morning. Very enlightening. Also found the FA/RM website through yours, which was a joy to go through. It’s nice to find people with similar mindsets.

  24. Merry Christmas to the Eades, I’ve been on your diet for nearly 2 months now and I’ve lost approx 17 lbs and went from around 14% body fat to around 10%. My Blood profile has improved. On the left my old, on the right my new. All values in mmol/L
    Glucose Fasting: 4.4 -> 4.5
    Triglycerides: 2.24 ->0.81
    HDL: 0.85 ->1.29
    LDL: 2.09 ->3.10
    Total: 3.96 ->4.8
    On my new test I had Ketones tested through urinalysis and they were 3.9 mmol/L. This was after having bacon and eggs 3 hours earlier. The reference range says it shouldn’t show up. I was just wondering if you have your own reference range for this Dr. Eades? Is it possible to produce too many ketones?
    Thank you in advance.
    Good looking labs. Nice job. As long as you are not a type I diabetic you don’t have to worry about too many ketones. The body regulates them nicely as long as it can make its own insulin. Bacon and eggs (if eaten in the absence of carbs) should increase ketones, which apparently it did.

  25. Me again. Again. Her name is Dr. Jennifer Ashton (they often goof and introduce her as Jennifer Aniston). Here’s her bio:,2933,291750,00.html
    While I was looking up her name on Fox News online, I came across this article:,2933,473184,00.html
    The title is “Don’t Take Health Tips From Celebs, if You Know What’s Good for You” and the article is accompanied by a picture from … you guessed it … Oprah! (I always wondered if she would have had the same career had her name been Janet or Helen or something.)
    Maybe people are starting to wake up after all. Nah. Probably too much to ask for.
    I have a brother-in-law who has just lost something like 60 pounds on Weight Watchers. The entire family is ga-ga over his success. This is the same guy who lost 60 pounds on the Atkins plan several years ago. Everyone is so happy that he did it “the right way” this time.
    We’ll see how long it lasts. I’d love to see his lab resutls. He eats a couple WW bars for breakfast, a couple WW frozen dinners for lunch, a couple for dinner, and WW snacks. Newly divorced, which could have something to do with his weight loss — I’m not being mean, just realistic. Once he starts actually preparing his own foods rather than nuking frozen dinners, things will likely change for him.
    This is the problem, though. He had great success with LC eating, but he didn’t understand WHY he should eat like that. I think that’s why a lot of people go back to WW or Jennie Craig or the other low-calorie plans, thinking that’s the “healthiest” way to lose the weight. “Sure, low-carb works, but I want to eat normal, healthy stuff like whole-grain bread and pasta and fruit. You can’t eat veggies on Atkins, you know.” Sheesh.
    By the way, I’m still in my 14s (down from my 16s), but my 12s are clearly in sight. Christmas Day my husband got knocked on his behind from a terrible cold and slept all day, so I sorted through all my storage containers of clothes that no longer fit (too big and too small). I sorted and then clearly labeled separate contains for size 16s, 14s, 12s, and 10s. Now when one box starts getting loose, I can easily find the next size down and try them on every week until they fit!
    I’m on my way! Thanks again for the help and support this blog provides!

  26. Living in Texas, I buy my lard from my local Mexican carniceria. It’s freshly rendered, usually still warm and in plastic containers stacked on the meat counter. And very cheap, $1/lb.
    The lard is left over from chicharrones (pork rinds) and is rendered at a higher temperature, giving it a caramelized flavor (and a light brown color when warm and off-white or light gray when refrigerated).
    It’s not leaf lard and you’ll have to decide whether it’s suitable for baking – I use it for frying or just adding fat to food. Tastes great in my almond flour based sesame seed cracker recipe.

  27. Dr. Eades, I still don’t have a USPS shipping option, nor am I able to change/update my shopping cart (I tried to start over; now I have 2 copies of the book it in and no way to change it). Any help to fix this would be appreciated!
    I’ll pass your email along to Kristi, and we’ll let her fix it. Don’t do anything until you hear from her. If you do do something, don’t worry, Kristi will fix it.

  28. How about a USPS media mail option? Media mail will be two bucks and change instead of the six bucks plus for priority!
    Merry Christmas and thanks for the cool offer!
    I suppose Media Mail isn’t included because I hate to get stuff myself through Media Mail. It sometimes takes three or four weeks since it is the lowest priority of all, and I, myself, would rather pay a few extra bucks and get my stuff shipped in a way that gets there in a reasonable time period and can be tracked.

  29. Is there any way we can get the book or a book we already have autographed by both of you? That would really cool! Thanks so much!
    Hmmm. Let me think on it. There is no way right now because all the books are in Idaho, and we’re not.

  30. I forgot my password and the reminder page does not exist (error 404) but I can still get in here and it remembers me. I do want to get another copy of the book to spread the message.
    I read your first book some time in the 90’s and lost weight. Then I fell off and ended up in the statin camp. I did read this book and half-heartedly got back on the wagon, but just stabilized. I started LCing really seriously again at last new year’s day and have stopped the statin and lost 35 pounds, but the time off the program may have been bad for my heart.
    Let’s hope the time on the program made up to a great extent for the time off. At least I hope so.

  31. I wonder what happens if I add some vitamin D3 to my order. I live in Europe where – at least in my country but I believe it’s all over the European Union – the vit D3 is a prescription drug. So, if the custom services pry in the parcel and find the stuff, will they accuse me of illegal import of drugs?
    Anyone from Europe, have you tried buying D3 from American stores and still at large?
    We can send only books to non-US addresses for that very reason. Sorry.

  32. What great timing! I was just looking for my copy of PPLP when I realized I’d never gotten it back from a co-worker I’d loaned it to.
    Now’s a good time, too, to thank you both for saving my life, or, at the very least, my quality of life. Both my biological parents were morbidly obese, and their siblings were, too. All led lives of great physical suffering, and, in my father’s and aunt’s cases, were very fat back in the 1950’s and 60’s, before the current obesity epidemic. At 220 lbs and climbing, and after years of yo-yoing (only starvation diets “worked” to drop pounds, but I had to quit each time, for obvious reasons), I thought I was doomed.
    Thank you so much for your lucid, physiologically detailed books. My doctor tried hard to scare the cr*p out of me about “Atkins,” and if I hadn’t had PP and PPLP to clearly explain things to me, I would have never had the courage to low-carb. After two years of pretty steady LC’ing (a little shaky the last few months, but straightening out again after a 5-lb regain), I’m down to 180 lbs. My labs look great (to my doctor’s surprise–“It must be all the fish you eat”), and I was able to drop my anti-depressants completely (yes, I took that step verrrry slowwwly).
    So, thanks–a whole lot. And very happy holidays to you and Mary Dan!
    It is letters like yours that keep me going. Thanks for the great story. I’m sure the books helped you intellectually, but you are the one who did all the work. And don’t let anyone tell you that what you’ve done isn’t a major accomplishment because it is. Keep after it and keep me posted.
    Have a great New Year.

  33. …and a happy and healthy holiday to you and your darling wife–you’re both tremendous sources of clarity and accuracy during a time when it seems all the so-called experts out there are stepping all over themselves with misinformation and anxiety-causing contradictions.
    I look forward to your continued writings and more pictures of you and your lovely wife in 2009!
    Stay healthy and be well!
    Thanks for the kind words. I’ll keep the posts and pictures coming, although I figured everyone was getting tired of seeing our mugs so often.

  34. What about paying extra to have them shipped to you and then shipped to us from you? I’d gladly pay the extra amount for a signed copy from both of you! 🙂
    I’ll get Kristi working on it to see what we can do.

  35. Dr Mike, I have a quick question and a longer comment!
    Question: Given that low carbing is a healthy and fulfilled way of life for long term results, is going on and periodically way off low carb is a very unhealthy way of living, relatively unhealthy, somewhat unhealthy or all the above? Just in case you are wondering, i am talking about 5 days strict low carbing and few days off.
    I am off tho Catskill mountains for a well deserved vacation and an adventerous link of event, the least of which is dive into the lake! Unfortunately this year was spent looking for that proverbial one and only to no avail. I dont know why but I kind of started feeling very lonely without being in love. Anyway, I am very impressed that out of so many comments you remember my story about lake diving. Dr Mike your memory is just as good as your wife’s!
    I wish you, your family and all those who are close and dear to your heart the following:
    12 months WITHOUT SICKNESS!
    53 weeks of ONLY GOOD MOMENTS!
    365 days of HAPPINESS!
    8760 hours of LUCK!
    525600 minutes of LOVE!
    315360000 seconds of ADVENTEROUS MOMENTS!
    Happy New Year! And dont worry about math, it was my favorite subject, lol!
    I think going on and off low-carb is not optimal, but it is healthier than never low-carbing. Have fun in the Catskills. Happy New Year.

  36. Dr. Eades, I wanted to thank you for this generous offer. I’d bought a copy a couple months ago, after checking PPLP & PP out from the local library, but I loaned it to my sister, and I’m don’t think I’m getting it back any time soon. I appreciate the scientific eye, analysis and explanations you and MD provide, and I try to share what I’ve learned with my friends and families.
    I’ve been following PP (not as well as I might) and your blogs since mid-summer, and my blood pressure has improved, my doctor is happy, and I’ve lost 25 pounds. My husband is on this journey with me, and his blood pressure and weight have also improved. Holidays with family are certainly a test of my very small ability to resist treats, but even that is getting easier.
    Thank you again, for all your work, and happy holidays to you and yours!
    Thank you for the nice sentiments.

  37. Hi Dr Eades,
    You wrote (above)
    “I would change a couple of things. First, ignore the chapter on exercise. We updated that with the book Slow Burn. Second, at the time we wrote the PPLP we were still believers to an extent of the lipid hypothesis of heart disease, and so spent more time on cholesterol than we would were we to write the book today.”
    Will you write a new and updated edition ? And include some more about vitamin D – you are very conservative in what you say about supplemental D in PPLP, and I know you have changed in your opinion about D because roughly this time last year you wrote a blog about the benefits of taking large doses of vitamin D. I actually wrote to you asking if you would write more on your blog about D and you replied you would…..still waiting….please…..
    While you’re awaiting my post, roam through this site. It should tell you everything you need to know.

  38. Merry Christmas to you and MD! I have been LCing for about a month now. My lipids are remarkable … triglycerides 27, LDL 104, HDL 87. The glucose levels are still 105, but they are always 105 regardless of time of day, whether I’ve exercised, or whether I’ve eaten protein/fat or not. I guess that’s okay? I’m thinking of adding that magnesium aspartate you mentioned but wonder as long as the BG levels are stable whether I need to fiddle with it. And finally, I’m finding that my clothes from Thanksgiving are already much looser. Not too concerned with the number on the scale, as it always botches up my mental focus to get winged out by a number, whether it’s higher or lower, blahdy blah.
    So thanks for your lifestyle program. I’ve bought everything you’ve ever published, except for Thin So Fast, which I’m gonna acquire as soon as I find a copy. I’ve spent the last two weeks down at my 2d home in Fla with the family, and the best part of your lifestyle is the fact that I can go to the same restaurant as they do, tweak the menu a bit, and enjoy meals with the fam without serious distortion of the meal/eating/community ritual. It wouldn’t be obvious that I’m doing LC unless I told someone. Even had LC punkin pie and faux-tatoes with cauliflower for the Christmas meals. Fantastic program!
    And thanks, too, for the blog and the LC community you’ve established here. So nice to be able to check in from time to time to read about others’ successes and ongoing efforts.
    All the best for the New Year, Dr. Eades!
    And a Happy New Year to you and yours.

  39. Wonderful news, thanks for this book!
    I’ve read Protein Power, but not PPLP. I look forward to this book to see what you have to say about sunscreen, as I’m somewhat ignorant on that issue…
    There is a pretty good section in the PPLP on the benefits of sunshine and what to look for in a sunscreen.
    Love you site and blog, BTW.

  40. Hi Dr Eades
    I live in Canada. I tried to order your book but could not get past the billing address page. There are no options for an address from Canada on the billing address page. Thanks anyway.
    Sorry about the problems. It’s turning out that shipping to Canada is more difficult than we though. Your government, I suppose, wants to make sure that you don’t get any subversive materials, and so it makes the shipping process difficult.

  41. Finally remembered which password I used and got the book ordered. I plan to incorporate some of Dr. Davis’s ideas in to the LCing next year because of my high calcium score and aneurysm. I appreciate you referring me to his site. I joined his TYP program and already have increased Vitamin D and Fish oil to higher levels. I am reading his books now and waiting to make more changes after an upcoming stress test.
    Happy New Year and thanks for your support this year. It was the first time I stayed on a LC diet long enough to see real success since Dr. Atkins in the 1970s. Your blog was a big help in keeping me motivated.
    I’m glad you’re making improvements. Dr. Davis’s books are good, but I have a little problem with Track Your Plaque. I recommend it, but with a caveat. In that book he spends the entire first part talking about the value of EBT scans and calcium scoring. He gives patient history after patient history describing people who thought they were in perfect health and who had normal lipid levels, but who ended up having atrocious calcium scores. The thrust of the first part of the book is that lipid levels don’t matter – only calcium scores matter. Lipids can be low, yet you can have coronary artery disease or lipids can be high, and you can have coronary artery disease. In other words, lipids don’t have anything to do with it. And just because you have normal lipids doesn’t mean you don’t have heart disease – all of which I concur with. Then the last part of the book is all about how you can lower your lipid levels by following certain dietary recommendations that involve reducing saturated fat. The first part of the book says lipids don’t matter; the last part says, You’ve got to work to lower your lipids to improve your coronary artery disease. It doesn’t compute, at least not to me. I think Dr. Davis has changed his mind about some of these things, and his newer thinking is more represented on his blog than in his book. Unless his book has been updated.

  42. MD,MD and MRE,MD
    Merry Christmas from a Colorado 1999 patient. MRE and I spoke a lot about ferritin at that time and his new (at the time) chapter in a book. Prophetic, but my iron overload did not get a dx until 2005, with ectopy, diabetes, mild restrictive cardiomyopathy, and 14 cardiac stents.
    I seem to be stable and my wife and five children thank you and MD,MD for having gotten me this far. My lipids have been under medical care for nearly 35 years, since medical school. The only time they have been GOOD has been on Protein Power. And I happen to love the program, so it is easy for me to follow.
    I am signed up to your blog, so I will look forward to your comments there. I know you must be proud of all the good you have done with your lives’ work. I also enjoy CarbWx (?) on tv.
    John R. Ahlering, MD
    San Diego, CA
    Hey John–
    I remember you well. Did I not check your ferritin at the time? If not, I’m glad the statute of limitations has passed. 🙂 I usually checked it on everyone.
    I’m glad to hear you’re stable. And if you’re just now coming to this blog, I’m happy to have you. Feel free to chime in any time.
    Happy New Year–

  43. Thank you so much for the offer. I too live near Eagle (Boise) so would like to stop and pick up a copy of the book this week.
    Kim Kline
    I’ve given your info to my assistant who should be in touch with you soon.

  44. Thank you so much! Also, your blog has been invaluable in my quest to improve my health. I was diagnosed with FSHD (facioscapulohumeral dystrophy) and polymyositis six years ago. I was given high doses of prednisone for the polymyositis, which resulted in steroid myopathy, pre-diabetes, hypertension, gout, and a 70+ lb. weight gain. My frustrated neurologist finally referred me to a rheumatologist with the plan that he would monitor a switch from the prednisone to methotrexate, in an effort to control my “overactive” immune system. Fortunately for me, the rheumatologist had a working brain and said that I did not have polymyosits, and subsequently acquired the biopsy slides to check for himself and challenged the neurologist’s treatment. I then spent the next year weaning off of the steroids. Enter Protein Power. Despite not being to exercise much, I have gradually lost about 60 lbs. and hope to lose another 50. Again, thanks for all you and MD do!
    Glad to hear you got your problem sorted out. And I’m glad you’re doing so well now. Keep it up.

  45. Thanks for offering your book again this year! I jumped on this last year so I already own a copy. :0) It’s one of my favorites!
    I did write about this in my latest column so others could take advantage of this great deal. You can see it here if you’d like to have a look:
    Hope you both have a wonderful New Year!
    Unfortunately the unexpected crush of requests overpowered our antiquated shopping cart, and we had to cancel the give away temporarily. We’re getting a new shopping cart that can deal with the order spikes as well as international orders. When we get it squared away and tested, I’ll repeat the offer.

  46. Happy Holidays! I would very much like to take you up on your generous offer of the PPLP book but my shipping and billing address are to an APO (military postal system) address. I can type in APO for the city but have no way of selecting AE for the “state” on the drop-down list. Is there anyway around this?
    Thanks much.
    You’ll have to hold off for a bit on your order. Our online shopping cart was overwhelmed. We’re getting a new shopping cart, and when it’s up and tested, I’ll redo the offer. At that point you should be able to do the APO address easily. Sorry for the hassle.

  47. Hi,
    I’m a frequent reader of your blog, and a low-carber of seven years standing. I actually came on today to ask you a question about low-carbing, dieting and breastfeeding when I saw your offer. Thank you! I have protein power, but would love the life plan too. I have an American cc, so that’s not a problem, but I live abroad – and the usps option wouldn’t show up for me either, so I’m a bit stumped as to how to continue. I tried on IE and Firefox and it’s just not there – only four shipping options show up. Have you managed to work out why that’s happening for some of us yet? Has anyone been able to use the usps option successfully?
    Now on to my question. As I said, I’ve been low-carbing for seven years, and during the first three years of that time, went from 250lbs to 154lbs, which I maintained for the following 3 years. However, resting on my lap now as I type is my beautiful 11 week old son! My pregnancy was very unpleasant, however, and for the first half of it I could not eat protein at all, it made me so sick (and I threw up anyway, the stuff I could eat). I went back to low-carb as soon as I could, but the weight I put on during that phase of the pregnancy has stayed with me. After giving birth, I have vacillated between low-carb and eating higher carb – partly to increase my milk, and partly to indulge the sweet tooth I re-acquired whilst pregnant. However, now I really want to get back to the straight and narrow, so to speak. I’ve got around 25-30 pounds to lose to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I have found that if I eat low-carb I do have milk, but that was with eating plenty of nuts, higher carb veggies, and not restricting calories at all. And when I ate carbs I found I had more milk. I’m wondering what your opinion is, as a low-carb advocate and a doctor, on whether I should/can actively try to lose weight will breastfeeding, and what level of carbs I should eat, and whether I should count calories at all (I wouldn’t try and go very low, but there are as you know a lot of calories in nuts etc). Thanks for your help – I love my son and I’m very glad I had him, but I’m finding it very hard to deal with the ‘backslide’ to the weight I was four years ago, knowing how much effort and time it will take me to re-lose, after having been able to maintain my weight loss totally for over 3 years.
    Your question is a good one. For the most part, women who are pregnant or breast feeding shouldn’t be on a calorie restricted diet. Your main job during these times is to provide substantial nutrition for a growing fetus and then infant, which takes lots of calories. Your secondary job is to be sure you don’t deprive yourself of needed nutrients in the process. Frustrating though it is for you, weight loss can wait a few more months, if it has to, to assure your growing child gets a great nutritional start in life. That means milk that is both plentiful and nutritious, so protein rich, fat rich, essential fat rich. A Protein Power (or LifePlan) transition or maintenance level diet (the dilettante when you get the LifePlan) full of good protein sources, quality fats, pure sources of essential fats (which usually means supplementing to avoid mercury and that would be in fish fat) and fresh fruits, veggies, and organic dairy would fit that bill.

  48. Sorry to hear about your system crashing! I’ve notified my readers of the issues and will update when things are worked out. Thanks for all you are doing! This book giveaway will really help people get the truth about low-carb living for minimal cost.
    Thanks for your understanding. We got more orders in the first two hours after I put the post up than we’ve gotten total in the last 6 months. We got more orders in the first 12 hours than we did in the entire two weeks I ran this same give away last Christmas. Our system couldn’t handle it. We’re in the process of getting a new website design, and when we do, we’ll get a new shopping cart (I’m evaluating several right now) to go along with it. We should be back in business for an onslaught of orders with in a few weeks.

  49. Hello, Dr. Eades. have just bought your book LifePlan, but have been on a lower carb diet for a while now. What I mostly eat is fish and red meat because they are the most nutrition dense. I have a problem I am worried about though and that is iron. I have not had my ferritin levels checked but wouldn’t a low carb diet harm and not help in iron overload or am I missing something? Also do you recommend to readers to regularly donate blood for as long as we are eating lo carb and if so how often would be best in order to keep iron in check? Another question is if you exercise intensely “circuit training short burst” if your body can afford more iron or not? Also after I eat red meat i always feel groggy and tired could this be do to iron.
    Thank you for your time and patience with my many questions. be well
    The type of iron in red meat – heme iron – is easily absorbed but is also easily avoids absorption if iron stores are too high. So I wouldn’t worry about getting too much iron by eating red meat. I always recommend that people give blood. It helps the people who need the blood plus it helps keep iron from accumulating. I don’t think the intense training has much effect one way or another. And I don’t think your grogginess has anything to do with iron levels. I don’t know why you feel groggy – most people feel just the opposite. I suppose whatever else you eat with the red meat could have a lot to do with it.

  50. Dr. Eades, I made a stupid mistake on my order and didn’t change the card type to Mastercard instead of Visa. I left it alone instead of potentially making it worse. Please let me know if/what I can do to straighten this out. Otherwise, it looked like it took my order.
    I’ll have my assistant check it out, but it’s probably okay if it went through.

  51. Glad you made it out of the snow. It’s an example of why I basically don’t fly i the winter any more.
    Thank you for using the word Christmas. And Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.
    And a Happy New Year back to you.

  52. Hi Dr Eades I’d love a copy of protein lifestyle and have tried to pay postage using my visa but not having success.
    I’m in New Zealand and not sure what to do???
    I have recently bought your book Protein Power and after 7 days on the diet I lost 2 kgs which was fantastic! .. i still have another 12 to go but that was a great week and very encouraging.
    i have noticed my zero energy levels have increased and my fibromyalgia pain is improving, and my foggy brain has cleared and i’m feeling really really good! I added potassium after 4 days and found that a lot of the tiredness and fatigue went.
    i love this way of eating..and i’m so thankful to have stumbled across this diet as my sugar levels were way out of whack.
    So here’s to you!
    Thanks, Wendy. Don’t give up on the book deal. As soon as we have the new blog design up with the new shopping cart, I’ll put up the offer again, and, I dearly hope, it will work this time.

  53. Dr. Eades,
    You have had a tremendous impact on my life for many years. The first book of yours I bought was Thin So Fast and I believe I have every book you and/or MD have written since, including the If It Runs In Your Family series. I was very fortunate to discover the low carb diet 30 years ago during a battle with hypoglycemia, sugar binges and anorexia nervosa. The diet, I believe, literally saved my life. Since that time I’ve stuck to the diet, sometimes less closely, such as during two pregnancies, but very diligently for the past 10 years. As a result, I’m in my mid 50’s, very lean and muscular, and I can’t imagine a more wonderful way to eat. Your books and blog have been very helpful to me and there are no words to express how much I appreciate all you do.
    As I mentioned, I have all of your books but I would love to have an autographed copy of The Protein Power Lifeplan. If you can make that happen, I will gladly pay for extra shipping and for the book. Again, many thanks for everything. I wish you and your family a very blessed 2009!
    I’ll see what I can do.

  54. Dear Dr Eades,
    When you bring this offer up again I’m wondering how people outside of the US can order as I live in the UK and can’t get passed the first page of billing details as it has a drop down list only of US states and no foreign countries. I already have PPLP but realise now that I’d much rather have a hard back edition and give my soft back edition to a friend. So I will take up this offer please when you have it again…but if I can’t even enter my address in the UK it will be difficult.
    all the best,
    When we get up the new website/blog we’re in the process of having designed (probably within the next month), we’re going to go with a new shopping cart that will work with non-US addresses.

  55. Dear Dr. Mike,
    Is this offer still good? I just lost my third (or was it fourth) copy of PPLP to yet another friend. I must say that I’m glad that you’re so popular, but I do wish that my friends would spring for their own copies. Perhaps this is my way of making the world a better place, one great reference book at a time.
    Thanks so much. Can’t wait for your new book.
    Had to cancel it temporarily because our shopping cart needs upgrading. We’re in the middle of a site and blog redesign that involves going with a new shopping cart. As soon as we get it finished, we’ll redo the offer.

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