If you ever find yourself in the wilderness. freezing to death, with nothing but junk food in your knapsack, don’t despair. You can use it to start a fire. I’ve always though junk food was useless–this video has made me change my mind. I might just save your life. Whatever you do, though, don’t eat it.


  1. Sir ..this is what meds Pal takes..any suggestions ref her still elevated insulin ?
    You’re the man as they say..somewhere in the world.
    Glucose Fasting = 4.6
    Insuliln Fasting = 119.0
    Androstenedione = 8.6
    Testosterone = 1.3
    SHBG = >180
    eGFR = 90
    Triglyceride = 2.62
    Ferritin = 39 (on homeopathic stuff for this)
    So these are my current result details. Once again, I am have yet to take any insulin resistance meds. The only meds I was on was Euflex (40 mg daily) and now birth control and Novo Nadolol (40 mg daily) for my migraines.
    Hi Simon–
    First, I can’t diagnose and recommend over the internet.  Were I to make recommendations on this set of labwork I would be inundated with lab reports from people wanting me to look them over, and I just can’t do it for all kinds of reasons.  Sorry.
    Having said that, I’m totally bewildered as to why a female would be taking an anti-prostate cancer drug along with birth control pills.

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