Couldn’t resist passing on the information in this blog post from Chef It Yourself about cooking a Mangalitsa pork neck roll. As readers of Mike’s blog know, he and I took a three-day seminar a few months back on the proper techniques for butchering and cooking Wooly Pigs, or Mangalitsa as they’re more properly called.

Among the delectable treats we enjoyed was some pork collar (neck roll) and I can attest that it’s truly beyond divine. A meat-lover’s Nirvana. Savory and succulent and filled with sweet, tasty fat. Just one look at a photo, such as this one from the Chef It Yourself blog:

Does that look luscious or what? I am going to try to get my hands on one and sous vide it!

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  1. I keep hearing that the neck is wonderful too, that’s def. on my list to do as soon as I can find one. Any notions on how long to sous-vide it?

    COMMENT from MD EADES: I would have to ask Heath Putnam or Michael Clampfer to know for sure, but my guess would be on the order of country style ribs — something like 18 to 30 hours — but don’t quote me. I will get with Heath and Michael and cook one and blog about it!

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