Within a day after my previous post on the virtues of egg consumption for breakfast the New York Times Magazine (free registration) ran an article on a different way to scramble/poach eggs. I haven’t tried it yet because I had already had my eggs poached the traditional way before I read the article.
I’m sure the distaff half of the Eades team will try this method soon. When she does, I’ll let you know how it went.


  1. I’ve just tried this for lunch. I found it a bit overcooked for my taste, and absolutely uniform, more like a lump of omelette than normal scrambled eggs, but very quick and easy. I just did two eggs, so maybe I should have adjusted the cooking time. Next time I’ll beat the eggs less and give them less time in the hot water.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. I imagine it will require a little trial and error before achieving perfection.

  3. I tried this method using duck eggs just hours old (I raise my own). I followed the instructions except for draining the eggs first since duck eggs whites are thicker than chicken. I was pleased with the result as the eggs came out very light and fluffy, whereas duck eggs tend to get rubbery when cooked the tradtional way. The taste was not as rich as with traditional scrambled eggs, but a bit of melted butter and seasoning helped. The second time, I used a round perforated skimmer to remove the eggs from the water and they seemed to drain better than pouring the water out as the instructions recommended. This also would allow one to make additional batches using the same water.

  4. I followed the recipe from the New York Times Magazine this morning using 5 eggs and reached perfection. They were very light and fluffy. I drained the DHA eggs before cooking as the author described. After they were cooked and in draining mode, I added a touch of butter and after placing them on individual plates, added salt and pepper.
    Never have tasted such light and fluffy eggs as these were.
    Love your cable show and enjoy your blog immensely.

  5. We finally tried the eggs made a la the New York Times and found them to be pretty much as you described. Md, who actually did the cooking, isn’t sure that the taste and texture are worth the extra time and clean up required. As for me, who just sat there and had the cooked eggs appear before me, I though they were great.
    Thanks for the nice compliment on the blog and our PBS show.

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