A little over a year ago I wrote about how MD and I had been interviewed on camera for a documentary being made to respond to Morgan Spurlock’s popular movie Super Size Me. Tom Naughton, the producer of the anti-Super Size Me film, spent a few hours with us and even contributed to this blog with his answers to the many of the questions my readers had for him. Today I received word from Tom that the film is pretty much finished.
He sent me a few YouTubes of short segments of the movie so that readers could get a taste of what’s coming. I’ll post these over the next couple of days.
I think this will be a terrific flick (my appearance in it notwithstanding), and I urge everyone to spread the word. Let’s all send these YouTubes around to friends and family to generate as much interest as possible.


  1. I’m so looking forward to this movie! It’s going to be something I can shove in the face of all those people who cut the fat from the roast duck that I have slaved in the kitchen for hours just to get the right crisp! It annoys me no end that they complain bout fat but never bother to read anything “hard” about it.
    These previews also gave me a voice to your face. That’s nice. I’m one of those people who recognize people by their voices, rather than their faces. So you are a more complete person now, from my point of view anyway!
    (Please correct my typos. I’m still a foreigner.)
    I’m glad you enjoyed the clips. I’ll keep everyone posted on the status of the movie.
    No typos to correct.

  2. I cannot wait for this film. As someone who makes independent docs in my spare time, I know how difficult it is and how much time goes into it. It’s about damn time someone made a film expressing what we all know but no one seems to have the guts to put out there. Mainstream food beliefs are just too dangerous as they stand. Bravo to both you and the other Dr. Eades for taking part!

  3. Wow, wow, wow! All stuff I’ve learned over the last few years in an easy to digest (tee hee) format. Do you know when the final flick comes out and where do I get a copy or is it YouTube thing? (I couldn’t find any info on the final release date.)
    Glad you enjoyed the clips. I’ll keep everyone posted on when the film is coming out. Can’t come soon enough for me.

  4. Hi Dr. Mike.
    Does this movie have a title yet? Can we find out when and where it will be shown?
    Judy Barnes Baker
    The title of the film is “Fat Head” with the tagline “You’ve been fed a load of bologna.” I don’t know the release date yet.

  5. I really think a movie is what is needed to get this message to the public. While you and I may like to read and keep informed, the overwhelming majority of people simply don’t read anything more substantial than the latest Grisham novel.
    Sad but true.

  6. Wow this looks like more fun than a Michael Moore movie! (no irony intended). Gary Taubes for the public! Can´t wait.

  7. Hi Mike,
    Funnily enough if I hadn’t got tied up over the weekend (trying to get as much building done before everyone else disappears over Xmas) I was going to drop you a line to suggest that what we really need to arrest the rather alarming decline of the low carb movement is another Banting style letter … which these days would probably take the form of a shared video clip!!
    The clips are great (pleased to see it isn’t just a rebuttal of “Supersize Me”) but I still think Gary could and should think of doing something similar for the masses – a conviction enhanced by listening to this CBS podcast;
    … if only he wrote like he talks! Yes I do agree that GCBC is a great reference book – but I think he is bound to be disappointed if his intended audience (doctors and medical researchers) have neither the time nor the inclination to read it. I really think for low carb to succeed it will have to be driven by the general public rather than another largely incomprehensible message directed at them either directly or indirectly. If the big pharmaceutical companies spend millions appealing to Joe Public to ask their doctors about medication – and get great results (to the bottom line) doing so, then surely it stands to reason if millions are convinced to question the orthodox nutrition advice then more than a few doctors might begin to do so as well … and when they do, there will be a nice reference book waiting …
    Hey Malcolm–
    That was a good Taubes interview. Someone else posted it a week or so ago.
    Who knows, maybe this movie will kick the low-carb movement in the rear. I’ll know more when I see the full movie.

  8. I find myself in a predicament – I can’t believe a thing my fellow human beings say or write – I have to come to my own conclusions – based on my own insight –
    I’d ask god – and I do – but he never seems to answer me –
    I’ve wondered even about whether Satan is really evil –
    Well – I’d be clueless – except for the fact that from personal observation – Satan seems to be connected with ‘static’ – static being the opposite of good clear communication –
    So – I assume that Satan isn’t all that great or wonderful – but I assume this from personal experience – and do not have to rely on anyone besides myself for this conclusion –
    Also – and Alas – one day while working in the pasture – digging up black peat with a back-hoe – in the peat bog –
    I was looking at the hay field about a 1000 feet from me for no particular reason – and I saw this –
    I saw two black evil spirits – they were black and flying about 10 ft off the ground going west – toward the west side of Utah Lake – I sensed they knew I was there watching them – but they had no interest in me – I also sensed their intent and that they were very purposeful in doing what they were doing – they had a reason for there travels – they were going to some type of meeting or something –
    When I say flying – they weren’t actually flying per-say – they were just 10 ft off the ground and moving – moving in the air and going west – they didn’t flap there wings or anything – they just moved – at about 30 miles an hour or so – in size they were about 6-8 feet tall or so – but they were very black in color and sort-of bat like in appearance – they were intelligent – about like you and I and there mission was for bad intent – very similar to a human being with a bad intent – the feeling was the same –
    So from personal experience I have my own thoughts about whether evil spirits are indeed evil or otherwise –
    The point being – I don’t have to rely on any one else for info concerning evil spirits –
    And now for my own conclusions on fat and cholesterol – and low fat diets
    There is one principal that comes first in a good diet – it is that calories should always be slightly below RMR – or moderately below a normally calculated RMR –
    and never above the RMR – for any reason –
    When the diet goes over RMR in calories – which is the standard diet for most all people on earth – except perhaps for starving Jews in Russia or many Children in various parts of the earth –
    your going to have problems with what ever the diet contains – just as if you put too many cars on the freeway at once – no one gets anywhere – at least – fast
    The second most important diet principal is protein amount – it should be near 200 grams averaged daily per week for all adults and older children regardless of sex or body weight –
    Which means women and growing older children – percentage wise – need more protein than men –
    When protein is this high – carbs are then naturally quite low in the diet and fats should be low as well –
    The exceptions to this are Eskimo’s who have little else to eat except high fat fish of the Arctic regions or certain tropical islander’s who have too or do rely on coconut for much of there food –
    these islanders are none too attractive though for the most part – most of the women being being quite obese –
    So – though some amount of coconut may be very good – a great deal of it may not be –
    So what are my thoughts on fat and fat amounts and kinds of fats – in relation to heart disease ?
    The first principal is this – fats must be burned and used for fuel – any fat not burned will cause problems – including tending towards heart disease –
    If all the fats ingested are burned for calories – there are none left over to cause either body fat stores to increase or fill the blood with excess fats – and this applies to carbs and protein as well
    A diet higher than RMR in calories can not do this – any amount of fat ingested becomes an excess – as do carbs and what little protein that is eaten or great amounts eaten – as in body builders – protein too – it-self – becomes problematic –
    Fat needs to be burned – all of it – as do carbs – as does protein
    This is the reason a true low-fat diet of 12% or less can actively begin to remove plaque from the arteries – because the body needs it for fuel
    What is seldom mentioned is that both the native Eskimo and the native Masai – both had plaque build-up in there arteries –
    Why ? Because they often ingested – at times – more calories than needed – and the fat in there diet – a different mixture of fats in either case – and the excess was deposited in there arteries –
    They didn’t have rupturing of their plaques – however – which says something about dairy fat and fish fat
    Wheat – the grain of insanity
    Used properly there is absolutely nothing wrong with it – it doesn’t have enough fat in it to cause any problem of excess fats
    What it does have is a poor amino-acid profile – it was meant to be combined with beans/lentils and rice/millet –
    Why blame wheat for problems caused by poor use ?
    There is much said about this grain causing auto-immune and leaky gut syndrome and allergies and such –
    Basically – cooked plant food increases un-friendly micro-organism growth in the intestine – any cooked plant food does this – because cooking plants provides a friendly meal for them –
    Many of the lectins that would prevent bad organisms from feeding on this plant food – are destroyed by cooking – and in short – it is these bad organisms that attack the intestinal wall as well as cause the other problems –
    It is the cooking – not the wheat it-self or any other plant food –
    The only way around this is too eat all plant foods raw – animal foods do not matter – or at least limit cooked plant foods and at least eat some of whatever plant foods are eaten – eaten raw – including some raw grains/beans and the rest –
    When used properly – wheat – combined with barley and with beans/lentils-millet/rice – this occurs –
    The beans/lentils slows digestion or break-down of all of the above – ruling out any problems with excess insulin –
    The beans/lentils improve the burning of any fats ingested as well as helping burn body fat –
    Rice/millet improves the use of oxygen with-in the body – this the main reason Orientals can eat 4000 calories a day and not be fat –
    Wheat/barely and lettuce and other greens improve and optimize the use of animal proteins – allowing the body to build muscle at below RMR calculated calories – something ass-inine eating body builders should take note of – you do not have to eat excess calories to build muscle –
    Muscle is a combination of increased nerve pathways and high protein
    The entire mixture – beans/lentils-millet/rice-wheat/barley – is the best method of improving fat burning – that and restricted calories – and restricted calories below RMR are a given –
    This improved fat burning helps strip the arterial walls of plaque – given a very low fat diet combined with restricted or below RMR calories –
    In my view – extracted sugars and fructose are about twice as bad as excess unburned fats are –
    sugar rots teeth – period – it rots everything it touches – or caramelizes and forms compounds with them –
    I think the scientific term is glycation –
    Is it any wonder the typical American diet containing excess calories – and there-fore excess un-burned fats – glycated with incredible amounts of sucrose/fructose and this combined with extracted vegetable oils from low fat vegetable sources and that extracted by means of an incredible amount of heat processing and chemicals –
    might cause some people to have problems with plaque build-up – the rupturing kind ?
    The proper use of sugars – is using honey or maple syrup – at about 75 calories or less in amount
    per day –
    Egg – the equivalent of the glorious sun in the sky – food wise
    Eggs are just as problematic as excess un-burned fats and glycated sugar compounds – used improperly –
    They should be used only one at a time and never combined in numbers –
    or max or min – 7 total per week
    and at bare minimum at least 6 -12 hours between eating any two eggs – with 24 hours being neutral
    So 7 a week – not more and not less – and never under any means eaten as a mixture of more than one egg at a time –
    It is this mixing of eggs together that creates massive immune problems with-in the arteries – foam cells doing very bad things
    A great deal of processed foods contain these egg mixtures(more than one egg with another one) –
    It only takes a minute amount of these mixtures – I repeat – a minute amount of them – to start the immune problem – foam cells – with-in the arteries- which creates rupturing type plaque
    That is how dangerous these egg mixtures are –
    Eaten properly – eggs are wonderful – not eaten at all or eaten in mixtures and eggs are definitely very harmful –
    A word to the wise –
    A person following a low fat diet and eating either no eggs at all or these egg mixtures – found in many processed foods – is of course at some risk also
    Eggs used properly improve blood lipids – increasing LDL size – used improperly – they create immune night-mares with-in the arterial walls – a slow steady night-mare and it is this slow process of foam cell invasion that makes it so difficult to detect – but for some it happens quicker –
    It’s interesting to observe just how truly frightened many heart attack victims are – it’s a curious thing
    This mixing applies to only eggs and no other foods

  9. This is PRECISELY what I have wished for in just the past few days (Thanksgiving feasts). I was wishing for something that I could give friends. Why? Because I have been reading Gary Taubes new book. I’m a prolific reader. I didn’t say good reader, I said prolific. And I find myself thinking that this book is not so easy to read. Great info but for some reason, I just find it slightly hard to read. Thus, I deduced that the average person will NEVER read that book. Or even PP. (I’m going to get the Lifeplan book and see how I like it. I like PP but others say Lifeplan might be better for the average person to comprehend.)
    Can’t wait for this film!
    Hope you enjoy the PP LifePlan.
    I’ll keep everyone posted on what’s happening with this movie.

  10. I know a lot of people didn’t like Supersize Me for whatever reason (pushing a somewhat veg agenda I guess, or the same old low fat nonsense, or whatever), but it wasn’t that bad. I remember the guy, I think his name was Dan Gorshen, who ate at McD’s every day and was thin and had good numbers (if that even means anything) despite being addicted to Big Macs. His secret, he confided, was that he never ate the fries. Posit, if you will, that he eats the buns and the sugar laden condiments, but that he also has a higher than average tolerance for dietary carbs. I think nearly everyone of your readers would go along with the don’t eat the fries message, right?
    Will be interested to see the film, but probably not gonna pay to see it in a theater or to own it. Cannot support Hype/Hater culture, so anything marketed as the Answer to SuperSize Me is not the answer in my book.

  11. I’m so excited about this film. Finally! This is something I can show or direct friends and family to. Great timing as well, what with Taubes’ book out. This is definitely more accessible for the majority of people. Can’t wait to see it, and to see what the mainstream media response to it is.
    I’m just starting out as a doc/filmmaker, and I can definitely appreciate how much time and effort went in to this project. A labour of love, for sure. Huge thanks to Tom and everyone involved (including you and MD!) for making this film.
    BTW, nice accent 🙂

  12. Can’t wait to see this movie. Hopefully, it gets family physicians, dieticians and teachers to open their eyes… it might especially if it is funny. It would be huge success even it gets an audience even half as big as the original Supersize me movie. My children, for example, saw the orig. movie in their school as part of health education class. Hopefully there are a few free thinking, bold teachers who will venture show this movie to school kids as well.
    Obviously, there is a way to eat fast food (minus the bun and potatoes) and still lose/ maintain weight and health. However, the real problem is what people have been taught to eat and hence what they want to eat … colored heavily by wrong information from our Govt. for an entire generation or more. If only we could have better truthful information i.e. the real food pyramid with carbs on top … it would help greatly because the people will be educated differently, will change what they eat and McDonalds I am sure will gladly oblige.
    It is amazing to me how the average person actually knows quite a bit about the low fat mantra and has accepted it unconditionally just like they accept anything else because it is ‘official’. The average physician and dietician accepts this as the truth much like anything else they learned from their text books or from each other. If what they prescribe does not work, it must be the patient’s fault – lack of will power/ exercise / laziness … of course, there are always newer pills ….
    Let’s hope the movie gets out there and changes some minds.

  13. It is so infuriating to listen to these clips and read Gary’s book and find out how we got present day food/ nutrition guidelines. Can’t wait to see it and see how people react to it. I can already see spokespeople from AHA and ADA and every reg dietician screaming foul.
    You mentioned somewhere recently about measuring LDL particle size and its importance. Was wondering if you planned writing in depth on this and the whys and hows of particle size, etc. Not that you don’t have enough to do already…fascinating stuff. I just started doing this testing and think it’s a shame people aren’t having these done. seems some insurance will cover it and if not, has become more reasonable. Labcorp does the draw for it if needed.
    Thank You
    Hi Robert–
    We wrote an entire section in the Protein Power LifePlan about LDL particle size testing. Back then it was pretty expensive, but it doesn’t cost all that much now. It’s a nice test for those whose LDL goes up on a low-carb diet. The test always shows a switch over to a larger particle size.

  14. Regardless of the good intentions and eminently reasonable testimony of Doctor Eades, I think this film will be terribly counter-productive, and I doubt Taubes will be pleased with this movie at all.
    This documentary appears to be made by someone connected with the Center on Consumer Freedom. The CSPI criticism, though occasionally apt, parrots the Consumer Freedom CSPI attacks a little too closely ( This whole network of advocacy campaigns are funded by the food industry (including Big Sugar) and are aimed at undermining any government role in determining health standards.
    Think Taubes will like this stuff? Check out Think Gary agrees that Metabolic Syndrome is just hype?
    This film is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    I’ll let Tom Naughton answer this question himself, but I don’t think any money from any food industry group (CCF or otherwise) went into the making of this film.

  15. Looks like your link is no longer working, if I’m correct this is the same video? , didn’t get a chance to watch yours…
    I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now, enjoying it very much and picked up lots of info on the way, thanks!
    Plenty of serious stuff alternated with fun, just the way I like it!
    The above link worked for me. And it is the same video.

  16. Hi!
    Thanks for posting the film clips. I’m now looking forward to the whole movie! I’ll spread the word to everyone I know to watch them.

  17. Dr. Eades, I was wondering if you know who the doctor is talking right before you in the clip about Ancel Keys. His name isn’t given, as far as I can tell, but everyone else is identified.
    Yes, it’s Dr. Al Sears.

  18. i gathered from Super Size me that it was the unnatural engineering of food that was especially unhealthy; in any case Morgan Spurlock goes into a lot more than just physical effects of fast food in that movie… he talks about how people have been bred to eat the food they eat, and lots of it

  19. I just watched all the clips, and I also found the trailer, too. You sound and look great!! I’m so excited about this and hopefully it will get worked out soon so we all can actually see it…

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