Yesterday, at my neighborhood grocery store in our sleepy little town up in the Sierra Nevadas, I saw a great new product: Lipton Green Tea to Go. We’d seen a product similar to it at the natural foods expo a year or two ago and I fell in love with idea. I’ve been disappointed, however, because despite their obvious appeal, they hadn’t turned up on the retailers’ shelves anywhere I’ve looked.

These gems are little single serving packets of sugar-free powdered green tea augmented with a variety of natural flavors that you can mix with hot or cold water for a delicious pick-me-up beverage anywhere. There are several flavors; I love the tangy sweet-tartness of the Natural Mandarin & Mango and Mike, of course, likes the Natural Cherry Blossom. (I don’t think he’s ever met a cherry flavored anything that he didn’t like.) Be advised, these are artificially sweetened with the sucralose/aceK combo, which I don’t have a problem with, but which some of you may object to.

You can stick a couple of these little packets into your pocket or purse or keep a box in your desk at work and anyplace you can grab a bottle of water (or a cup or hot water) you can enjoy a delicious dose of appetite curbing, weight reducing, healthy green tea catechins.

And, best of all, in keeping with yesterday’s post, these antioxidants on the run make a tasty substitute for a couple of cups of coffee, which, for me at least, will translate into saving that tablespoon and a half of cream I would have used in them.

Who’d have thought better health and longer life would come in a little foil pouch?


  1. Dr. Eades, one portable solution for those of us who avoid artificial sweeteners–take a teabag (or two, depending on water bottle size) and submerge it in a bottle of water. It’s not quite as “instant” a reward as the foil pouch method, but if I submerge a teabag or two in a bottle of water, even ice-cold water, I’ve got green tea (or any other kind of tea) within 20-30 minutes. That’s about as long as it takes me to drive to work, park the car, make my way to my office and drop off my lunch in the community ‘fridge. It’s the same method as brewing a big jar of ‘sun tea,’ taken into the 21st century. Enjoy!
    COMMENT from MD EADES: Great idea, Gaelen, but for those of us who don’t mind the sweeteners and are plan-ahead challeneged and would run out the door without the water bottle in tow, having those little foil pouches in the desk drawer or in the pocket is a helpful solution. Maybe they’ll make a sweetenerless version for the sweetener averse or make one with stevia.

    PS: For future reference: I rescued your comment from the junked comments folder, where all comments now go if the commenter doesn’t type in the password at the bottom of the comments page. The amount of spam the site gets hit with has kept us too busy sorting through junk to get to legitimate comments that we had to do something. At some point, we’ll miss a real one, I’m sure, and I’d hate someone to think we’d neglected them because of it. So type in that password ;D

  2. I first saw these a couple of months ago in a bar! An acquaintance was mixing part of a packet into a vodka & water, and I immediately had to see it. So, if the only sugar-free mixer your local watering hole has is diet Coke, whip one of these out.

    COMMENT from MD EADES: Great idea!

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