I was searching through Google and I came upon this Protein Power Pictures site.  I remember when it was active back about the time The Protein Power LifePlan first came out in 2000, but I hadn’t seen it since.  I don’t know if it is still actively monitored by anyone on the PP Forum or if it has lain fallow for 6 or 7 years.  Anyone out there know? Neither MD nor I have anything to do with it.
If you click on the icon for the PPLP on the left of the site, you are taken to our current website but through a different URL.  It is the old URL- eatprotein.com – we used before we got control of mreades.wpengine.com.
What I can tell you is that there are some pretty amazing before and after photos.  If you’re looking for inspiration, take a look at this one and this one. Or simply cruise through the pictures list.
If anyone can enlighten me, I would appreciate it.  I think the site is a wonderful idea because putting up a before photo can sometimes give one the stick-to-it-ness required to hang in there during tough times in order to put up a fabulous after photo. I hope whoever runs this site will keep it going and continue to allow people to post photos.


  1. It is a scam, I see sites like this all the time for my book. They buy expired domains and register domains names with certain keywords. Then they build quick sites around them. They make their money via “clickthroughs” to other sites. You should add a section like this to your site!
    Keep up the great work! I bought your book in the mid-1990’s and have been following it religiously ever since (well, except for Thanksgiving 🙂

  2. Hi Dr Eades! I too think it would be great to keep pictures going. A picture is worth a thousand words, indeed! I created a menu blog recently to jimmy Moore challenge in his website for people to share their daily menu. It is actually productive and educational to post everything that goes into one’s mouth every day. I was amazed looking back how much i ate on some days, scary staff. But I was honest and it awakened me a bit. Some people created video blogs telling their story in youtube clips. It is amazing how more informative and entertaining to watch people rather then just read their blogs. I found most low carb bloggers fun and caring folks. So I was thinking, knowing how great you are on camera, would it ever be feasabkle for you Dr Mike to occasionally do a video blog. May be a video blog on Dr Eades one day living low carb, or Dr Eades low carb pantry> I know a lot of people are dying to watch you on such a blog. You are a huge celebrity for low carbers, I know you wouldnt deny it. And you know it is human nature to treat celebrity like royalty, especially in USA. I know you are a very private person probably, but I cling to the notion that few video blogs here and there on your low carb life or other topic would create such an enormous intrest. Any ideas? Lol, dont mean to put you on a spot, but I feel many, many people on here would share my idea. Lets see a hands count guys? Who in favor? But on a serious note, just a suggestion off course, would it be at least a possibility?
    I’m contemplating doing a video blog. I’ve just got to figure out how. But I am working on it. Sort of.

  3. You can see some of the pillars of the board, like Orion=Gabe, and Billie, for example…
    That’s why I don’t think it’s a scam.

  4. The Amazon donation link tells us this:
    The Team Rocko Family of Sites
    I appreciate your interest in supporting my site or sites! This PayPage is used by all of the Team Rocko Family of Sites (teamrocko.com, umpracing.info, pppics.com, hughesfamilypicnic.com, nielsenreunion.com, and any site under those sites like SmithRacing). The box to the left has all the info you need. Your payment can be as little as a dollar and it is handled through Amazon’s servers. There’s even a 30-day un-pay option if you change your mind. Just click Pay Now and the deal is done in no time!
    Questions about this recipient or its Web site? Contact: steph@seethehudsons.com

  5. I checked the domain registration records in the whois database. Sadly, it looks like the site owners had their hosting company register the domain initially, and they registered it to themselves. So the domain is owned by BlueHost.com. Not too helpful I’m afraid.

  6. Great! I will definitley look forward to your video blogs, I think they will be an instant hit! I just read your previous posts on intermitent fasting. I used to do them and had great results. Unfortunately I stopped doing it, may be its time to revisit them again. I am now contemplating 3 in one plan. I want to try one day protein shakes only day, followed by intermitent fast, followed by solid food! What do you think about tha idea? I am thinking of few ways to speed my fat loss and trick my body a bit to confuse it so it doesnt think ahead of me. Lol, may be it would be simlier to just be disciplined. But I like experimenting, and knowing my girlfriend wont do it for me, I guess I will have to try on myself. Its either that or my german shephard. I dont think my girlfriend wiill appreciuate that either or my dog for that matter. So I guess i will keep experimenting on me for the time being. But in your humble opinion does it make sense to go all liguid, followed by fast, followed by solid or better all liquid, followed by solid followed by fast. Sorry to flood your posts a bit lately, i had a lot of off time lately, lol, hope you dont mind too much> P.S As always I do appreciate your advices and patience! Thanks

  7. Dr Eades, Im glad you say that. I have keep pictures of my weight loss progress over the last couple of months eating high protein low carb meals. It is definitely motivating. I posted a new pic two days ago and it totally rejuvenated my commitment. You just cant see the difference if you don’t have pics.
    If your interested (and I wouldn’t mind your feedback) this is the link: http://darwinstable.wordpress.com/progress-2/
    It also has my blood lipid profile and weights.
    Looks good. And you’re right – it is sometimes tough to tell the difference without the pictures. Nice to have the labs tabulated as well. It all makes for a nice record.

  8. Mike, definitely not a scam. My pictures are there as well as other those of friends of mine (friends that I’ve made throughout the years of participating/administrating the Protein Power Bulletin Board). Steph was kind enough back in 2000 to make the site available for us to submit any progress pictures. There are some absolutely amazing transformations shown by some of those pictures. They’ve always inspired all of us and I have permission from some of them to use their before and after pictures when I happen to give a presentation on carbohydrate restriction. (P.S. thanks Lula! 🙂 )
    Yes, I saw your picture and a couple of others that I knew. I didn’t figure it was a scam – I just didn’t know the list was still in existence.

  9. Forgive me for an off-topic question: I have read your posts addressing a recent (2007) colon cancer study, but could not find a post addressing the overall alleged red meat/colon cancer relationship. Is there a post of yours that I missed or is there another article on this issue you could recommend?
    There are a few studies purporting to show a link between red meat consumption and colon cancer, and there are studies showing no link, and even a few showing that red meat is protective. Problem is that all of these studies are observational studies, and, as such, can’t be used to determine causality. I’ve got to do a post soon on observational studies so that folks understand why all these studies that are presented as causal links really aren’t.

  10. This is off topic, but I could not find your email address. I just read a study on how protein-rich diets curb hunger. You may know about this, but if not it is at; http://www.scienceblog.com/cms/how_protein-rich_diets_curb_hunger_9243
    I read the study when it appeared in Cell Metabolism, which is one of my favorite journals. It’s pretty interesting, but it is a rat study. Other studies have shown that protein curbs appetite in humans – we just don’t know if the mechanism is the same as it is in rats.

  11. Dr. Eades, I don’t know who owns the site now, but it wasn’t a scam. My pictures from my first round with PP are on there, along with a lot of the moderators and members from the old eatprotein.com board (I’m BethB and my goal weight photos aren’t there). I agree the before and after pictures are amazing!
    No, it’s not a scam. I just didn’t realize it was still out there.

  12. It’s not a scam – my photo is there and it was started on the old Protien Power web site several years ago. I can’t recall who started it, but it was something that was promoted from the Protien Power community boards.

  13. Ohio Dr Mike! Thats hello again in Japanese! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I missed your posts. I was a very goog girl and behaved at the Holiday table. I even indulged on polish kielbasa, italina sausage, steaks and turkey of course. The only setback was few beers. But hey, it was low carb beer! It tasted it too. My husband said it tasted like chewed up gum, he is weird! I second Vadim’s comment on having you on a video blog! That would be such a great idea! And Vadim, by the way you are insane! I read on your blog that you declare war on fat cells and emotional monster? And you swore in front of your low carb friends to treat your friends ( heart, liver and so on ) with respect for the next 30 days. Ok, I will belive it when I see it.
    Dr Mike are you a big proponent of fat fasts? My weight has stalled for the past two weeks, and Vadim suggested doing fast fast. I have never heard it. The idea is to eat almost o carbs for few weeks. How effective is it and will I feel lethargic doing it?
    I haven’t a clue as to whether you’ll feel lethargic or not. I’m not that big a fan of fat fasts, but some people swear by them. All you can do is give it a whirl and see what happens.

  14. Hi, Mike. Re: TA’s comment that “It is a scam, I see sites like this all the time for my book…”, TA is off-base and PPPPics is not a scam.
    Steph is the person who created “Steph’s Yummy Chicken Stuff”, one of the forum’s most used recipes. She’s a member of the current board. Unfortunately, as noted by others, they have lots of other sites, and maintaining the PPPPics site isn’t their highest priority (they also have a baby who is by now going into kindergarten, and race and build racecars, so they’ve got full plates.) I can certainly relate; during the last half of this last chemo, I didn’t update my blog for about two months. 😉
    I can try to upload a pic and see if the site is still accepting pics; I can also shoot Steph a PM or email. We have always included a link to PPPPics from the “Getting Started”/Important links forum on the current board.
    Hey Pat–
    That would be great. If you know them and could contact them. It’s a great site, and I would love to have it more active. Tell them I’ll be happy to link to it. Or if they don’t want to fool with it, I could simply take it over and make it a part of our website.

  15. I remember that board from 2000 and I think it would be very interesting to follow up with those folks and see how they are doing all these years later with their weight and whether they are still limiting carbs.

  16. Off topic, and you’ve probably answered this one before; blame my poor powers of search. How can I find physicians who will treat obesity the way you would? I’m near a major research university, if that helps any. Thanks!
    I keep swearing that I’m going to get around to putting up a page that lists physicians by location. But I haven’t done so yet. I think Jimmy Moore does have such a page on his website. What is the major research university you are near?

  17. Eric Ekberg=Webmaster
    Eric is a friend of mine from back in the Arkansas days – he was my first computer guru. Haven’t seen or heard from him in years, though.

  18. Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland
    Sorry, but I don’t know anyone practicing low-carb medicine in that neck of the woods. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone, just that I don’t know him/her if there is. Any help from readers?

  19. Ellen wrote: “I remember that board from 2000 and I think it would be very interesting to follow up with those folks and see how they are doing all these years later with their weight and whether they are still limiting carbs.”
    Ellen, just click on the “Forums” link at the top of the main http://www.mreades.wpengine.com page — several of the people on the PPPPics site are right there. Still posting. Still controlling carbs.
    Mike, I’ve just tried to upload a pic, and Levi asked for Steph’s contact info. So we’ll both be trying to reach out to them. I’ll also suggest to them that you’d consider maintaining the pictures site as part of this one.
    Thanks very much. Keep me posted.

  20. OMG! I’m on that site. “Elle” The baby in the picture, Jonathan, is now 8 years old! I probably weighed about 135-140 in that picture and thought I was a cow. Sheesh.

  21. It is not a scam. I belonged to that board in 1999-2001. I got pregnant and rather droped off the planet and gained 20# doing it. I learned so much from Gabe, Billie, Sweetie Pie and Gaelen when I used to go on that board.

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