bush-with-guitar-small-blog-size.jpgEarlier today I was cruising through the net looking for a photo I could use to illustrate my blog when I came upon the picture of President Bush playing the guitar. I stared at it for a minute with a sort of sense of deja vu, when all of a sudden it hit me. I realized where I had seen a similar picture.
It was the kid playing the banjo on Deliverance!
Take a look.
Now you may not think there is a strong resemblance, but when you look closely, you can see it better.
Just in case you’ve never seen it, here is the famous dueling banjo scene from the movie Deliverance, one of my favorite movies of all time. Make sure your speakers are on. Enjoy!


  1. Wow, another cheap slam at our President.
    This is as boring as Devito’s latest slam. Yawn!
    Hi Ron–
    I’m glad you wrote, and I really mean that.  Every time I post a conservative piece I get slammed by readers from the left.  I wanted to see if there were any out there on the other side of the spectrum.  I’m glad I’ve got readers from all perspectives.
    And, you’re right.  It was a cheap shot.  But you’ve got to admit, it was funny.

  2. lol
    If you think that’s funny Dr. Mike, check out bushorchimp.com
    It’s an oldie, but a goodie.
    Hi ZCR–
    Thanks for the tip.

  3. Wow Dr. Mike!
    I think you’ve just come up with a way to get rid of excess belly fat – laughing it off!!! I NEEDED a good laugh today. Thank you!
    Hi Cacky–
    Glad to help.

  4. GAH! I saw “Deliverance” as a teenager and it scared the crap out of me. Forget Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers–“Deliverance” gave me nightmares for weeks.
    Hi Patricia–
    Same thing happened to our youngest son.  He and a friend watched it one night while MD and I were out.  Scared them to death.  Our kid had seen the clip that I put on the post (we taped it off HBO), and he thought that the movie was going to be funny.  Sure surprised him.

  5. In response to the person who thought it was “another” cheap slam, I have to say I don’t agree. Most often, your blog entries are about health and fitness. However, this is your personal blog and while some may or may not agree, it’s your choice.
    To be quite honest, of the entries I do see some sort of political snippet or theme, I often find myself trying to figure out where you are on the spectrum. It’s not necessary, of course, to flat out say it since you don’t have to, but I personally found your entry to be funny and still gives no actual proof of your political leanings.
    Unless your blog becomes a full-out political discussion for every single entry, I will continue to always look forward to future entries and, whether of one belief or another, will always enjoy reading them.
    Hi Michael–
    Thanks for the kind words and the support.  I appreciate it.

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