As you can read here, the makers of high-carb products are positively giddy over the financial woes of Atkins Nutritionals.
Talk about an article filled with stupid quotes by stupid people.
My favorites:

As a nutritionist, I’m thrilled that this low-carb phase looks like it’s dying out,” said Lisa Sasson, a professor at New York University’s Department of Nutrition and Public Health.

One wonders where this woman received her nutritional training. And how she rationalizes the multitude of studies showing the superiority of low-carb diets in treating all the components of the metabolic syndrome. Her breathtakingly stupid statement would be on par with a health professional saying, Gee, I’m thrilled that people have gotten past all that non-smoking nonsense and have started lighting up again.
And another:

The fact is that people like bread. It plays an important part in people’s lives and it’s perfectly healthy.

The majority of rational people realize that most bread, although admittedly tasty, is a delivery vehicle for refined carbohydrates. Even the low-fat zealots in Ornishland have been backing away from the idea that refined carbohydrates are healthful, so it’s particularly idiotic to proclaim that bread is “perfectly healthy.”
Unless, of course, you are the spokesperson for a baker with nearly 800 outlets, which she is.
God help us all that such morons roam the earth.

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