An update on the vanishing bee story.
A blogger who apparently lives in the Philadelphia area and has blogged on the disappearing bee issue found that his yard was a buzz with bees. Though it’s true that one yard does not a country make, reading his report and the links in it makes me think that the whole thing has been blown out of proportion.

The tree is literally abuzz with honey bees just like that one, and their rear legs are laden with yellow pollen.
The more I thought it over, though, the more I realized that a true no-bees-believer might just say I could have gotten that picture anywhere, and that it could have been taken at any time. Even if people are inclined to trust me, what’s wrong with “trust but verify”?
It occurred to me that the best way to date the bees would be to show a verifiable newspaper near them. I still had the Inquirer editorial by Dave Lindorff sitting around, and it’s only two days old. So, with great difficulty (taking care not to get stung), I managed to hold the Lindorff editorial next to one of the honey bees on my cherry tree.


  1. It has been blown somewhat out of proportion, but I would rather see that than people ignoring the problem.
    As for the problem…one wonders if the africanized honeybee is having similar problems or if it is limited to the “domesticated” variety.

  2. What, the press blow something out of proportion?!! NAH, they wouldn’t do THAT would they? LOL!
    Bees, global warming, the father of Anna Nicole’s child…yeah, the press is pretty trustworthy! 😉

  3. I disagree, Anne…people blowing problems out of proportion, societally, almost always has worse effects than the problem would have, itself.
    Especially because they tend to look for authoritarian solutions. Some nitwit will try to ban nicotinoid pesticides, or pass more regulations on beekeeping, or set up subsidies for honeybee imports, or price controls on honey…somehow, they will try to “fix” the problem in a way that will make things even worse.

  4. I had loads of bees buzzing around my blooming ice plant and apricot tree. Fortunately it looks like it’s going to be a bumper crop of apricots.
    But if there is problem with bees, it hasn’t spread everywhere yet.
    Hi Nancy–
    I noticed the same thing myself today.

  5. Bees have been found!
    Bee Swarm Shuts Ark. Hospital’s ER
    Hi Amy–
    Thanks for the link.  That very ER is my alma mater ER, where I got my first ER training.  Strangely enough, the first person I ever sewed up was in that ER, and it was because of bees.  An old guy was out gardening and a bunch of bees got after him.  He ran to get away and stumbled on a pile of rocks and cut himself up pretty badly.  I was the guy on call when he came in, so I treated all his cuts and put in the first stitches of my career.

  6. We are currently importing bees from Europe in order to prevent disaster here. My dad is a hobbyist beekeeper, and he has tried and tried to order new bees for his own hives, but they will not send him any because there are not enough bees. The people who raise our fruits and veggies have priority over hobbyists, which is as it should be, I guess. I’m glad you like the bees you are seeing; chances are they are immigrants in our country.
    I’m still seeing them all over the place, but I have no idea as to whether they are immigrants or home grown.

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