I usually try to put up a best seller list of all the books readers of this blog ordered through the Amazon links every quarter.  I just realized that I missed a quarter, so I’ll do the list for the last two quarters as one.  I love bestseller lists, so I assume everyone else does, too.  It’s nice to know what your fellow low-carb enthusiasts are reading.
These are books purchased through the Amazon links on this blog, MD’s blog, and the Protein Power website.  As always, the rules for selection are that no books authored  or co-authored by MD and/or me are included.  Only those written by others.
The number one book on the list was Crucial Conversations, a book I reviewed back in June.  This a tremendously good book that you should grab a copy of and read if you haven’t.  It’s one of those books that truly can change your life.
Here are the books in descending order of sales.
#1 Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson et al (Review)
#2 Mistakes Were Made by Carol Tavris and Elliot Aronson (Review)
#3 Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes (Review)
#4 The Brain Trust Program by Larry McCleary, M.D. (Review)
#5 500 Low-Carb Recipes by Dana Carpender
#6 15-Minute Low-Carb Recipes by Dana Carpender
#7 200 Low-Carb Slow Cooker Recipes by Dana Carpender
#8 The Great Cholesterol Con by Malcolm Kendrick, M.D. (Review)
#9 Ending Aging by Aubrey de Grey, Ph.D. (Review)
#10 Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution by Richard Bernstein, M.D.
These are the books your fellow readers are reading.
I thank all of you who have purchased books, clothing, music, DVDs, household goods, sunglasses (several pairs), and even a wood chipping device through the Amazon portals on this site.  I really appreciate it.  The income from these Amazon purchases goes toward maintaining this site, which costs me about $800 per month.  The Amazon take covers about a fifth of that.
If you’ll indulge me a little, I’ll make on of those maddening pitches that fundraisers use on public TV and radio.  (MD and I actually did one of those phonathons once to raise money for Milwaukee PBS, which filmed our Low-Carb CookwoRx PBS series.  It was dreadful.  We had to be interviewed and beg for money on behalf of the station.  Not really my cup of tea.) But, here I am with hat in hand.  I don’t know if you know it or not, but if you go to Amazon through one of the links on this site (this blog, MD’s blog or the PP website) and shop for anything – not just the books linked on the blog, but anything – we get a tiny piece of the action just because you went there through our site.  It doesn’t cost you anything more, just the effort to go to this site and click one of the little book icons for our books to enter Amazon, and start shopping.  And, as I’ve said before, all I get is a list of stuff that was purchased and what my tiny cut of it is – I can’t tell who bought what.  So, if you’re contemplating a naughty book or video, don’t hesitate to purchase it through this site.  I’ll never know who you are, just what you bought. I can tell you, though, that readers of this blog are a clean minded lot.  I don’t think there has ever been an offcolor book or video purchased.  There it is.  My whinathon for help to keep this site paid for. Thanks for listening.


  1. #1 made me think. Not that I have read the book or even consider the book jacket. The title alone has made me introspective. I’m a little depressed. If the new administration somehow gets “universal” (socialist) healthcare passed, the United States as it was founded as a place of personal liberty has passed. Prior to the idea that they would actually get something through the legislature, I wasn’t too concerned about the Obama administration. I figured that he would either be a one termer or things would be looking up and he would govern from “the middle” (how trite). But now I fear the mood is such that they might slip socialist healthcare passed the goalie and that will truly be the end of the greatest experiment in personal freedom in all of human history, the United States. I’m very sad and I’m angry at the idea of becoming limp wristed Tories doing nothing but sniping at half measures. God help us.
    Sorry. Something just came over me.
    Don’t worry. Feel free to vent.

  2. Dr Eades
    Thanks for that whinathon. I had no idea that I could send something you-all’s way just by clicking through the Amazon from your site. I’m really delighted. You do so much for us, it’s a pleasure to find a way to help support this great site.
    Hey Marly–
    Thanks. I really appreciate it.

  3. maybe I’m really slow, but I’ve looked, and I can’t find a direct link to amazon on your site.
    I would order all my amazon stuff through your site, so how do I get there? Can you have a clearer link icon put on the site?
    Hi Denny–
    If you look just to the right of the body of the text part of the blog, you’ll see small images of four of our books. The new one coming out next March – The 6-Week Cure for the Middle-Aged Middle – is on top, Protein Power is below it, The Protein Power LifePlan is below that, and the 30-Day Low-Carb Solution is on the bottom. If you run your cursor over any of these book images, you will find that it changes and shows them to be links. If you click on any of these books, you will be taken to the Amazon page for that book. Once there, you can navigate anywhere on Amazon. And anything you purchase while on Amazon after getting there through my link gives me a little commission for providing the portal to entry.
    Thanks in advance for any and all purchases through the site.

  4. Damn. I just bought Taubes’s book from Amazon. It never occurred to me to click through from here. Ah well, there’ll be more (eventually).
    $800/month?? Yowser! Sounds like someone’s got your number! (I guess that must include the Protein Power Website, and it’s shopping cart. Still…)
    By the way, that video clip in the previous blog entry was great. How old was it? You did a fine job of ameliorating your usual message… “Lean meat”; “4 food groups in moderation”. Nothing too controversial for the mainstream (low fat) folks. I’ll bet it made a few people think though.
    To the fellow fretting about a possible “socialist” healthcare system… As any fellow Canadian will corroborate: the mere mention of an “American Style healthcare system”, will send virtually all Canadians screaming for their sled dogs and scrambling for their igloos — even the wealthy folks. Personally, I think BOTH reactions are irrational and based largely on misinformation. And I’m not so sure a perfect system exists. There’s always room for improvement.
    Hey Todd–
    Yowser, indeed. I say something along those lines every time I get my monthly bill. The hosting isn’t all that expensive, but the help with updating the blogging software and fiddling with the shopping cart on the website and making the never-ending changes that always seem to have to be made adds up. And every time I get a monthly bill it’s in the circa 800 buck range.
    The O’Reilly piece was a few years old. It was done back in 2005, I think, when the last guidelines had just come out.
    And as for not buying the Taubes book through this site, you can always make amends by just sending me a check. 🙂

  5. Oh, I’m glad to know I can help you that way. My besetting sin is buying too many books thru Amazon.
    You could become wealthy overnight!
    By the way, I really appreciate your thoughtful review of books. I’ve bought and read 6 out of the 10 on the list this year.
    Well get on with it. I can’t wait to become wealthy and start buying all the stuff I’ve wanted to buy for years. 🙂
    I’m glad you enjoyed my recommended books.

  6. Milwaukee?!
    You were in Milwaukee, no kidding?! I live right near Milwaukee! Wow I can’t believe you both were this close. Sorry it was a bad experience. I really love PBS! Thank you for doing that.
    Yep, we filmed all 26 episodes right there in your fair city – in Mequon, actually, which is a burb. We were so beat up after the hard days of filming that the only thing we had the energy to do was head for County Clare Irish pub and down ciders. And rest up at the Harry W. Schwartz bookstore. And have Sunday brunch at Pandl’s.

  7. I didn’t realize I could be supporting your blog in this way, either. I use amazon a lot, so will do so from your blog in the future. I really depend on you for the low down on what’s what with the nutritional news and pseudo news, and you really do keep me motivated!
    Thanks for you help. I really appreciate it.

  8. I had no idea we can contribute kust by clicking through your site to amazon. I love amazon but dont buy a lot of stuff there, but if i will it will definitely be through your site. What would you buy given absolute financial freedom? Being aguy I want to know what kind of toys do you enjoy, I mean cars? I know you love cars! I recently had an event at Downstate for substance abuse program recently on campus. We usually do not have a big turn out as far as students are concerned unless there are boos, food or some kind of entertainment is concerned. I thought it only applies to undergrad, but you would be suprised how much med students drink and other stuff, at least I was. So I needed to advertise an event and make it a bigger turnout thean last year. I made flyers look exactly like NYC parking tickets and went around campus posting that. I got a lot of people pissed initially but we had a bigger turnout then last year. i guess people found substance abuse lecture better then getting $55 tickets for parking.

  9. I’m would be only too glad to contribute something, I’m sure many would be, we gain so much from your blog. I’m in the UK though, so a cheque isn’t really an option, how about you put a paypal contribution portal (or something similar) on board. Is that even possible? I usually buy from Amazon.uk, so another way of contributing would help me do it.
    Hi Glenice–
    Thanks for the offer, that’s very kind. I’ll see about putting up an Amazon.co.uk icon, so those over their can contribute when they buy through Amazon.

  10. I was so excited two weeks ago: I actually found your CookWorRx series on a PBS+ channel as I was browsing through our cable listings. But last week we switched cable companies and of course the new lineup does not include this channel. So all I got to see was episode 19. I will try to remember about the link to Amazon.
    I didn’t even know it was still running. I thought the PBS contract was up. Maybe another month or so.
    In what city did you see this?

  11. While I am reading this from a Blackberry and can’t do a quick verify of amazon’s site since it doesn’t load correctly; But as I recall there were or are links to some of the other amazon sites at the very bottom of the amazon usa page: like amazon uk, amazon fr, etc. So you could go to amazon usa from here and then to any of the others from there. Don’t know if the commissions would follow though as they other sites require unique logins separate from the usa-based one.
    If I can sneak a PPLP question: the book recommends using blood donations to reduce iron levels. However, not everyone is *allowed* to give donations. I’m on lifetime warfarin and can’t give blood. What other options are there, if any?
    Let me add my thanks for your maintenance of this website. Because of your blogs I tried a few different IF methods until I found one that suited me, and I also found out about Taubes’ GCBC which is something I’ve been recommending to anyone interested in my progress along with PPLP.
    “My progress” is a loss of 37 pounds in the last 2.5 months on a IF’d near-zero carb, meat and fat diet, and 47 pounds overall to include 10# I lost IFing full carb. 3.5 months or so overall. I have gotten little criticism over my way of eating, as it is hard to argue with results. 🙂 Keep up the good work.
    You can always go to your physician and ask for a phlebotomy. We used to take blood from patients who wanted to reduce iron stores but, for whatever reason, couldn’t donate through regular channels.
    I purchase a lot of books through Amazon.co.uk, so I’ll try going through the site as you suggest to see if the commissions come back to me. Thanks for the suggestion.
    Glad to hear you are doing so well on your IF program.

  12. After you click on a book and get to the Amazon.com site, if you scroll down to the bottom of the Amazon webpage you’ll find links to the Canadian, UK & other international sites. What I don’t know is if you get counted towards the Eades’ revenues if you order from the non-US sites (or if the Eades need to set it up on each site separately). I do click in from here to order from Amazon.com when sending things to family members in the US. I have one profile that works on the US & Canadian sites and they can both “see” me and books on my wish list (only books, CDs & DVDs are available on Amazon.ca). It would be good to know when Amazon.com logs a “hit” on the Eades counter – when the book is looked at or only at the point the order is placed.
    I don’t know either. I’ll check it out next time I buy from the UK Amazon.

  13. Dr Mike, I still have your low carb cookworks on PBS in NYC. It is run on channel 21 CRT which is channel 133 on cablevision. It will actually air today from 2.30 to 3 pm local Brooklyn time. I just programmed to record it on DVR. I dont know what episode it is but it says “‘Holiday Feast ” Cranberry orange relish, butternut squash caserole and pumpkin pie. PBS is very popular in NYC and you are still showing here! I guess the contract is still not up or may be it is and they owe you now!
    Thanks for the info. I didn’t think it was still running. It’s good to know it is.

  14. Our KPBS station in San Diego finally ran your show series for a while last spring and over the summer. I set it up to record and very much enjoyed watching you and the Mrs.
    Thanks. I’m glad it ran. The big problem with PBS (actually, there are many) is that you never know when and where the shows are being shown. There are (if I remember correctly) about 150 PBS affiliates, and each sets its own schedule. The PBS website is unimaginable difficult to navigate through. I long ago gave up trying to figure out where our own shows were being shown.

  15. Doc:
    I for one would love to have the original Protein Power, which I’ve yet to read, available on the Kindle.
    Unfortunately, I haven’t a clue as to how to get it on a Kindle. When the book was written, electronic books didn’t exist, so I suppose there is nothing in the contract giving the publisher the rights to publish it in Kindle-form. I haven’t spoken with anyone at the publisher in at least 8 or 9 years, so I don’t even know who the editor is there now who handles the book. I’ll ask our agent to see if she can find out.

  16. Dr Mike, it is off the topic, but I have a question for you. I constanly see an informercial about Nuwawe infrared oven that claims to cook steaks, fish and vegetables right out of the freezer in less time then convential oven. Knowing you are good at cooking, have you heard about this oven? Is it safe to cook in, or is it like a microwave oven? May be some of the guys can answer it. I am constanly bombarded with ads about this oven on tv, and being a single guy I have no time to cook. I guess it is a new set it and forget it gadget. i didnt like ” set it and forget it roticerrie ( meat was kind of dry!) So are these infrared ovens any good?
    I’ve never seen the infomercial, and I don’t know anything about the oven. I’ve never seen one. Sorry.

  17. There is a link on the Amazon pages that requests a Kindle edition. I guess they pass it along to the publishers how many people clicked the links for each book.
    There is another link
    that tells how to publish a book to Kindle yourself, if you hold the digital rights to it.
    Thanks for the heads up on this. I’ll study up on it.

  18. “You can always go to your physician and ask for a phlebotomy. We used to take blood from patients who wanted to reduce iron stores but, for whatever reason, couldn’t donate through regular channels.”
    Ahhh yes, but there is one small catch. First you have to find an MD who is not only concerned about elevated iron levels but willing to do something about it. Good luck. It would be easier to get an MD in Canada to perform a frontal lobotomy than to perform a phlebotomy. My spouse’s iron has been climbing steadily for years ever since she went through menopause. She has seen several MDs since that time, both male and female. They only thing they have suggested is to not eat red meat. The only other advice they have offered is for her to come in for tests once a year so they can ‘keep an eye on it’ (the iron levels). That’s what they have been doing. And every time she has her serum ferritin levels checked they tell her the tests show her iron levels are still climbing. There is some good news. So far none of the statin makers have funded research that suggests statins would benefit women with high iron levels.
    Any suggestions Dr. Eades? Is self-bleeding practical? At one time barbers used to offer blood-letting as part of their services. The medical profession labeled the practice ‘snake oil’. But looking back, maybe the barbers of yesteryear had more going for them than the physicians.
    Well, if she isn’t on blood thinners or doesn’t have other health problems prohibiting it, why doesn’t she just go to the Red Cross (which surely must exist in Canada) and donate blood. If that isn’t an option, then she could pop across the border, and any number of physicians in the US would be willing to phlebotomize her for a price. I don’t think phlebotomy is one of those things you want to try as a DIY project at home. It could be really messy.

  19. Hey guys! I have a shameless plug for my good buddy menu blog. He undertaken Jimmy Moore challenge to post daily meals on line for everyone to see how other people eat on low carb plan. My friend called his plan 5 plus one and only meal, meaning 5 whey protein shakes and one full wholesome meal along with bunch of mulit vitamins, magnesium , and potassium. I still think it is quite unbalanced and some other people think that too. But he is doing it his way! Check it out and tell me if it is an ok plan?
    It is pretty entertaining too. Vadim always tries to invoke politics into discussion. He always defends individual freedom and gets pissed when people tell others how to live their lives, Here is a recent political input where he compares prediabetes with socialism, i think it was funny!
    Lynn, lol you are right socialism is not communism, but… Insulin resistence is not diabetes either, but.. A person eats a lot of sweets, and considering he or she suffers from compromised metabolic syndrome, developes hyperinsulinimia. Heperinsulinimia usually, notice, usually will lead to hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia will lead to odd and comftable symptoms. Odd and uncomftable symptoms will usually lead to eating more sweets, which in turn makes pancreas pump up more and more insulin until one day prediabetes becomes diabetes due to overworked Beta cells which produce insulin. Socialism is like prediabetes in political system. It usually starts with an idea of social distribution, then it leads to more taxation ( similar to more insulin ), more taxation will lead to very uncomftable symptoms,like corporations cutting jobs, will lead to even more taxation to keep socialism afloat, which will eventually lead to very tired social system and eventually to an idea of communism, which means total government control and total redistribution. I do believe it and I lived through it!

  20. Inaccurate. I purposely purchased a bit of naughty through the website. You seemed so disappointed the last couple of times you issued the buying report that none of us low-carbers were groovin the porn, I bought a book/DVD or two…
    Love the blog…
    Hmmm. Maybe my naughtiness detector wasn’t at full sensitivity. I’ll keep a closer eye on it. Order up.

  21. I can just imagine what will happen when Slavin and her cohorts in the high carb camp get their hands on this research.
    Researcher studies ways to help cows bear more calves
    November 22, 2008 – 6:40 PM
    An animal scientist’s research is exploring ways to save dairy farmers thousands of dollars a year by helping prevent miscarriages in cows.
    Smith’s research has shown that increased insulin levels due to starchy food raise the amounts of progesterone, a hormone necessary for maintaining pregnancy, in cattle. He hopes to find a way to increase those insulin levels without decreasing milk production.
    God help us.

  22. Dr. Eades, in reply to your question about what city was running CookwoRx, it was in Indianapolis on Brighthouse Cable. It was not the regular PBS station (WFYI) but a supplemental PBS+ channel that had lots of instructional shows on cooking, crafts, etc.
    Ah, yes. Indianapolis, home of Shapiro’s Deli. Thanks.

  23. Hey Dr. Mike!
    I was reading through some old posts and found this comment from you:
    “The heart operates about 28 percent more efficiently on ketones than it does on glucose.”
    That’s fascinating! Do you have the full reference on that? I’d love to read it. I wonder what brain efficiency is on ketones vs glucose?
    Be well,
    Sure. here it is.
    Veech, R. L. “The Therapeutic Implications of Ketone Bodies: The Effects of Ketone Bodies in Pathological Conditions: Ketosis, Ketogenic Diet, Redox States, Insulin Resistance, and Mitochondrial Metabolism.” Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids 70, no. 3 (2004): 309-19.
    Here is the PubMed link.

  24. Sorry to go off topic, but I think your opinion and thoughts on a burning question of mine would be much appreciated by me and perhaps your other faithful readers.
    Namely, what is your take on the Kitavans and their supposed paradoxical good health while eating large amounts of high GI foods?
    Thanks in advance.
    This was the first question Gary Taubes answered in the post from just a few days ago. Go here to read all about it.

  25. If readers are interested in Kindle versions of books like Protein Power, they can voice their interest via amazon.com – just click on the link ” Please tell the publisher I’d like to read this book on Kindle”. The link is below the cover picture on the left side of the screen.
    That’s good to know. For Kindle lovers, I guess. I haven’t made the leap yet. MD is hot for one, though. Not for her – for me. She’s tired of dealing with books all over everywhere. I think I know what will be under the tree for me in a month. But will I use it? We’ll see.

  26. Dr. Mike, I hope you weren’t serious about paying $800 a month for the site, that’s absolute insanity. As someone “in the industry” (how cheesey that sounds), I can’t see any reason it would go over $100 or so…
    Hope you aren’t getting hosed by Blog and SEO “consultants” (as the bottom of the page says).
    This isn’t really a sales pitch (unless it SHOULD BE, hah) – I just get agitated when good people get taken for a ride by us nerdy types! 🙂
    It costs me $500-$900 per month to maintain the site. This isn’t just hosting, but includes all kinds of other things. The guys who maintain my site do all the WordPress upgrades and make sure all the plug ins are updated and continue to work. They do maintenance on our shopping cart (which seems to always gobble up a few hours every month) and all the other parts of our website that seem to continuously require diddling with as well. We have no SEO consultants. Nor do we have any blog consultants, although often I wish I did have one.

  27. To David MacPhail: interesting book at library “Survival of the Sickest” by Sharon Moalem linking Alzheimers, high-iron and permanent tan for which he did serious research (since my mother had Alzheimers and a permanent tan, I wonder about the high iron). His grandfather had all three, which started him on the research.
    To Dr. Eades: In the same book the author speculated on a possible combination of diabetes and Scandinavians and cold caused by an ice age: high rates of diabetes follow ice fields, so maybe high blood sugar was an adaptation to survive???

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