As I was cruising on Drudge the report came up that Judith Regan has been canned by Rupert Murdoch effectively immediately. Her discharge no doubt came from the outrage and embarrassment she caused the Murdoch conglomerate judith-regan.jpgover her ill-advised decision to pay a substantial sum of money to O.J. Simpson for his book about how he might have killed his wife.
I’m fully convinced that if there had not been a public outcry over this affair, the book would have come out, the O.J. interview would have been aired, and the world would have moved on with Judith firmly ensconced at the head of her imprint for Harper Collins. In other words, I don’t think the powers that be let her go because of what she did; they let her go because of the public outrage over what she did.
I’m sure that a lot of people with good sense wondered how she would ever get the idea to do such a thing. She says she wanted to show just what a criminal O.J. was/is, and have the book and interview be his confession.
I think she got the idea from Chris Rock. Take a look at this old Chris Rock video.


  1. Judith Regan’s first big bump was publishing Howard Stern’s first book, and since then she’s specialized in printing sleaze (well, I did like Howard’s book, but I digress). When I first heard about the O.J. Simpson project, I wasn’t surprised to learn that she was in charge of it. I still can’t believe that it even GOT to the point where the special and book were ready to go, but Harper Collins obviously knew there was going to be an outcry because nothing hit the media until a couple of weeks before everything was supposed to come out. This idiocy had to have been in the works for a while.
    Hi Patricia–
    I’m sure it was in the works for a long while.  That’s my point.  Had there not been the public outcry, it would have been business as usual.  But, unfortunately for her, Judith Regan pushed the envelope just a little too far on this one.

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