I’ve been posting on so much serious stuff lately, I thought I would give you something to brighten your day today. These clips are courtesy of YouTube, which, if you haven’t gone there, is one of the great time wasters of the 21st century.
These two clips show that there are a lot of extremely talented people out there with a whole lot of time on their hands.
Click here for clip one.
Click here for clip two.


  1. Sirs et Madams..whether or not you like Van Halen or Sammy Hagar is kind of immaterial to the following.
    If you want to watch 15 minutes of footage(it’s in 2 parts) about status and an inflated sense on ones own importance and worth watch
    the rage beyond the stage on ‘you tube’
    It’s wonderfully, awfully entertaining
    Hi Simon–
    I’m game. Send me the link.

  2. Ok, I’m going to have to watch that second one at least a hundred more times until I figure out how they are doing those quick changes.
    And those guys actually make treadmills look like fun. I wonder how many times they went flying off them until they got the routine down?
    Hi Esther–
    I have watched the second clip a zillion times and I still can’t figure it out.
    As for the first, I’m sure what we see wasn’t their first run through.

  3. I have to agree, those clothes changing performers were amazing. While I think Piers was too hard on them, I agree that probably their downfall in the competition was not being much more inventive in their act. That being said, I didn’t think a girl winning the contest through singing was that great of a conclusion, either. That’s why there’s American Idol and other child talent shows (not sure if they still exist). Unfortunately, it looked like a loosely thrown together reality show that I don’t plan to TiVo again.

  4. yes of course.’Eejits’
    Shows ye how a person can project this persona of being a rock star all cool(however defined) and relaxed and in actuality be nowt but a whinging toddler.
    My heroes..EO Wilson, Colin Turnbull (for his time with the pygmy and maybe Mandela simply for him having the pure ‘i don’t give a flying fig’ attitude and joy at donning an RSA rugby shirt and supporting the team when they won the World Cup..primarily as rugby was and still is a whitey sport.
    Precisely. I’m glad you see it the same was as I do with these twits.

  5. How did they get treadmills to run backwards?
    Awesome magic show on the second video.
    Hi Victoria–
    I haven’t a clue how the reversed the treadmills.

  6. They didn’t reverse the treadmills. If you look, some are turned one way, and the rest are turned the other way, so it just gives the appearance that they’re all lined up.

  7. nice videos – Long time no talk – The clubs would like to have quick change artists like that – hope all is well
    Hi Mary-Rose–
    Long time no hear from, indeed. Hope you’re doing well.

  8. In a world where everyone has learned the value of “Slow Burn” style stength training over monotonous and damaging aerobics, they had to find something to do with all those ridiculous treadmills….
    I should have thought of that.

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