For those of you who were born after Cat Stevens converted to Islam and quit entertaining, I’ve dug up a couple of videos that will give you a taste of what he was all about.
For those of you, like me, who know his stuff well already, enjoy. I think he’s a tremendous talent–I wish he had kept on at least recording.
These clips came from concerts Stevens gave back in the mid 1970s so I apologize for the less than optimal quality.  Enjoy (that is if you like mellow, laid back music).


  1. Thanks for the Cat stevens songs. Brought me back. I also wore out the grooves on that record. Interestingly he came out with a new Cd in November called “An Other Cup”. If you will forgive me posting a link, here’s one to an amazon clip.
    Hi Rob–
    Thanks for the clip.  His new music is a lot like his old.

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