I came across this cartoon this morning in my daily slog through the internet and thought it was too funny not to share. I guess it shows that there are always a couple of different perspectives to everything.
(To see more from the same cartoonist who is apparently a militant vegan, but hilarious nonetheless, click here)


  1. Wow that link is something else… here’s my favorite part.
    “[Carnivores] can pass meat through their body quickly and efficiently without absorbing too much cholesterol or saturated fat”
    Yes, saturated fat is so evil, that being adapted to eat it means being adapted to eat less of it.
    Of course the quote is absolutely false. Carnivores absorb virtually all the saturated fat and cholesterol. The idea that they don’t is a fairy tale written by the vegetarians to get around the facts of biology.

  2. Well, since the fish has no possible perception of a god, I guess we all don’t need to worry about it.
    Oh wai-
    You don’t think all fish pray to the Big Tuna in the sky…?

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