This is a frightening and all too possible future scenario given the way technology is progressing. (Make sure your sound is on.)


  1. Does anyone realize what a thriving black market in identity theft and fake identities this would encourage? I read once a high end banking executive declaring that the era of privacy is over, and everyone should just deal with it. Very certainly a callous SOB who doesn’t care about his fellow members of society so long as technology makes it convenient for him to make money.
    The Law of Unintended Consequences is going to catch up with that guy when some disgruntled customer who is also a computer hacker starts messing with his life’s info or worse, the info of vulnerable members of his family. No amount of security programming ever stops those who really want to bypass it.
    Hi LCforevah–
    Thanks for an–as always–insightful comment.

  2. As long as they limit it to surcharges for “unhealthy” choices I think it’s a great idea.[/sarcasm]
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  3. This may not be too far away, check out this article in a UK IT publication:
    Frightening! and it may stop a huge amount of possible tourists to the US if word gets out.
    Hi Glenice–
    Thanks for the link.  Security measures are a lot less stringent in Europe.  For example, you don’t have to take your laptop out and send it through the scanner separately; you send it through in the bag.  Or at least you did several months back when I went through.  Just that alone is a huge decrease on the hassle scale compared to what we have to do here.
    I don’t think these measures will stop Europeans from coming here.  Why?  Because our government has finally knocked the value of the dollar so low that we are like a Third World country.  Everyone comes here because things are so cheap for them in the same way we used to go there because the dollar would buy so much.

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