Absolutely great article in today’s Wall Street Journal Cooking and Eating section by Kitty Greenwald. I read it just after breakfast, when I was pleasantly full, and still it honestly made me want to get up and head back to the stove. Or book a flight to Boston and catch a cab to Cambridge to visit Chef Tom Maw’s Craigie on Main bistro to enjoy the Fried Eggs with Caramelized Squash and Tomatillo Salsa featured in the piece.

And best of all, no low carb pimping required for this recipe to work for us. It’s perfect just the way it is.


  1. pimping or primping? LOL.

    Comment: Pimp, but in the sense of ‘to customize’ (as in pimp my ride) but of course it could also be in the 16th Century meaning of ‘pandering to an undesirable impulse’ meaning in this instance to make the ‘undesirable impulse’ of eating carb-rich food a more guilt-free endeavor by purging it of carb to one degree or another.

  2. Eggs are always my favorite pickers.eating it every day would be boring if it was eaten in routine made recipe form.Thanks for the Recipe help.

  3. Thanks in part to inspiration from an old post of yours on fish sauce, I’m experimenting with making Nuoc Mam at home. The raw materials are sea salt and the guts, fins, skins and bones from some fish I caught on an ocean fishing trip this summer, as well as a couple of pounds of raw scallops and shrimp that had languished a little too long in the freezer and were freezer burned.

    It’s been fermenting for five weeks, and the soft tissue has liquified, clear dark amber liquid is separating out and it’s acquired the classic “dirty socks” fragrance of proper fish sauce. The flavor is promising, a bit too fishy to be a good raw condiment at this point, but I think that will be reduced after the oil is skimmed off, and it’s had more time in the tank. According to tradition 6 months to a year…

    BTW I thought you might enjoy learning that I’m using our SVS to provide the proper environment for fermentation (I have it set to 102F). It’s the perfect solution, since we lack the tropical sunshine of south-east Asia here in western Washington.

    Comment from MD Eades: So great to hear about your experiment! Please keep us in the loop on how it comes out. And thanks so much for sharing the tip about using the SousVide Supreme to do it — a great idea and I am going to follow suit and also let our SousVide Supreme readers know about it.

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