Tripping Over the Truth

Is Cancer a Metabolic Disease?

As I type these words, I’m hurtling through the sky somewhere over the North Atlantic on my way to the US from Germany. I just woke up from about a two hour nap, during which I was flat on my back and got to stretch my 6’2” frame to the max without hitting the end […]

The China Study vs the China study, proud man, Dress’d in a little brief authority, Most ignorant of what he’s most assur’d… From Measure for Measure by Wm Shakespeare The web has been alive with commentary the past few weeks since Denise Minger lobbed her first cannonball of a critique across the bow of The China Study, the vessel T. Colin […]

Carbohydrates are addictive

You think carbohydrates aren’t addictive?  You think it’s easy to give them up?  You don’t think it possible that people might prefer carbs to life? Think again. A story appeared in the online version of Time Magazine last year that I read when it came out, put aside to blog about later, then got sidetracked.  […]

Obesity in ancient Egypt

Ten or twelve years ago we wrote in Protein Power about the data contained in the vast amount of ancient Egyptian mummies. We pointed out that several thousand years ago when the future mummies roamed the earth their diet was a nutritionist’s nirvana. At least a nirvana for all the so-called nutritional experts of today […]

New studies hammer low-fat diet

Today’s JAMA contains three papers showing that the low-fat diet does not reduce the risk for colon cancer, heart disease or breast cancer. Data from the giant Women’s Health Initiative Dietary Modification Trial show that after 8 ½ years post menopausal women consuming a diet meant to contain about 20 percent of calories as fat, […]

It’s lame

A couple of weeks ago I posted on the large JAMA study showing that, contrary to what we’ve heard ad nauseum over the past decade, fiber consumption produced no protective effect against colon cancer. Now comes one of the more bizarre studies that I’ve ever read. The British journal Colorectal Disease published a paper a […]