Dietary protein increases lean mass

There is an old joke that goes something like this: Question: What is Mozart doing in his grave right now? Answer: De-composing. The same question could be asked of the living right now who are working hard on their diets and seeming to go nowhere body weight-wise. Question: What’s happening right now? Why am I […]

Why is low-carb harder the second time around?

When I put out the call for what people wanted to read about on this blog in 2009, numerous folks commented that they would like to know why it seems so much more difficult to successfully follow a low-carb diet the second or third time around.  Over the years I’ve noticed this phenomenon in myself […]

Gary Taubes responds

A couple of weeks ago I posted that Gary Taubes had agree to answer questions from readers of this blog.  Over a hundred readers sent in questions through the comment section.  Many of these questions were actually multiple questions, so Gary ended up with probably 200+ questions to deal with. I’ve gone through and compiled […]

Carbs and calories in your booze of choice

The Food Policy Institute at the Consumer Federation of America just published a report showing the amount of carbohydrate and the number of calories in the 26 best selling alcoholic beverages. The report is in chart form in pdf format. You can download it here. Put it on your refrigerator or keep it some place […]

What is the glycemic index?

I’ve had enough questions about the glycemic index and the glycemic load that I’ve decided to take the time and explain what it all means.  If you know what the glycemic index and glycemic load are, then you might want to skip this post unless you’re just here for the scintillating writing. If I were […]