Ruminations on lubricants, comments, shipping and books

This post is going to be one of those potpourri posts that allows me to catch up on a few issues that aren’t significant enough to require a post for each one. Lubricant I want to start out with a funny Q & A that I can across while catching up on my The Spectator […]

You Bet Your Life: An Epilogue to the Cholesterol Story

The first Dietary Goals for the United States (DGUS) were released in 1977 to not a lot of fanfare.  At that time, the great unwashed masses hadn’t really heard much about the word cholesterol, a substance the DGUS recommended that we should limit to 300 mg per day.  Doctors didn’t routinely screen for it, and […]

Saturday catching up post

As anyone who regularly reads this blog can tell, I’ve been a bit hit and miss in posting lately.  The bride and I have been swamped with work on the Sous Vide Supreme project.  MD has been working with chefs to develop recipes along with creating a bunch herself; she has been editing a book […]

The Vegetarian Myth

Before I get into a discussion of the absolutely phenomenal book you see pictured below, I’ve got a few disclosures to make.  First, I’m not much of a believer in the notion of man-made global warming or climate change (as they now call it since temperatures have been constantly falling instead of rising).  I’m a […]

Odds and ends May 21, 2009

I figure it’s about time for another grab bag of a post updating everyone on what’s going on at Casa Eades and throwing up a few interesting articles and websites. The Verdi Requiem The Santa Barbara Choral Society’s Verdi Requiem was a triumph last weekend.  As you can see from the photo above, MD was […]

Odds and ends

Just a bunch of odds and ends, none of which is worth an entire post. Low-carb gains a foothold. First, I’ll start off with the good news, then I’ll finish with the bad. I took the photo above yesterday at Raley’s, a giant supermarket (and I mean giant) in Incline Village, NV.  There were no […]

Weekend link-o-rama

I’ve got about a hundred (93 to be exact) tabs up on my Firefox browser, many of which are filled with articles about which I would like to post.  But these articles either keep getting displaced by something more timely or more blogworthy or even more substantive.  Many are interesting, but not worth an entire […]

The low-carb movement needs your help

I received the following email from Dr. Richard Feinman today asking for help on behalf of the Metabolism Society and low-carbers everywhere. Greetings! Here’s a good topic for your blog. The question bears on recommendations along the lines of the USDA meeting that is coming up.  It arises from a seminar that Eric Westman gave […]

2010 Nutritional guidelines

Don’t hold your breath waiting for any significant changes in the government’s nutritional guidelines due to come out in 2010.  The members of the ‘scientific’ committee have just been announced, and it is stacked with all the usual suspects. Here is a copy of the press release:nutritional-guidelines-press-release Take a look at the names and resumes […]

Minds set in concrete

In reading through Gary Taubes’ book Good Calories, Bad Calories I came upon the following dialog that I found all too familiar. It took place in 1973 during the first hearing of George McGovern’s Senate Select Committee on Nutrition and Human Needs. A number of speakers made presentations on the adverse effects of carbohydrates on […]