A request for information

The grisly plaster cast pictured above of the flayed corpse of a hanged murderer has quite a history. On October 2, 1801, Mr James Legg shot one William Lambe to death in the latter’s bedroom.  Apparently the 73 year old Mr. Legg had been nursing a grudge against Lambe for some time.  As Mr. Lambe […]

Last gasp of the dark ages of nutrition

The Dark Ages were an inglorious period of human history bounded on the one side by the Classical Age and by the Renaissance on the other.   These grim times began when a classical empire was savaged by barbarians plunging the world into a long era of darkness ruled by ignorance, superstition and fear, and […]

Ask Gary Taubes a question

I’ve just discovered that the soft-cover version of Good Calories, Bad Calories is out.  I guess it has been out for a few weeks, but I just discovered it was available.  If any of you have been waiting for the paperback before reading this terrific book, now is the time to get it. Since GCBC […]

Video of the starvation study

Ancel Keys, Ph.D. Once again I’m putting up a post out of sequence. I just found this great video on the life of Ancel Keys that I wanted to make available to all readers of this blog. Keys video high bandwidth download Keys video low bandwidth download The entire thing is pretty interesting, but the […]

Gary Taubes Berkeley lecture

In late November of this year Gary Taubes gave a number of talks to members of various departments at the University of California at Berkeley. One of these talks – The Quality of Calories: What Makes Us Fat and Why Nobody Seems to Care – was recorded and can be viewed by clicking here. You […]

Jack LaLanne vs Ancel Keys

An annoying comment I hear all the time whenever I talk about how Ancel Keys set the country on the disastrous nutritional course it has been on for the last 40 years runs something like this: “I dunno. Keys must have been doing something right because he lived to be 100.” First, the fact that […]

The low-fat diet cascade

Finally the New York Times comes up with a halfway decent review of Gary Taubes’ book Good Calories, Bad Calories. In yesterday’s Science section John Tierney (obviously not a member of the Kolata/Brody/Burros coven) takes a serious look at Gary’s book and what it has to say about the mainstream medical/nutritional establishment’s recommendation to follow […]

‘Cures’ of the past; implications for the present

In the early part of the 20th century an entrepreneur name Charles A. Tyrrell developed and promoted an enema device called the J.B. L. Cascade (the J.B.L. stood for Joy, Beauty and Life). Mr. Tyrrell (later Dr. Tyrrell; he got a medical degree at age 57) found a ready market for his device – at […]

Gary Taubes’ new book

In going through the huge pile of mail confronting me when we got home from Europe, I found a prepublication copy of Gary Taubes’ new book Good Calories, Bad Calories. I’ve read the book in manuscript form when it was 800 plus pages, again when it was cut down to 700 or so pages, and […]