News Flash: The Body Makes Cholesterol!

The new 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) finally came out in 2016.  They were held up an extra month because of the hostile and unexpectedly overwhelming response of the public to the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee Advisory Report.  After political fiddling — which always happens in the face of an unexpected public outcry — and […]

Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Science or ...?

Very soon the Department of Health and Human Services will be releasing the 2015 version of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA or Dietary Guidelines). When it happens sometime this month (December 2015), I can guarantee you the occasion will be much in the news. So unless you’re living in a cave somewhere in the wilds […]

Hacking Obamacare

  I have read extensively on the new Obamacare law and have discovered a weakness – an unintended consequence, really – I think can and will be exploited by many as soon as they figure it out. I haven’t read of anyone else figuring this out, but, then, I probably haven’t read everything ever written […]

The Drs. Eades & Julia…and radio

I have to confess.  I lied to you.  I said the next post would be part II of the Meat Eater or Vegetarian series and here I am sticking another one in in between.  But I at least have a good reason for this interloper post: it is time sensitive. Due to other commitments tomorrow […]

RealAge, real stupid, real sleazy

Don’t panic.  I don’t have a paid ad for the RealAge Test stretching across the top of my blog post today.  This one is for illustration purposes only.  If you are like me, however, you’ve run across this banner countless times in your online surfing.  It seems to pop up everywhere.  Or at least it […]

ABC’s big meal propaganda

One of my readers sent me a link to a segment on ABC News with Charlie Gibson showing just how disgustingly slanted and inaccurate mainstream media reports can be. Gibson leads into the segment about two reporters who underwent self experimentation on the adverse effects of unhealthy eating.  The reporters, ABC’s Yuji de Nies and […]

Vitamin D and influenza

The latest newsletter from Dr. Cannell, President of the Vitamin D Council, on vitamin D and the swine flu (and influenza in general).  Well worth reading. If you are interested in a free subscription to this newsletter, go to the Vitamin D Council site and sign up. John Cannell, MD Vitamin D Council Newsletter May […]

2010 Nutritional guidelines

Don’t hold your breath waiting for any significant changes in the government’s nutritional guidelines due to come out in 2010.  The members of the ‘scientific’ committee have just been announced, and it is stacked with all the usual suspects. Here is a copy of the press release:nutritional-guidelines-press-release Take a look at the names and resumes […]