Can your food make you fit?

A paper recently appeared in the scientific literature demonstrating an enormous and previously unknown benefit of low-carbohydrate dieting. (1) I haven’t seen this study mentioned anywhere, so, important though it is, it seems to have flown under the radar of all the low-carb experts and the press. It is a study about how restricting carbohydrates […]

Truth versus hype in the Jupiter study

The point of the cartoon above by Eric Allie holds true for the recently released Jupiter study: the reporting of the data by the media often overshadows the actual data. Let’s first take a look at the reporting. The lede from MSNBC: People with low cholesterol and no big risk for heart disease dramatically lowered […]

More on the ‘low-carb’ study at the AHA meeting

I have a close friend who was an investigative reporter for the Wall Street Journal for 13 years, during which time he broke a number of large stories. He left the WSJ to start a company to help businesses deal with the media. He had seen from the inside how businesses had tried to influence […]

Does the Atkins diet damage blood vessels?

Today I’ve been inundated with comments, emails and even a phone call or two about the ‘study’ that hit the news this morning allegedly showing that the Atkins diet causes blood vessel damage, and increase in ‘bad’ cholesterol and increased levels of inflammation. I figured I would take this opportunity to describe how this kind […]

Inflammation and intermittent fasting

I’ve posted on the health benefits of intermittent fasting (here and here) and on my thoughts on the inflammatory properties of food and overnutrition. These posts, particularly the one on inflammation, inspired a host of questions on whether intermittent fasting decreases inflammation. Based on my knowledge of the medical literature on inflammation and intermittent fasting […]

Inflammation and diet

On the flight from London to Rome I read an article on the immune system and cancer. It got me to thinking about the immune system and a whole lot of other health problems. It’s sunrise in The Eternal City right now. I’ve been up early watching the dawn break over St. Peters, which is […]

Krill oil and inflammation

Research published in the most recent issue of the Journal of the American College of Nutrition shows that a modest daily dose of krill oil markedly reduces inflammation and reduces the pain, stiffness and functional impairment associated with rheumatoid and osteoarthritis within one week. I posted last summer on the regimen I had put together […]

Cherries and arthritis

I came across this article about cherries that is riddled with misinformation. I like cherries as much as the next guy – in fact, I love them – and wolf them down whenever I have the chance, and I know cherries to be a wonderfully healthful, relatively low-carb fruit, but I can’t let something like […]