More on the thermodynamics of weight loss

Okay.  I said I was through with Anthony Colpo, but now I’m going to quote from him once again.  What gives? What gives is that I’m stuck in the airport in Seattle – my flight to Chicago is delayed for almost four hours because of bad weather in the Windy City.  I figured I would […]

AC Fat Loss Bible critique part II

On to the second and, mercifully, final part of the critical review of the metabolic advantage as presented by A Colpo in his book The Fat-Loss Bible. As discussed in the previous post, our friend, like the kid to the left, is focused so intently on his refusal to believe in even the possibility of […]

Thermodynamics and the metabolic advantage

There are a lot of disagreeable  jobs out there.  Dealing with Anthony Colpo is one of them.  Trying to make sense of thermodynamics is another.  Whereas dealing with AC is kind of like the job pictured at the left – distasteful but fairly simple – delving into the workings of the laws of thermodynamics is […]

AC anti-metabolic advantage dismemberment

I’ve got to apologize in advance for the length of this post, but in order to thoroughly do what needs to be done, it took the space. Readers of this blog who have been around for a couple of years have been through the Anthony Colpo (AC) fiasco with me.  For those of you who […]

Ask Gary Taubes a question

I’ve just discovered that the soft-cover version of Good Calories, Bad Calories is out.  I guess it has been out for a few weeks, but I just discovered it was available.  If any of you have been waiting for the paperback before reading this terrific book, now is the time to get it. Since GCBC […]

Average doesn’t tell the whole story

Virtually all of the results presented in medical studies are displayed as ‘average’ or ‘mean’ values. I’m sure everyone knows how to come up with an average or mean (the two are synonymous) value for a group of data points is to add them and divide the sum by the number of data points analyzed. […]

Overfeeding and metabolic advantage

About a month ago I posted on a Swedish overfeeding study and how the results were misreported in the press. This study showed that increased carbohydrate intake can cause an increase in certain liver enzymes associated with the metabolic syndrome. Along with this liver enzyme data the authors reported on metabolic rate changes that are […]