New look to the site

If you’ve been on this site before and made your way here now, it’s easy to see that the look has changed.  But it isn’t just the look, it’s vastly more than that.  It’s the entire functionality of the site.  But it’s a long way from being there yet. I’m a big believer in the […]

Catching up

  First of all, I would like to — belatedly — wish everyone a happy new year. I hope everyone has a safe, prosperous, healthful 2015. This post is going to be a grab bag of subjects because I’m going to be catching up on a lot of stuff. You can read through it all […]

New Theme: Need advice

  I’ve gotten tired of the theme I’ve been using on this blog. Consequently, I’ve been roaming the net looking for something I like a lot better. And I think I’ve found it. I’ve been playing around with it on another WordPress installation just to see how I like it, so I want to pass […]

The Drs. Eades & Julia…and radio

I have to confess.  I lied to you.  I said the next post would be part II of the Meat Eater or Vegetarian series and here I am sticking another one in in between.  But I at least have a good reason for this interloper post: it is time sensitive. Due to other commitments tomorrow […]

There goes the neighborhood

As most readers of this blog know, MD and I split our non-traveling time between Incline Village, Nevada (on the north shore of Lake Tahoe) and Santa Barbara, California.  We don’t have a house in the city of Santa Barbara but in the unincorporated town of Montecito, which is a sleepy little suburb of Santa […]

A request for information

The grisly plaster cast pictured above of the flayed corpse of a hanged murderer has quite a history. On October 2, 1801, Mr James Legg shot one William Lambe to death in the latter’s bedroom.  Apparently the 73 year old Mr. Legg had been nursing a grudge against Lambe for some time.  As Mr. Lambe […]

Snake oil comes in all kinds of bottles

Snake oil comes in many guises, most of which exist to reduce the contents of one’s purse.  Last week an Associated Press writer detailed how the government spent $2.5 billion of our money to test various so-called alternative health remedies, most of which would be considered snake oil by mainstream medicine, and came up virtually […]