Dr. David Ludwig on high-carb vs low-carb vs slow-carb diets

I came across this short talk Dr. David Ludwig gave on some of his research on the difference between high-carb, low-carb, and slow-carb diets.  The presentation is a great summary of the calories-in/calories-out way of thinking of dieting versus the alternative hypothesis, which is that carbs drive insulin, and insulin drives fat storage.  Dr. Ludwig […]

Do we get fat because we eat too much? Some think so.

  First and foremost, MD and I would like to thank each and everyone one of you who provided suggestions and recommendations for an updated version of Protein Power. Based on all your comments, it appears it will be more of a rewrite than an update, which creates problems with the publisher. I’ll elaborate in […]

Are carbohydrates fattening?

Are carbohydrates really fattening?  This one question has generated much acrimonious debate over the years.  Some believe all that matters is the caloric content of food while others (yours truly, for instance) believe more is at play than simply the number of calories available.  A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine […]

Mitochondria rejuvenating diet the nutritional ‘experts’ bash

The subtitle of this post could just as easily have been: Feed your mitochondria right. The two videos below pretty much tell the whole sad tale of doctors and nutrition.  Taken together, they confirm the widespread notion that doctors, in general, know very little about nutrition and seem to be proud to keep it that […]

Resolving to diet in 2012

The first week of January is the traditional time for overweight people to start a diet.  For years I’ve told my patients (and anyone else who would listen) to fight the holiday eat-a-thon and start the new year at the same weight they started the month of November.  During the time between Thanksgiving and the […]

Wheat Belly

Over a half decade ago Professor Jared Diamond, in his Pulitzer Prize-winning book Guns, Germs, and Steel, famously wrote “The adoption of agriculture, supposedly our most decisive step toward a better life, was in many ways a catastrophe from which we have never recovered.” Dr Diamond was referring, of course, to the devolution of human […]


A little over two years ago I wrote a post on Pentabosol, a weight-loss supplement we and our research partner developed and made available for a number of years.  In that post I mentioned that MD and I were contemplating actively marketing Pentabosol again.  We reformulated the product and changed its name to Metabosol, but […]

Why We Get Fat

Of all the dangerous ideas that health officials could have embraced while trying to understand why we get fat, they would have been hard-pressed to find one ultimately more damaging than calories-in/calories-out. That it reinforces what appears to be so obvious—obesity as the penalty for gluttony and sloth—is what makes it so alluring. But it’s […]

You Bet Your Life: An Epilogue to the Cholesterol Story

The first Dietary Goals for the United States (DGUS) were released in 1977 to not a lot of fanfare.  At that time, the great unwashed masses hadn’t really heard much about the word cholesterol, a substance the DGUS recommended that we should limit to 300 mg per day.  Doctors didn’t routinely screen for it, and […]

The pitiful state of medical ignorance

In 1976 the classic film Network starred Peter Finch as crazed anchorman Howard Beale who launched into his now-famous rant “I’m mad as hell…” on air and galvanized movie goers everywhere.  Even though Howard Beale is fictional, I often share his sentiments. I got a call yesterday from an acquaintance who wanted to get together […]