Rapid health improvements with a Paleolithic diet

I imagine most readers of this blog would expect a group of subjects to do better on a Paleolithic diet as compared to a standard American diet, but there are few studies actually making the comparison. One was posted yesterday in the Advance-0nline-Publication section of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition that shows subjects following […]

Gary Taubes responds

A couple of weeks ago I posted that Gary Taubes had agree to answer questions from readers of this blog.  Over a hundred readers sent in questions through the comment section.  Many of these questions were actually multiple questions, so Gary ended up with probably 200+ questions to deal with. I’ve gone through and compiled […]

Changing dietary trends and the obesity epidemic

Last Sunday the New York Times published a color spread on the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) data on the changes in food consumption in this country between 1970 and 2006, which got me to musing. To the uninformed, which, sadly, probably means most people working in the nutrition industry and even those employed in […]

More on Tierney, Taubes and saturated fat

John Tierney, science blogger for the New York Times, was as taken aback by the abject stupidity hostility of the comments to his recent post on fat in the diet that included a response from Gary Taubes about the Israeli low-carb study as I was in my recent post about his post. He decided to […]

Follow up on the Israeli low-carb study

I want to discuss a couple of interesting follow ups from the Israeli low-carb study that I posted on a couple of weeks ago. But before I do, I’ve got to apologize for the lack of posting and comment answering for the past week or so. Since we got back from our trip our computers […]

Is there a single save your heart diet?

I’ve linked below to a video of a mainstream cardiologist being interviewed as to her thoughts on the best diet for a healthy heart. Listening to her, it’s easy to see what’s happened to mainstream thinking. For years mainstream thinking was that the low-fat diet was the be-all and end-all for preventing heart disease. Whenever […]

More on the ‘low-carb’ study at the AHA meeting

I have a close friend who was an investigative reporter for the Wall Street Journal for 13 years, during which time he broke a number of large stories. He left the WSJ to start a company to help businesses deal with the media. He had seen from the inside how businesses had tried to influence […]

Does the Atkins diet damage blood vessels?

Today I’ve been inundated with comments, emails and even a phone call or two about the ‘study’ that hit the news this morning allegedly showing that the Atkins diet causes blood vessel damage, and increase in ‘bad’ cholesterol and increased levels of inflammation. I figured I would take this opportunity to describe how this kind […]

Saturated fat study redux

A little over a year ago the Journal of the American College of Cardiology published a study that purportedly showed what a terrible health risk saturated fat is. I guess because of all the interest generated by the recent bogus red meat/colon cancer study, some news services decided to recycle this old study and pass […]

Fast food and endothelial dysfunction

Just read through the August issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which was chocked full of good articles. I’ll be kept in blogging fodder for several days just from the contents of this one issue. The paper I want to discuss today is one that I find hilarious. It’s a report of the […]