The Case Against Sugar

I read Gary Taubes’s new book The Case Against Sugar twice. First I read it in manuscript, then in galley proof. My intention was to write a review of it to be posted around the book’s publication date, but on or just before pub date a dozen other reviews hit the web. Consequently, some of […]

More supporting evidence for the sugar hypothesis

The sugar hypothesis of heart disease triumphs yet again over the lipid hypothesis. A study presented recently in Rome and published in the New England Journal of Medicine demonstrates that efforts to lower blood sugar pay off better in lower rates of heart disease and longer life than do efforts to lower cholesterol.  In fact, […]

The sugar hypothesis

I’m always amazed at how the lipid hypothesis of heart disease has wormed its way deep into the souls of physicians, scientists, and medical/nutritional writers the world over. The flimsiest piece of research appearing to confirm this entrenched bias is not only accepted uncritically (not by yours truly, of course), but is shouted from the […]