Carbs and calories in your booze of choice

The Food Policy Institute at the Consumer Federation of America just published a report showing the amount of carbohydrate and the number of calories in the 26 best selling alcoholic beverages. The report is in chart form in pdf format. You can download it here. Put it on your refrigerator or keep it some place […]

More on the ‘low-carb’ study at the AHA meeting

I have a close friend who was an investigative reporter for the Wall Street Journal for 13 years, during which time he broke a number of large stories. He left the WSJ to start a company to help businesses deal with the media. He had seen from the inside how businesses had tried to influence […]

Cholesterol and cognitive decline

As a group the elderly are keenly health conscious. Probably as a percentage of their population more elderly try to eat right and take care of themselves than any other group. And with good reason since the Grim Reaper is lurking right around the corner waiting to harvest them at the earliest opportunity. Senior citizens […]

Addendum to the colon cancer and red meat post

A commenter today made me remember yet another reason that observational studies such as this one are never to be used to determine causality that I didn’t mention in the original post. It’s important enough that I want to post it here so that those who don’t read the comments and/or my responses to them […]

Obesity in the past

American tourist at Dauchau A type of activism called fat acceptance activism – or in the words of all the isms we’re now afflicted with: Sizeism – is currently on the move. Overweight people who are the movers and shakers of the various fat acceptance groups are trying to make the point that it’s okay […]

Fiesta interruption

Fiesta – a long time Santa Barbara tradition – starts tonight, and lasts through Sunday. My bride long ago signed us up to provide a charity event for the Choral Society tonight at our house. I’ve been dragooned into helping get everything together for this Fiesta feast, which is NOT low-carb. One can follow a […]

Back in the USA

We made it back without a hitch. It’s only fair since I savaged Continental for its part in our fiasco getting to Europe to give them credit where credit is due. All the Continental flights – Edinburgh to Newark; Newark to LAX – left on time and arrived early. And all our baggage made the […]