I haven’t been at the blog works in several weeks, but there’s a reason for that. Two actually. You see, a while ago, we decided to simplify our lives by divesting ourselves of two part time homes and consolidating their contents into another one. While the idea was and still is a good and sensible one, as it turned out, the two moves wound up happening back to back. When we made up our minds to do it, from the nebulous perspective that distance lends to a future event, emptying one house of furniture and belongings and then three days later turning right around and doing it all over again with another one didn’t seem such a daunting prospect. We could do it; sure we could. (While at this point we’re a few days away from having it all behind us, I can catagorically say that I don’t recommend it.)

We have always been given to over-committing ourselves to future projects with the firm belief that we’d get it all done somehow and we usually do, but not without angst. It gets back to that nebulous perspective notion. In our house, we call it the ‘elephant on the horizon’ phenomenon, which refers to the fact that even an elephant looks small at a great distance; as it gets closer and closer, the reality of its immenseness dawns, but by then it’s too late to get out its way without getting trampled.

These two moves were like a whole herd of elephants, which for the last three weeks have been not on the horizon, but in our back yard. As soon as they have trundled on by and the dust of their passing settles, we’ll head back down to the watering hole and get busy blogging once more.

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