MD and I are in Dallas to spend Thanksgiving with the kids and grandkids. One of the big stories here is the lawsuit filed by Crissy Haley, the wife of one of the Dallas Cowboys assistant coaches, Todd Haley, who found a dead rat in her McDonald’s salad.
Apparently Mrs. Haley stopped by McDonald’s on her way home and picked up some takeout for herself and her kids. When she got home, she hands out the Happy Meals to the kids, and opens her own Bacon Ranch Salad with grilled chicken and digs in along with her live-in au pair Katy Kelley (both women often share one of these salads).

And so far, the salad tastes normal. And, with the appearance of chicken, grape tomatoes, shaved carrots, hickory-smoked bacon, cheese and mixed greens, it looks normal too. Chrissy takes her first bite with a metal fork. Kelley takes “seven or eight,” before her black plastic McDonald’s utensil bumps into something. Forking aside a big piece of lettuce, she initially sees “a color I never see” in the salad. Standing up and then crouching down, she identifies the mystery meat—a 5-inch dead rat, drenched in dressing, wholly intact from whiskers to tail, on its back, mouth agape.

The article, which contains photos of the dead rat in situ that aren’t for the squeamish, goes on to describe McDonald’s response to the affair, which isn’t really customer friendly.
Just another reason to avoid Mickey D’s as far as I’m concerned.

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  1. Man, I’m sick just reading about it!!!
    Hi Cindy–
    I’m sure the whole situation didn’t make for a Happy Meal (yuk, yuk) for those involved.

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