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Subway reality
An enterprising individual has taken the time and effort to pull down the photos of a bunch of fast food items, buy the items in question, then photograph the real thing. It shows what a good food stylist can do.
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  1. It’s certainly a very creative idea photographing fast food without the usual food-porn lighting but it’s similar to the shots of movie stars without their makeup. They’re simple folk with pimples and baggy eyes. The food shown without special lighting and touch-ups looks good to me but then I’ve been eating low-carb for so long, anything that goes beyond meat and fat looks luscious to me. When you haven’t had bread for years, even a stale chunk looks appetizing.

  2. Bread looks disgusting to me. When you’re really serious about going very low in carbs, you lose interest in them.
    The closest I’ve come to eating carbs lately was eating 99% cocoa chocolate (4g of which 3g are fibers per 50g).
    I believe people who keep having that sweet tooth is because they regularly maintain it. I’m too happy to have gotten rid of my addiction to anything sweet that I’m not looking luciously at anything carby. I don’t even bother with veggies. It’s all about meat and eggs!
    I’ve heard that sometimes in these ads they don’t even use real food, because the real things don’t always look like they should on pictures/TV. The bread on the subway ad looks like what we think bread is supposed to look like, yet bread doesn’t look like that.

  3. I attended many food shoots when I was in the advertising agency business. They spray all kinds of junk on food to make it look appealing in ads. Sometimes they use fake food mixed in with the real food.
    The above photo could take hours to capture.
    I know; I’ve been there.  I watched what is done to our food on our TV shows to get the real up close shots.

  4. Seriously, maybe it’s because I’m full or I haven’t ate fast food for awhile, but that stuff looks super gaggeriffic. Blech!
    We should picture what we eat. Big salads with deli meat, lots of veggies and dressing. How could you go wrong with that? No…I don’t need you to tell me.
    It looks pretty gaggeriffic to me, too.  Great word, BTW.

  5. you should follow the link on the page for “People in ads who look like they’re farting” it’s a hoot, if you enjoy fart jokes, that is.
    Hi mrfreddy–
    On your recommendation I went back and looked at the ads.  I would never have noticed a thing had I not been primed as to what to look for.

  6. “When you haven’t had bread for years, even a stale chunk looks appetizing”
    Really? My tastes have changed so much since being on a low-carb WOE for a year. Sweets, pasta and white bread repulse me now, although multi-grain breads and sweet fruits still look appetizing.
    Hey, I just remembered : it’s been exactly one year today! The macadamia nuts I received as a gift certainly were a perfect celebration food. 🙂
    Hi Francis–
    I guess we all have our own specific high-carb demons to fight off.  I used to love potatoes, now they do nothing for me.  I don’t miss them a bit.  I never was much of a pasta fan, so that one has been easy to avoid.  For me the real problem is cinnamon-type rolls, especially if they contain raisins.  If I see one of those, and I’m really hungry, unless my will power is at it’s max, I’m a goner.

  7. Interesting, as usual Dr. Mike.
    Let’s suggest that everything real looks a lot less sexy than staged photos and move on. Look at Will Smith in Pursuit of Happyness (what’s up with the spelling) vs. the real guy. Stars in movies vs. Stars in tabloids. Etc. Doesn’t mean anything.
    That said, Fast Food is a lot less appealing to me than it used to be (I was what they’d call a high user). Fast Food Nation (the book) didn’t cure that for long (3 months), neither did Supersize Me (maybe a week). Omnivore’s Dilemma did a little more, but it’s hard to sort what is that and what is PP. Either way, I’ve been off since X-mas (drive across country resulted in some FF) and 4 months before that as well. Amazing and thank you.

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