In catching up on my mountains of mail I came across a warning issued by the Food and Drug Administration that I thought I would pass along. A couple of dietary weight loss supplements manufactured in Brazil have been shown to contain a number of controlled substances and should be avoided.
According to the FDA the two supplements Emagrece Thin and Herbathin, both of which are being sold over the Internet at a cost of between $140 and $230 for a month’s supply, have been found to contain chlordiazepoxide (the active ingredient in Librium), fluoxetane (Prozac), and fenproporex, an unapproved stimulant that the body converts to amphetamine.
According to the FDA press release, chlordiazepoxide may be habit forming and can cause dizziness and drowsiness, and fluoxetine has been linked to several serious drug interactions and to even the possibility of promoting suicide in its takers. Amphetamines can be disastrous.
These two products are made by the Brazilian firms Fitoterapicos and Phytoterm Slim. The FDA is making an effort to prevent the importation of both products, but warns that there may be knock-offs with the same or similar names made by other manufacturers.
It should go without saying that it pays to be careful when ordering ingestible products made available from unknown sources.

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