Those who don’t like Shitto, the delicacy from Ghana, can head to Sweden for some Pucko. Mmm mmm. I can’t wait to try it. In fact, I want to drink my Pucko while I eat my Shitto.
Thanks to Robb Wolf for the photo


  1. You almost made me spit my wine out with laughter… “In fact, I want to drink my Pucko while I eat my Shitto.”
    Oh yes… I’ll have some shitto and Pucko as well!
    Actually, it sounds a lot better than a bowl of corn/wheat/rice cereal…maybe.
    Or how about Shitto with a Pucko chaser?

  2. What is “pucko” to you? Help me with the funny part.
    Hi Leif–
    You’re obviously from Sweden where, for all I know, Pucko is a mainstay of the diet.
    In idiomatic English ‘puke’ is both a noun and a verb.  The verb ‘to puke’ means to vomit.  The noun ‘puke’ means the vomit itself.
    Anyone who is a native US English speaker would immediately identify a food product called ‘Pucko’ with eating ‘puke’ or vomit.
    That’s why it’s funny here.

  3. On wikipedia, they say:
    * Pucko means “idiot” in Swedish.
    Being a high-carb drink, it’s not much better than puke.
    Puke may actually have fewer carbs.

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