MD and I flew in from Dallas last night through gale force winds only to arrive to a power outage due to trees blown into a huge transformer near our house. The flight was pretty harrowing, and the landing was a little hair-raising. Flights like the one last night are hard on MD–I’m not overjoyed with them, but at least my own pilot training has endowed me with an understanding of what’s going on, so it doesn’t bother me nearly so much.
I kind of took a blogging holiday the last couple of days in Dallas, and intended to hit it hard upon returning to the domicile, but weather has intervened. I’m typing these words in a Starbucks far enough from our house to have power (the whole area is out and has been for about 20 hours now). Unfortunately, the Verizon Broadband Access that I’ve bragged about so much in the past doesn’t have particularly good coverage in my own area, which isn’t usually a problem because I have cable internet access at the house. At the Starbucks I’ve got roughly dial up speed, which is a real pain.
I’m going to try to catch up on posting some of the comments that have stacked up. I hope that the power situation is resolved by tomorrow so that I can get back to blogging for real.
Thanks for hanging in there.


  1. I for one, am happy to see that you are back home. Just as I clicked onto your blog, the weather was being reported on the news. In Ohio, we call that, weather. 😉
    Thanks for the good wishes.  We, for two, are happy to be back.

  2. I’m glad you’re both ok! It was windy and crazy in So. CA yesterday too. I had an adventure getting a sheet of pegboard from Lowe’s to the car. It acted a big sail on my shopping cart. It could have been fun had I been in the right frame of mind for that.
    I’ve had the experience of landing in high winds in Colorado Springs. It redefined “white knuckles” for me.
    Hi Nancy–
    It was So California that we flew into yesterday, so you know what I mean about the winds.
    MD and I are signed up to give three lectures at a medical meeting in Colorado Springs on Jan. 12, so your comments about landing there will give us something to think about between now and then.

  3. We had the storm through northern California before you got it. Thankfully we didn’t lose power, though my doormat got blown down the hallway and the windows rattled so much I had to put in ear plugs to sleep.
    Hi Victoria–
    I wish I had thought of ear plugs.  The wind was banging the trees around the house so much that I couldn’t sleep, and it never occurred to me to use earplugs.

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