Principia KetogenicaJust a quick note to give everyone a heads up that the Kindle version of Ash Simmonds’ book Principia Ketogenica is on sale at for a mere 99 cents.  Grab a copy quickly because I don’t know how long this price will last.
I purchased the Kindle version as soon as I was alerted on Twitter of the sale.  I bought the paperback version last year and have made extensive use of it.
The book is a compendium of every paper published on the use of ketogenic diets to treat a multitude of disorders, including obesity, diabetes, lipid problems and the rest of disorders making up the Metabolic Syndrome.
As most of you know, I troll the medical literature daily, so I know how much effort it takes to systematically gather this many papers all in one place.  And to categorize them as well. I’ve found this book to be invaluable in my own work, and I suspect you will, too.
So, if you have any interest in the ketogenic diet, grab a copy now while it’s at this practically give-away price.


  1. Dear Michael,
    Thanks very much for this email alert. I greatly appreciate your work and enjoy reading the science behind a LCHF lifestyle.
    Kind regards,
    Neil Matheson

  2. I love Ash! I agree, excellent collection of references related to the benefits of low-carb high-fat ketogenic eating. The amount of work that went into this volume is prodigious indeed.

  3. Thanks, I bought one for myself and also as a gift for a few people. I have to say Amazon needs a better gifting system. I think we’re in the world of lazy programmers nowadays. Or maybe I am just grumpy because I woke up a little too early…

  4. A really great buy! This extremely valuable book is focused “more toward tangible outcomes rather than much discussion of possibilities, or outlining of the biochemistry.” It is offered as a resource for personal research.
    This book would make a perfect adjunct to Ellen Davis’ books on ketogenic diets for cancer and for type-2 diabetes.
    As Dr. Mike says, “Grab a copy.”

  5. Dr. Mike, I know you read a lot….. so check out the book “Harbinger”, the most compelling book I have ever read.

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