Happy New Year to everyone! Here’s hoping that we all have a safe, healthy, happy, prosperous 2007.
You will no doubt be pleased to learn that 2007 started off most prosperously for Yours Truly. I hit 5 out of 5 bowl games yesterday, and performed that all too infrequently performed act of crushing the bookmaker. Had I not been laid up drunk from overindulging in New Year’s Eve cheer I would have hit 7 of 7. The early games started at 8 and 8:30 AM for me, so MD set the alarm for 7:30 when we finally climbed into bed at 3:30 AM after all our guests left. When it went off at 7:30 AM I quickly decided–even in my semi-comatose state–that were I to bet those two games I would probably win one and lose one, so, really, what’s the point. The human ability to rationalize is a wonderful thing, except that it cost me because I had picked two winners.
Alas, my beloved Arkansas Razorbacks went down to crushing defeat. But all was not lost because I had bet on Wisconsin to cover the spread. The best of all worlds would have been an Arkansas win and a Wisconsin cover, but such was not to be.
My last bowl victory came when Boise State (which I had at +7.5) beat Oklahoma in what was probably the most exciting college football game I have ever watched. It topped off a wonderful day of college football wagering.
Had I done my usual, I would have lost a few games, and during the losses, I would have become demoralized, turned the TV off, and gone and worked on my blog. As it was I was riveted. Plus, we had guests for New Year’s dinner. So, I didn’t get to the blog or the many comments that have been stacking up until this morning.
Speaking of comments, there is one (comment #3) attached to this post that you might find of interest. I spent a fair amount of space answering a question a reader posed about a posting on Art DeVany’s blog. I plan a longer post on this subject later on, but you can get the flavor of my thinking by my response.


  1. Dr. Eades,
    This is a bit off-subject for the post, but it’s related to the Art DeVany issue. Honestly, in this case, I completely agree with you regarding the futility of impacting membrane fluidity through low-dose fish oil or an unsaturated diet. I wanted to know what you thought of Dr. Ray Peat’s research/work as it pertains to the dangers of unsaturated oils and benefits of saturated fats.
    Dr. Peat seems to feel that the less unsaturated fat we consume, the healthier we’ll be. He feels that unsaturated oils contribute to the aging process and metabolic dysfunction. Any thoughts?
    He also has an interesting article that looks at vegetables from a less-than-favorable point of view.
    If nothing else, I find his work extremely thought provoking. I wish you and Mary Dan the best in 2007!
    Hi Jonathon–
    Interesting stuff.  I’ve never heard of this guy, and I’m glad you put me onto his site.
    Having said that, I think he is a little extreme.  I looked up a number of his references and you have to really stretch to make them apply to or prove the point he’s trying to make.  And a bunch of them are studies of rodents with chemically induced cancers, which have no bearing on human cancers.
    I agree with many of his premises, but I just don’t take them as far as he does.  For instance, I agree that saturated fats are better than vegetable fats.  But I don’t believe that consuming vegetable fats will cause cancer in short order.  Same with vegetables.  They can cause some problems, but can also be beneficial.

    Thanks for the tip.

  2. Dr. Eades,
    I’m glad you enjoyed the articles! I agree that his views are a bit extremist. On the other hand, it’s always refreshing to see someone sharing info despite it being very non-PC.
    I agree that veggies have their place in any healthy diet. But, from personal experience, I feel that consumed in excess, they can cause some odd GI problems.
    Hi Jonathon–
    You are correct about vegetables causing some problems; they are a real double edged sword.  When I do my post on the all-meat diet, I will get into the specifics more.

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