george-clooney-cropped.jpgAs reported by the Los Angeles Times, here are George Clooney’s qualifications for becoming deeply involved in the political process:

He subscribes to two newspapers and can quote the top political columnists. He remembers the dialogue from old political debates, and he does a great impersonation of Democratic strategist James Carville.


  1. Back when I was much younger, I thought it was deeply disturbing that our president Ronald Reagan had mostly been an actor before becoming president. Now that I’m older, I’ve come to realize that acting, posturing, making people feel a certain way is what politicians essentially are paid to do.
    George Clooney for prez!
    Hi imsovain–
    Good to hear from you; it’s been a while.
    It wouldn’t be so bad if he were running himself.  I might even vote for him.  A man with those credentials couldn’t get us in too much trouble.

  2. Because they are movie stars they think they know everything and only what they say counts. Didn’t Clooney once say that if Bush won the election he (Clooney) was going to leave the country? See,he would make a good politician because he is already lying to his public.
    Hi Jay–
    I think it was actually Alec Baldwin who said that.  He stayed, however, because he felt that Bush wasn’t actually elected.  But I don’t keep up with the Hollywood set much, so Clooney might have said it too.

  3. Hmmmm…a match between George Clooney or Fred Dalton Thompson (the DA on Law & Order)?
    Well George would definitly get my vote in that match-up!!! And, since George is a tad better looking, and given the importance of looks in our society, George would probably win the popular vote!!
    Hi Cindy–
    See what happens when we give women the vote:)
    I wonder if it would work the same way if all the candidates were female.  Would males go for the best looking one or for the one who most approximates their political beliefs? Would I vote for Catherine Zeta Jones or Rosie O’Donnell?  Hmmm.


  4. The fact he actually reads a newspaper, makes his opinions more informed than most. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. When it comes to politcal knowledge, America is certainley the land of the blind. Most people here don’t know squat about the history of the American Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, or the Constitution. Is it any wonder we have the government we have?

  5. And the qualifications of anyone else, vis-a-vis political commentary are what exactly?
    I work in the executive branch of the fed government, read papers, listen to NPR, and have a mind that I keep in shape.
    I’m willing to listen to Clooney, or any other celebrity, and sort them based on content, not job code.
    Hi Max–
    Okay, so you’re a smart, well-read guy. Let me see you get on Oprah or Larry King Live and present your opinion to the masses.
    (Reminds me of a great line in the James McMurty song I’m Not From Here:

    I read the papers and watch the nightly news
    who’s to say I’m out of touch.)

    Clooney can get an audience any time he wants and can spout whatever his political beliefs are to the dimwitted who will agree simply because it’s George Clooney doing the spouting. I think his qualifications for spouting his politics are a joke. It’s his right to do it and I support that right, but I was amused that the LA Times seemed to think the minuscule amount of effort he put into his political education (He, after all, subscribes to TWO newspapers and can quote political commentators. I wonder what the two newspapers are? Variety and what else? The LA Times, maybe?)
    I think actors should follow the Brad Pitt philosophy. When asked several years back while he was making a movie about Tibet what he thought about the situation there, Pitt replied: “What does it matter what I think? What do I know? I’m a guy who puts on makeup to go to work.”
    These folks are actors, not deep thinkers or world movers. If one wants to get into the political arena and duke it out as did Ronald Reagan, I say go for it. But if they just want to use their bully pulpit to espouse their larval thoughts, why should anyone listen. I’m sure intelligent people don’t. It would be like listening to Suzanne Somers on nutrition.

  6. ditto kevin dill
    My colleagues don’t read the politics in the newspaper, they just read the sections that interest them–that is, those who read papers at all.
    I’ve heard him in sound-bite situations, and he manages to sound more intelligent than most politicians in similar situations. He DOES remember political dialogue not just from politicians but from media whores as well.
    Rosie O’Donnell is too shoot from the hip for me, she makes Clooney look sagacious.
    Zeta-Jones doesn’t seem to have a personal opinion outside of her field, which looks like great self-discipline to me, but for herself, not the presidency.

  7. Frankly, I don’t care what Clooney says, I’m only interested in looking at him 🙂
    Seriously though, I have been known to be turned off by stupidity, so maybe that’s why I don’t keep up with what most movie stars are saying about anything, at least not on purpose. The vegan stars are the most vocal and the most irritating. The political ones come in second because they are in a position where people will listen to them and therefore have an unfair advantage, and the media has a habit of quoting them. They also have tons of money to support political candidates or themselves if they are running for office.
    Freedom of speech is a wonderful concept, unfortunately the most ignorant are usually the most vocal. In all fairness, I have not heard Clooney utter a single word so I really don’t know if he’s stupid or not, but why chance shattering a dream?

  8. Mike, my point is, Clooney is no less qualified to yack on politics than me (well, maybe a little less than me. I could count living in DC and going to House hearings among qualifications), you (whose qualification seems to be reading the web, an advanced degree, and I dunno whatelse) or anyone else. Is he dumber than the President (whose qualifications are beyond reproach, clearly)? Or Joe Scarborough? Alan Colmes? Kudlow? I dunno.
    The only time I ever hear lines like, “Shut up, stick to your business, you’re job is to entertain” is when an entertainer says something people don’t like.
    Last thought: If people are swayed because Oprah, Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise or Clooney have any particular set of political beliefs, I’d suggest it calls for a better education policy, not a gutting of the school system.

  9. Let’s see what are George’s credits. He has spoken to the United Nations Security Council about Darfur. Traveled to Egypt and China to apply pressure on the president of Sudan. I don’t think you can call him just another pretty face.
    Did he do these things because he is an expert or because he’s just a pretty face?  I suspect the latter.  A lot of people know a hell of a lot more about it than George Clooney yet don’t speak before the Security Council.  I wonder why that is?

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