Once again I’m inundated with comments. And most aren’t really comments, but questions. These questions take time to answer, so when I’m in a time bind – as I am now – I back burner the ones requiring the most time and/or thought to deal with. So, if you’ve got a comment/question pending, hang in there. I’ll get to it when I can.
One of the things that annoys me the most about the blogging software I use is that the comments appear under the post not in the order in which I deal with them, but in the order in which I receive them. So if I don’t answer a comment for a day or two for whatever reason, when I do finally answer it, my answer along with the comment doesn’t show up at the bottom of the comments, but way up higher. Which means, of course, that people have to troll through all the comments looking for their own instead of just looking at the bottom of the list for any that I might have put up. I apologize for this. I’ve tried a couple of comment-answering plugins, but none seem to fix this problem. There is a new upgrade of WordPress that just came out, so I may give that a whirl to see if it helps.
Right now along with all the other projects I’ve got going I’m writing a long post that I hope to have finished and up by late this afternoon. When I get it finished, I’ll deal with ALL the comments outstanding. So hang in there. Of course the new post will generate a zillion more, so I’ll be confronted with those tomorrow.
While your waiting for the comments and the new post, take a look at this video on one man’s speculation as to how Stonehenge was built. He puts his money where his mouth is and actually does it himself. I love videos like this one that show human ingenuity at work. I don’t know if this is how Stonehenge was constructed, but it could have been. With all the modern equipment available to us these days people puzzle over how they did things way back when before the advent of cranes, hoists and even pulleys. It goes to show that the resourcefulness of humanity should never be underestimated.


  1. Very cool, and a great way to teach physics (with lighter weight objects so the safety police don’t get on your case). I’ve got some patio slabs I need to move & this has inspired me to try the technique with stones to pivot and slide them. The Stonehenge clips must be a few years old. They now have a thin rope to keep people from walking close to/between the rocks. I don’t know that a knee-level, 1/2″-thick rope would keep people out of geysers at Yellowstone, but it seems to keep people in line at Stonehenge.

  2. Why not just add a new post at the end of your comments section (referencing the earlier post), instead of commenting in the body of the original post? A lot of other bloggers do it that way, and it seems to work well (as long as it’s clear what post they are replying to).
    Hi Bryan–
    I tried that for a little while, but it didn’t seem to work as well. And I get so many comments that my comment on the comments was so far down the list that it didn’t seem to make a lot of sense. I may have to revert to that way, though.
    Thanks for the thought.

  3. I gave up trying to go back to each post to find comments, and now use the RSS feed, which means I see new comments even when they are in the middle of the list, and also the comments for older posts. I do appreciate the way you’ve set it up so that it is possible to subscribe to RSS for all comments, not just comments for an individual article, which seems more common. Your way one feed catches them all.
    Thanks, Janet, but I’ll have to confess, I don’t have a clue how it’s set up. My web guy did it all, so I truly am clueless.

  4. Is this still Regina Wilshire’s blog? Why does it come up under Michael Eades’ headline? Or is Regina Michael Eades’ alter ego? Or Michael Eades in drag? Where’s Regina Wilshire?
    I don’t have a clue what happened. I hope you find your way back to Regina, who, BTW, is not my alter ego, but a flesh and blood woman who lives in Missouri.

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