Today’s New York Times reviews what sounds to be a totally disgusting episode of Comedy Central in which Pamela Anderson is roasted by a group of celebrities as grotesque as it gets.

Among the most scandalous moments : jokes about genitals; the self-consciously scummy, diseased personas of almost everyone on the dais; and Courtney Love, the bloated musician, who throughout the proceedings acted as if she belonged in an institution. Again.

With Ms. Love thrashing around, it can be hard to remember that it is Ms. Anderson’s night. Smoking cigarettes, Ms. Love heckled the comedians and flipped people off, regularly flashing her underwear and pulling up her top. When not lurching toward center stage in raw bids for attention, she slumped so far down in a white sofa that some of the male comedians – particularly the M.C., Jimmy Kimmel – appeared to prop her up. Toward the end of the roast, she reclined entirely.

As I read on in disbelief that the venerable Times would bother wasting ink on such a piece of trash, I came upon the following piece of information that made it all make sense. The “charity” roast had been staged

As an event to raise money for PETA, the charity organization supported by Ms. Anderson.

If you’re interested in hearing speculation on Ms. Anderson’s bowel habits, enduring tasteless jokes (example, a comment on Ms. Anderson’s acting ability: “As an actor, you have the emotional range of Terri Schiavo.”), and watching a bunch of overindulged has-beens, tune in to Comedy Central tonight. You should be in hog heaven.
I think I’ll pass.

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