Our thanks go out to Leif Gustafsson of Saint-Bruno QC, Canada who wrote to call us to task about being vague and unclear about the actual origins of celeriac or celery root, one of our favorite low carb vegetables. On several of our Low Carb CookwoRx tv episodes we mention that celery root is pretty much what its name implies: the root of celery from which the more familiar stalks spring. And to a point that’s true. But the stalks that spring from the large knobby celery root we use in cooking are tough, gnarly ones, not the juicy tender ones we chop up for soup, fill with cream cheese, or use to stir a Bloody Mary. These two species are cousins, but we didn’t make that clear in the show and we should have. Mr. Gustafsson even provided us with an informative link about celeriac which we happily pass along to you.

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