A shorter argument by James Lileks ispired by the Steyn piece. Lileks writes one of the blogs I never miss. He is a terrific writer and usually muses on many different issues. He includes a cornucopia of wonderful material in his blog. One of my favorites is his reproduction of the 1949 Sunbeam comic book on the story of bread with his commentary. Flip through it for a blast from the past.
Unlike most of his stuff, this particular piece is in his Screed Section and is atypical for him. Steyn must have struck a chord.


  1. I have pains in my sides from laughing so hard reading the Lilek’s version of the Sunbeam comic.
    You should use that in a future book.

  2. An amazing look back at conditioning and the formation of consumer choices. There should be another one on corn and all of it’s by-products.

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