The Spanish tradition of tapas has taken the world by storm, which for low carbers is a good thing! So many of the little bites are in and of themselves friendly to a low carb devotee out for a nibble and a glass of tinto! Take this one, for instance, that appeared in Chef Jose Andres’ Slow Food Fast column in the Sunday March 30, 2013 Wall Street Journal Eating and Drinking section. It made my mouth water just to read the title: Catalan Sausage with Mushrooms!

Photo: James Ransom for the Wall Street Journal, Food styling by Jamie Kimm, Prop styling by Stephanie Hanes.

The recipe derives a bit of sweetness from a couple of tablespoons of raisins or currants (in the whole recipe that serves 4), but that works out to only a bit over a teaspoon of raisins per person, which isn’t bad and my guess is that the recipe wouldn’t be seriously harmed by forgetting to put them in, if desired.

Can’t wait to try it with a nice glass of Rioja!

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