Today’s paper brought an interesting article from AP Food Editor JM Hirsch helping us solve the perennial summer dilemma of what to do with a bounty of zucchini. The stuff of jokes, cartoons, and sitcom scripts, zucchini overload is no joke for some gardeners if a prolific crop comes in.

Grilled Zucchini Hummus Associated Press Photo

While low carb devotees can steam it, sous vide it, saute it, grill it, and make zucchini noodles, hash, and fritters with it, we can’t turn it all into zucchini bread, as so many gardening cooks might do, simply because the carb load is too high in most quick bread recipes. And for the same reason, low carbers don’t get much chance to enjoy hummus made with chickpeas. But here comes this recipe that solves both the what-to-do-with-a-bushel-of-zucchinis and the need-a-low-carb- version-of-hummus problems all at once! Couldn’t be better.

Made of nothing but grilled zucchini, roasted tahini, garlic, lemon juice, cumin, smoked paprika, and salt, it’s a winner. Get the recipe here.

A low carb dip still doesn’t avoid the need for a dipper, often a carb minefield. So to keep the carbs low and free of grains, wheat, or gluten, dip it with chicharones (pork skins), fresh celery, cucumber slices, jicama, or cherry tomatoes. You’ll hardly miss the pita.



  1. I noticed your book in my library today (I believe the 2005 one? cant be sure)…seeems great…I’m dealing with digestive troubles (a ton), depression, anxiety also , and “binging ” at night (but am low weight)….not sure if your plan would be appropriate for me because I’ve been eating the SAME things for the last 2 years (a lot of eggs, healthy fats like avocados, oils, chicken/fish, GF grains, dark chocolate, yogurt, whey protein, fruit, nuts, nut butters, eating WAY too much at night)….i worry that i need to nix the dairy, eggs, avocados, etc etc in order to reverse the inflammation, ibs, constipation, potential adrenal burnout to the max, hormone out whack, etc…so i love the idea of paleo or your plan, but feel its backwards cause its a lot of the foods i’ve been eating day after day for years….(i even feel warm, like inflamed…)…oye. I have NO idea what to do. Tired of binging, obsessing, worrying.
    I wish I had meal plans and someone to say “yes, its okay to eat this or that”…eliminating stuff is tricky (mentally and not wanting to lose weight, but feeling a need for detox)…if you’ve any thought s, let me know 😉

    MDE: Take a look at Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfillippo. It might help solve your problems.

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