My mother called a day or two ago and during the course of conversation she asked me if MD had given up blogging. I told her I didn’t think so, but why did she ask. She told me that MD hadn’t put up anything new since way back in April.
I checked it out, and this is what has happened. MD switched from the Movable Type blogging platform to WordPress, the same one I now use, in late April. The guy who switched her over, gave her a new blog address. He moved all her archived posts to the new WordPress format and changed the Protein Power website (where both blogs can be found) so that it pointed at the new blog address. But he didn’t change the old blog address to point at the new.
Anyone who gets to her blog by going through the Protein Power website has been seeing all her posts. Anyone who has her old address bookmarked hasn’t seen anything new since April 20. And there is plenty of new stuff.
It’s all fixed now. All roads lead to her blog, so there should be no problem from here on. You can catch with all the good recipes up over the 4th.


  1. Oh, I’m SO glad you posted this – since I have yours and MD’s blog pages bookmarked, I kept checking on hers and seeing the ZuZu’s as the last entry – finally I commented about hoping to see her again soon and she probably wondered what I was talking about! LOL!
    I love to read BOTH your blogs every day so I’ve got some catching up to do on hers! 😉

  2. You may also want to check that your RSS feeds are updated. I was using that, and for a long time I thought YOU had given up posting.
    Thanks, Bryan–
    I’ll look into it.

  3. Same here! I’ve been checking the bookmarked link and hadn’t seen anything posted for quite a while. I just assumed she was busy with her singing in light of the upcoming European trip. Thanks for the heads up.

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