MD and I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season. I’ve figured out (with the help of my web guy) how to embed audio files. Below are some cuts of MD’s group performing Handel’s Messiah at the Santa Barbara Christmas program last year. I hope you enjoy the music as much as I do and as much as MD did performing it.
We’ll start with the first chorus of Part I.
And the glory of the Lord
And He shall purify
For unto us a Child is born
And, finally, from Part II
The Hallelujah Chorus
These are from a live performance in Santa Barbara on December 2, 2006


  1. Thank-you for sharing! We are listening to the glorious choral harmony on the audio system that Santa left under the tree. Blessings to you and yours. -Barry

  2. Merry Christmas and thank you for teaching me so much this past year. I’m still learning though ! That stuff on vitamin D for example.
    I love Handel’s Messiah, we’ve been listening it today, so to hear the bits from your performance was an added bonus.
    Must say…something very worried about which pertains to vitamin D – I have found recently that I do not tolerate magnesium or calcium supplements at all, I get very bad diarrhoea even on a low dose and I’ve tried several different makes. I have osteoporosis so that is bad news. I’m eating a calcium/magnesium rich diet, lots of veggies and nuts and seeds and fish (no dairy) and now increasing the vitamin D in the hopes of absorbing what calcium I do get from my diet…but it is a worry. I take Strontium Ranelate as I live in the UK. Any ideas ?
    with very best wishes,
    Anne B
    Hi Anne–
    If you’re eating calcium/magnesium rich foods and are taking vitamin D3, I wouldn’t worry about it.
    If you’re living in the UK in the winter, you definitely need the D3.

  3. Dear Dr. & Dr. Eades,
    I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year.
    Thank you so much for including this gorgeous music – what a treat to listen to as I watched snow falling in the trees. And what a surprise it is to read your blog. I never know what I might find! I’d like to mention also that your books have been so helpful, but it’s really terrific having the ability to have up to the minute information from you on this blog. I can imagine that it takes a lot of your time but you are providing an invaluable service.
    By the way, I feel like I’m rather late to the party (I only discovered your site about a month or so ago) and so I feel like everyone else must know this, but what is “MD’s group”? As I’ve read current and older posts I understand that she is involved in music but in what capacity? Instrument, vocal? And what is the name of this group? Do they record? Because the pieces you included were so beautiful it would be nice to have recordings of other works.
    Anyway, thank you again and all the best to you and your family.
    MD’s group is the Santa Barbara Choral Society of which she is the president and a soprano. In the photo I used at the top of this post, she is in the front row, 2nd from the left.
    I’m glad you enjoyed the music.

  4. The clips are lovely, but the first isn’t And the Glory of the Lord, not quite sure what it is.
    I’m a soprano too, and my church does the big Messiapalooza singalong here in Seattle every year.
    Happy Holidays!
    Hey Jeanne–
    Good catch! I’ve fixed it so that now it is And the Glory of the Lord. I had put up the 4th cut on the second CD, which is from part II and is And with His stripes we are healed, instead of the 4th cut on the first CD, which is And the Glory of the Lord.
    Happy Holidays to you, too.

  5. Thanks for posting this! I hope you have a great holiday season!
    The links were great! A few weeks ago I went to Duke’s performance and it was quite disappointing. I’d love to hear the full performance from MD’s group!
    Hi Cindy–
    You’ll have to make a trek to one of the many performances of the Messiah MD’s group does in December around the Southern California area. I took the cuts I put up from a recording that was broadcast on a local classical radio station. There are no CDs for sale.

  6. No music for me -no high speed internet! 🙁
    So i’ll just offer a big happy holidays and ask a question…i’m going for a check up soon and wanted your opionion on labs. my doc is not a ‘good’ doc, so he is no help. but he will do labs if i ask and then i can evaluation them myself. i have thyroid and blood sugar issues. and is it even worth getting a cholesterol panel anymore? Here is my list thus far:
    *Fasting Insulin
    *Fasting Glucose
    *FREE T3, FREE T4 & TSH
    *Fasting Triglycerides
    *Vitamin D (25-hydroxy D)
    *C-Reactive Protein
    Others have suggested adding the ones below. I don’t want to ‘overwhelm’ my doc, so would like your opinion on what is essential. Hopefully this will be helpful to others too! -THANKS SO MUCH!:
    *IGH-1 growth factor
    *HDL-2, HDL-3
    *VLDL, VLDL3
    *Lp(a), IDL
    *Real LDL-C Size Pattern (A, B or A/B)
    *Glycated hemoglobin Test- HBGA1C
    *kidney and liver panel
    Hi Susan–
    Of the 2nd part of your list, I wouldn’t worry so much about the IGH-1, Norepinephrine, HDL -2 and 3, VLDL and VLDL3, or leptin. The others would be good to know, though.

  7. So beautiful–and such powerful sound from a relatively small choir–60 or so? Brought tears to my eyes. What part does MD sing?
    It’s actually about a hundred-voice choir, but it is a very good hundred-voice choir. MD sings first soprano. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  8. Fantastic music–very enjoyable–thank you for sharing! I’d like to hear MD’s suggestions for a CD of this type of music.
    Warm Regards,
    Hi Alex–
    I’ll see if I can get her to post on it. She’s got about a thousand recommendations.

  9. Gorgeous! Great choir, orchestra and nice recording too… I bet it was a challenge to get that much definition in that building with an ensemble that size. I was in a chorus (Masterwork, based in NJ) that performed the Messiah several times each year, and every time I hear it I have to sing along (alto), at least in my head.
    I’m glad you enjoyed it. The picture was of MD’s group performing in a cathedral in Germany. The recording I put up was made in a different venue with a lot more voices.

  10. Thanks for the videos. I am so glad that you and Mary are also involved in the arts. Here is a guitartist that you might be familiar with. He is from Minesota and graduated from USC as a performance major. I had the joy of listening to several of his performances in the early ’90s ,when I lived in Ohio,and I asked him if I could sit in with him. He said yes and we had so much fun on stage together. I had not heard anything about any concerts ‘cuz I was hoping that he would be performing in the CA area.
    I just caught up with him and discovered that he had been sidetracked from playing the guitar due to focal dystonia. He was forced to cease playing and took up other “gigs” in the music world that kept him connected to music but didn’t connect him to the spirit known as Billy Mclaughlin. Well, eventually he decided enough was enough and learned to play his music left-handed. I hope that I will be able to post his site here but if this doesn’t work, please check him out at his web-site.
    Hi Mary–
    Thanks for the link. It’s pretty incredible what people can do to overcome handicaps.

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