A little over two years ago I wrote a post on Pentabosol, a weight-loss supplement we and our research partner developed and made available for a number of years.  In that post I mentioned that MD and I were contemplating actively marketing Pentabosol again.  We reformulated the product and changed its name to Metabosol, but our timing was all wrong because at about the same time, we wound up launching our SousVide Supreme project as well.  Never having been in the appliance business, we had not even the most minimal idea as to how much time that venture was going to take.  As a consequence, the weight-loss product project took a back seat and more or less fell between the cracks.  Now that things on the sous vide front requiring our direct attention have slowed down a bit (for us, not for the company) we decided to turn our attention to the nutritional supplement and made an annoying (to us) discovery that may benefit you. (More about which later.) In case you don’t go back and read the old post, let me quickly review the Pentabosol (Metabosol) story.


MD and I have taken care of overweight patients using low-carb diets in our medical practice for decades.  Our patients had pretty spectacular results with their low-carb diets, but like dieters everywhere, they all wanted to lose weight faster.  For years we had been searching for some kind of nutritional product that could give a boost to our patients’ weight loss without their paying the price of unpleasant side effects.  As a consequence, we ruled out anything with phenylpropanolamine, ephedra, and all the stimulant type products.  Although we used prescription medicines occasionally, we weren’t really sold on them because of the side-effect issue and because we didn’t know what, if any, would be the long-term effects.  We were seeking something that was a natural supplement that had no stimulant effects and that actually worked.
As is my wont, I trawled through the medical literature looking for solutions.  It soon became obvious that although there were a number of natural substances (non stimulants) promoted as weigh loss supplements, these products were not particularly effective.  We looked at all these different supplements and, along with our partner, laid out all the mechanisms by which these products worked.  We then teased out those that drove pathways congruent with the pathways through which the low-carb diet worked.  And we came up with a couple of hypotheses.  First, we thought that these products individually might work a lot better than their study results had shown if used along with a low-carbohydrate diet (virtually all had been studied using low-calorie, high-carb diets), and, second, that these few substances taken in combination might have a synergistic effect not present when taken individually.  We came up with a supplement mixture that we thought might help people following low-carb diets lose weight more quickly.
We decided to make these supplements available to patients in our practice who wanted to boost their weight loss.  We provided them with a written list of supplements that they could gather at most health food stores (since we didn’t carry any of these supplements in the clinic).  The patients who elected to try the regimen did well, but we really had no control group, so we didn’t know with certainty whether our supplement conglomeration worked or not.  We had some difficulty getting a lot of patients to both try the regimen and stick with it once they started, because of the expense and the inconvenience.  The bag of supplements would set them back about $150 a month and required their taking multiple pills multiple times daily.
We felt that our little pilot study, such as it was, justified spending the money to both develop an actual product and to have it clinically tested.  We found a manufacturer to produce a product that was less expensive and more convenient than the handful of pills our patients had been taking daily.  We also sought out and found a facility that did contract clinical testing of products.  And we discovered what the drug companies have known for a long time – randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies, the gold standard of clinical trials, are not inexpensive.  After giving the idea a lot of study, we sucked up and invested the money.
We established the protocols and launched the study.  Subjects were randomized into two groups, both of which went on moderately low-carb diets and both of which were instructed to perform the same type and amount of exercise. One group went on the supplement that we ultimately named Pentabosol, while the other went on a placebo that looked and tasted the same as Pentabosol.  (As an aside, I can tell you that we must have been brain dead when we contracted for this study because by the time all the subjects were recruited and randomized, the actual trial ended up taking place through the Thanksgiving holiday – for sure not the best time to be doing a weight loss study. I have no way of know, of course, but I suspect that had we waited until the first of the following year to do this study, we would have had even better results.)  After the last subjects completed the six week study, the testing facility broke the double-blind codes, analyzed the data, and the director of the lab gave me a call.

It was a memorable call.  He started out by saying: “Well, I’ve got some good news for you and some bad news for you.  Which do you want first?”
Being the eternal optimist, I said, give me the good news.
He said:  “You have got a phenomenal product.  It works like nothing we’ve ever seen.  It works better than some drugs we’ve tested.”
The people on the supplement had lost almost double the weight (71 percent more, to be exact) than those taking the placebo.
As you might imagine, I was thrilled. But not all that surprised based on our reports from our own patients.
“So what’s the bad news?,” I asked.
The bad news, he told me, was that we didn’t have what he thought was a commercial product.  He said that he had to practically horsewhip some people to keep them on it.  He said he thought it didn’t matter how efficacious a supplement was if people wouldn’t take it.
He had a point.  And, admittedly, the first primitive version of our product was pretty rough.  The product … is a powder that you dissolve in water (cold or hot like a tea) and drink.  The early study version mixed about like sand mixes with water.  You had to put it in the water, then swirl the water in the glass while you drank the stuff.  And it didn’t taste all that great.

After badgering our manufacturer to make the product better but obtaining only marginal improvements, we began seeking other manufacturers.  We finally found one that specialized in powders and finally had a product manufactured that was tasty and mixed well.


A couple of years ago MD and I decided we needed to give Pentabosol a makeover.  A complaint we had heard over and over was that Pentabosol contained sucralose, an artificial sweetener.  At the time we first made the product, we had no choice.  We did have a choice, I suppose, in aspartame, but we elected to go with sucralose.  The product required a sweetener because one of the components is extremely tart, and without sweetening the product would have been unpalatable.
We  spent some time with the manufacturer and discovered that we could freshen the taste, improve mix-ability, add another flavor and use a natural sweetener instead of sucralose.
We decided to name the new and improved product Metabosol.  It contains all the same active ingredients in the same proportions as Pentabosol, but is naturally sweetened, giving it (to my palate, at least) a cleaner taste.  Those who have tried both products like the taste and consistency of Metabosol better.  And like the fact that there are a couple of flavors: berry and citrus.

How you can take advantage of our lack of attention.

As I mentioned at the start of this post, we did all the improvement work and got Metabosol all ready to launch but put it on the back burner because of our commitment to the sous vide project.  We just got a call from our able assistant, Kristi, who said, guess what? all the Metabosol is going out of date as of the end of May.  This May.  As in about two weeks.
So, if any readers out there would like to give Metabosol a try, it can be ordered through the Products section of our website absolutely free.  With absolutely no strings attached.  All we ask is that you pay for UPS shipping.  And because we don’t have all that many containers left, please only two per person.  Let’s make sure that anyone who wants to can give it a try.
I want to end with a few caveats.
First, we did only one study on Pentabosol / Metabosol.  That study showed significantly increased weight loss in the subjects using the product.  But I’ll be the first to tell anyone that it takes more than one study to prove anything.  We (or someone else) might do a second study and find less or more weight loss.  As far as I know, there is no other study out there evaluating the efficacy of the exact combinations contained in Metabosol.  There is one other study – a pilot study – showing a significant weight loss in subjects following a similar, but much more expensive supplement regimen.  We’ve had over 250,000 people use Pentabosol with a substantial reorder rate, which would indicate that it works.  But we have only the one study.
Second, the Metabosol you will receive is almost out of date.  It shouldn’t be a problem, but the manufacturer is required to put a two year expiration on supplements.  We will ship only while the product is still in date, so once the end of May comes, we will take the product off our website until we have a new batch, which will then be at the regular price.
Third, as studied, Metabosol was shown to work only when combined with a low-carb diet and moderate exercise. (We had to control for diet and exercise.) It was designed to enhance the rate of weight loss in those following low-carbohydrate diets and who exercised moderately, and the study indicated that it did.  We have no idea if Metabosol would work without diet and exercise and we don’t recommend that you use it in that way.  It is not a magic bullet.  As we all know, weight loss is a difficult proposition at best – Metabosol is simply designed to help you get to your goal a little faster.
Now, if I haven’t scared you off with all the disclaimers, give it a try on us.  And we would love to learn how it works for you, so don’t hesitate to let us know.
Note: We try to get all of our products shipped the same day the orders come in.  But Kristi, our able assistant, is leaving for a long weekend (it’s her birthday today, so we’ve let her escape the asylum for a bit) and won’t be able to get these Metabosol orders shipped until Monday morning, May 23.


  1. I have been trying to find a natural stimulant-free supplement to go hand-in-hand with my “primal” lifestyle and what better one that one created by a doctor I respect and trust?
    I would love to give this a shot but I can’t seem to locate the Metabosol on the Products page. Am I missing something?

      1. Help!!! Just got your blog post 3 minutes ago announcing the “free” Metabosol, and I just clicked on the link and it says it’s all gone?? Is there any other way to get it?? Or is the link broken or is it really all gone? Thank you so much!

      2. Hi Doctor Eades….. I recently just started Protein Power a week and a half ago. I am having trouble losing any weight. I’ve been diligent in cutting out carbs, sugars, and fruit – except for when I get extreme cravings then I munch on a couple pieces of cantaloupe or frozen blueberries. I was hoping you had some pointers…. please and thank you!

      1. Each container holds 60 doses, weighs 11 ounces, and is enough for one month of two servings each morning and night.

    1. Sorry. When we took it down once we noticed it was almost out of date, we changed it to free then forgot to put it back up. Should be fine now.

  2. Just ordered. I might have been the first! Thanks, Dr. Mike. Like all of the resources on your site, this is very generous and goes way beyond your self-interest, toward a genuine desire to help people.
    I’m 52, 5’1, currently 128 lbs. At my heaviest I was 135. The first 7 pounds came off pretty painlessly with plain old low carb. The last 8 don’t want to budget without fasting, which I’ve found is physically stressful on my middle aged body and forces me to exercise on a strict schedule, which means that often as not, I don’t exercise. I’m looking forward to trying this supplement.
    A question, if I may: I curb hunger with a lot of heavy cream. My calorie consumption seldom goes above 1,400 per day, but that includes up to 10TBS of cream. I tried cutting it out but it didn’t help me with the stall so I’ve added it back in. Should I cut it again while I’m trying your product?

    1. Lacie,
      Eat more real food. Eat more beef and fish and sweet potatoes and salads. Protein is very satiating. If you eat enough of it you will feel less hungry.
      Over 1/3 of your calories coming from cream seems to be a bad idea.

  3. I assume it is gluten-free? I saw a product description but no full ingredients listing. Thanks!

        1. Why isn’t it published? Because it’s a giant time consuming pain to go through the process. We did the study to see if the product worked, not for publication. If, at some point, I get the time, I might try to get is published. Shouldn’t be difficult – just time consuming.
          Each container holds one month’s worth of Metabosol.
          Why don’t you use your real name?

  4. Dr. Eades,
    I noticed that you were okay w/requesting two per person, but your order form only permits one per person.

    1. The single order is for two containers. You need to choose whether you want two citrus, two berry or one of each.

    1. Sorry, but we can’t sell or ship (or even send for free) products internationally. If you have a friend who lives in the US and can order, that friend can then ship it to you, but we can’t.

      1. Thanks Reid. Just noticed your reply now so I’m too late on this occaision, but I’ve taken note for the future. Thanks again!

  5. Just wanted to say thanks a lot! I just embarked on the precise diet that this supplement is supposed to work best with, so I’m excited to use it.

  6. Thanks for the offer, Dr. Mike. I ordered some, along with some Vitamin E, and if it works, I will continue to use it. I have spent too much money on weight control products that don’t work (irvingia comes to mind), so I will be excited if this helps me past my weight loss plateau.

  7. I didn’t even finish reading your post before I jumped on your site and ordered. 🙂 Is there any problem taking it while breastfeeding? Also, I remember very well when you first posted about this. You included some photos of your assistant who lost weight using Metabosol and (I assume) has maintained that loss since. But you never said how long it took her, which has driven me nuts ever since then! I’ve been dying of curiosity for two years.
    I just want to thank you also for this blog. It was through this site that I first learned abut low-carbing, and it has changed my life.

    1. We didn’t test it on women breastfeeding, and we can’t really recommend it in those circumstances. You’ll not be breastfeeding forever, though.
      Our assistant Kristi, whose photos were in the old post I linked to (also linked here) lost about 75 pounds over the course of a year. When she got started on the regimen, she lost about four pounds per week. I just spoke with her on the phone to get these numbers, and she told me she went from a size 16 to a size 4. She lost this weight in 2007 and has kept it off since. She worked hard, followed a low-carb diet and exercised. And, I’ve got to say this, her results won’t necessarily be everyone’s results. Your mileage may vary.

  8. Dr. Eades,
    I’ve loved your site and information, but this is the first time I’ve posted here.
    I read through the blog post (well, skimmed, really) but I didn’t see whether you are planning on re-introducing Metabosol in the future. Do you want our feedback on results, flavor, etc?
    Thanks for all the great information you’ve provided and thanks for the free stuff!

    1. I’d appreciate any feedback you would like to give on any aspect. Weight loss, flavor, ease of use, whatever. Thanks.

      1. I got one container of Citrus and one of Berry. The flavor of both is fine, but I like the Citrus a little better. The Berry seems a little bland in comparison. They both mix very well and go down easy. I was a little surprised with how small the containers are. I guess I’m used to bodybuilding supplements that come in huge containers.
        I’ve only had it for 3 days now, so I can’t yet comment on weight loss, but I do feel a burst of energy immediately after I take it. Not like a stimulant rush, just a pleasant feeling of having more energy. It lasts 20 minutes or so.
        I’ve lost 150 pounds since April 2009 doing mostly low carb paleo. Lately though I’ve been on a long plateau. I’ve only lost about 30 pounds since June 2010. I have put on some muscle during that time as well, so I’m not unhappy with my results. It’s just a little disconcerting to feel like I’m doing everything right but to have the weight loss almost stop. I’ve got another 50 pounds or so to lose and I’m hoping that Metabosol will help kick the weight loss back into gear.
        I’ve got one quick question. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I usually lift weights and/or do some interval sprints in a fasted state except for ingesting 10 grams of branch chain amino acids immediately prior to working out. Would it be ok to take the BCAAs together with the Metabosol or should I wait until after my workout to take Metabosol?
        Thanks again for the free stuff and the comments.

        1. Metabosol is designed to be taken on an empty stomach first thing in the morning at right before bedtime at night. Unless you work out and take the BCAAs first thing when you get up or last thing you do before retiring for the night, the Metabosol shouldn’t come into play. If you do work out first thing in the morning, then I would take the Metabosol a couple of hours after the workout but on an empty stomach. BCAAs and other proteins or amino acids will interfere with the absorption of Metabosol.

          1. Thanks, Doc.
            My Thursday workout is the first thing I do. I’ll hold off on the Metabosol until afterward.

          2. With regards to the evening dose, if you have a late dinner then should you wait two hours for your stomach to empty before taking Metabosol and going to bed?

          3. You should for maximal absorption. You’ll get okay absorption if you take it early, but it won’t be maximal.

  9. Thanks for the change to try it Dr. Mike! I ordered and look forward to testing it out on myself. 🙂 I’ve been low-carb for 10 years, but I still struggle with stress eating and am working off a regain. Maybe this will help me along. I’ll be sure to let you know!

  10. hey docs, i have a high school reunion in two months, so this may be coming just in time, thanks! Now where is that order form….

  11. Thanks Dr Mike.
    I, compared to your complainers, would prefer sucralose as the sweetener, as I have found it be to great stuff, and good tasting. I’m hoping you didn’t go to stevia, which tastes really bad. But, oh well, you can’t satisfy everyone! (Sorry you’re having to dump the Metabosol, but delighted to try it myself!)
    Congrats on launching your pro version of the Sous Vide Supreme — bet the chefs (and restaurant owners) are delighted to be able to buy an SVS for commercial use.
    I got a real kick out of seeing your E.A.T. sealer sold out in a day when you first offered it. Way to go!

    1. Thanks for keeping up with my sous vide travails. MD and I leave tomorrow for the big restaurant show in Chicago, so we’ll see how the chefs take to the new ‘Chef’ model. We’ll have Richard Blais there cooking for us on Saturday. Come by if you’re near and can get in.

  12. Dr Eades: Would the product be beneficial for a college student who finished the freshman year and put on the proverbial 15 lbs or should i say 20?

  13. Is it possible to get a list of exact ingredients? What is it sweetened with?
    Maddy Mason

  14. Hi Mike,
    I live in Ireland so I can’t order the free metabosol.
    But the last time you promoted (then pentabosol), I got a friend to ship me some from NY.(she’s no longer there unfortunately)
    I had lost 50lb already but had trouble ditching the last ten.
    Well pentabosol worked like magic. I dropped the weight in three weeks with ease. It also had a lovely side effect of clearing my depression and acne!
    Please when you re-launch consider shipping internationally, I’ve gotten some for friends and family and they all want more, The only people who found it didn’t work were not following low carb.
    Thanks again for this wonderful product, (and consider testing it for acne, it works incredibly well)

  15. What macro-nutrient ratios did you consider “low-carb” in the trials? Did you happen to examine the amount of exercise? I’m curious because I exercise a lot, at least 1 hour per day. Thanks for the free trial!

    1. The people who ran the trial didn’t run as tight a ship as I would have. It ended up being a moderately low-carb diet instead of a strict low-carb diet.

  16. Doesn’t ship till Monday??!!
    But the world is going to end tomorrow!
    Thanks for making this available to us.

  17. What a great offer. I’ve sent in my order and can’t wait to try it.
    By the way, ever since Dana Carpenter posted about the benefits of geletin, I’ve swallowed several plain packets of that a day, in water.
    This can’t be any worse than that.

    1. We can’t ship internationally. Even to Canada. In order to ship nutritional supplements to Canada, you have to either go through a nightmare application process or have the supplements made in Canada.

  18. I would love to try it. What do I need to do? I will be happy to give you feed back. Judith Johnson

  19. I went to Products, but it seems it is already unavailable. Are all of the Metabosols spoken for already?
    Any plans to sell more in the future? Exciting!

  20. Hi and drat. Just got the email with your current post and went directly to the Metabosol site to order some and it’s now gone? At least it says it’s no longer available (and gee, the price was sooo good). So – one question is: why didn’t I get this post yesterday, when it seems that everyone did – and the only other questions is: is there any still available??? Would really love to try it. Which leads to, perhaps, a third question is, if this isn’t available now, will you be making any more anytime soon?
    Thanks, Dr. M. Glad to see you posting more often!

    1. Sorry you missed out. I’m not sure when, but we will be making Metabosol available again. Problem is, we’ve got to order a ton of it for the manufacturer to make, so we’re not going to do it until we’re really ready to devote some time and attention to it.

  21. Product no currently available May 20 7:30 Pacific..about 10 min after got email of Metabosol blog posting.
    Are you out?

  22. Hi! I’ve looked all over the products page, but am not finding the free Metabosol offer. Has it all been ordered already? Thanks!

  23. Just rec’d your blog via email on 5/20 but the posted comments have a 5/19 date. Looks like the product is all gone. What a bummer! When will you make more and what will be the price?

    1. Sorry, but it’s all gone. We will make more. Don’t know when yet, and the price will depend upon our price from the manufacturer.

  24. Rats, I didn’t read my email until this morning. Since I don’t find it on the Products page, I’m assuming you ran out?
    Give us a big shout out when your new batch is formulated!

  25. Still can’t find the product on your products page. What is in it and what sweetener are you using?

  26. Are you sold out? I tried to order as soon as I got your post, but can’t find the product.

  27. So, is it or isn’t it still available? I tried Pentabosol years ago and used it up, but couldn’t afford to keep buying it. I’d like to try the Metabolsol right now, since I am back on low carb, and I know the Pentabasol worked. Please send me the product if you still have any. I just got your email, and it already seems you may be out of it. Just let me know. Thanks so much.

  28. Hey! Wait a minute…why didn’t I get your email YESTERDAY! Others did. What’s up with that?

    1. I think everyone got the email today. I use an automated system that recognizes that I have posted a blog then formats it for email and sends it. People usually get it the day after I put up the post. I think the orders came from people who check for posts daily or who have blog readers that check for them.

  29. Unfortunately, I read your latest column too late to take advantage of the offer. Is there a time frame when Metabosol will be available to purchase again?

  30. I would like to try your product Metabosol and I understand that the Free Product has been depleted. How can I go about ordering the paid product? I can’t get to the description of the product or when it will be available. More info would be appreciated.

    1. I’m really kind of surprised at all this interest. I haven’t thought that far into the future, but at some point we will have another run of Metabosol and have it available. I have to slot it in with the manufacturer, which takes time, and I don’t want to do it until I’m ready to devote some time and attention to it. Allowing all this product to run out of time has cost me many thousands of dollars, and I don’t want to make that mistake again. I was simply going to trash the inventory I had left, but then thought, Why do that? Let your readers have it. I had no idea the demand would be what it was.

      1. 200,000,000 Americans are overweight, you have a diet aid that has been proven to work in a double blind trial – granted in combination with low carb – you offered it for free, and you’re surprised at the interest? I have to say I’m not surprised. I bet if you can get more available by two months from now, you’ll get some repeat customers willing to pay normal prices.
        I am somewhat curious about the trial. Are you willing to say what the p value was, and what the 95% double ended confidence interval was, on the increased weight loss over the baseline low carb + exercise regimen?

        1. Hmmm. I guess when you put it that way it’s not so surprising.
          I can’t remember what the 95% confidence interval was, and I don’t have my stuff with me here in Chicago. But I do remember that the p value was <0.025.
          We had two groups of about 30 subjects each and the trial lasted six weeks.

  31. I linked your blog to mine, and so see updates immediately. I didn’t get the e-mail ’til this morning.
    I am looking forward to trying it and letting you know how it works. Any particular data you would like to see?

    1. Just the usual. I would be interested to see how it works for you and what you think of it taste-wise. Thanks in advance.

  32. Dr. Eades, Thank you.
    No, I didn’t arrive in time to get the product but thank you all the same for allowing others to try it and hopefully provide some feedback. Thanks for not trashing it or quite probably being able to sell it at a discounted price. Forbear with the ‘agitation’ factor. Folks are desperate when it comes to weight loss as you know more than most. Thanks for your continued care and support of those of us in the struggle. I hope you day is extra wonderful!

    1. I understand the agitation factor completely. Had I had any idea this would have gone so quickly, I would have limited it to one container per person instead of two. I really thought I would end up trashing some of it anyway. I had no idea the response would be what it was. Thanks for being so understanding.

  33. I’d love to try Metabosol– if it is out of stock I can try to cobble together the ingredients on my own until it is available again. According to info in the thread, ingredients are posted under the product listing, but I can’t find a product listing for Metabosol anywhere. Am I looking in the wrong place?

    1. I’ll try to get the info up when I get back from this big restaurant show I’m leaving in 30 minutes for in Chicago.

  34. Boo Hoo…just got the email 3 seconds ago and it’s all gone. Too bad, I guess if you had known everyone would want one you would have limited it to 1 each. I have been wanting to try it for years but I’m too cheap to get it without knowing if it will work for me.

  35. P.S…possibly make it cheaper and all of it will sell consistently fast and more throw outs? People want weight loss to happen quickly and cheaply. haha

  36. Dr. Eades,
    Thanks very much. I am hoping that I was one of the lucky ones who ordered fast enough. I did place the order and received confirmation, but it had to have been within several minutes of the stock running out. I’m surprised that you are surprised in the interest. I’m in the middle of a move, and called urgently to my husband trying to decide whether to ship to my old or new address because I felt like I only had seconds to get my order in before you’d run out.
    I have lost 54 pounds in the past year, and I’m trying to lose 20 more over the summer. I have been needing a kick in the pants to go a little lower carb than I have been eating, and this fits the bill perfectly. I will report back with results and feedback! Thanks again!

  37. oh come on! this email didn’t get to me until today, after 11 am on May 20, and you’re sold out already. how the heck did the other people get their email in time to order it? You have NO IDEA how ecstatic I was to try it! I’m sooooo disappointed I don’t get a chance to try it, I always lose INCREDIBLY slow. thanks for the generous offer though.

    1. Yes, as I mentioned in another comment above, the email goes out the day after the post actually goes up. I’m getting hammered today from people who subscribe by email who got in too late. Many have told me I need to get another email delivery service, so I may switch to Mail Chimp.

  38. For everyone of us who did not get in on the free offer…it doesn’t matter. The world is ending May 21, starting in New Zealand and working its way west. Those of you in California will be the last to experience the end of the world. LOL

  39. Hi Dr. Eades!
    Firstly, let me say I just love what you & your wife do for others! I’m am passionate about low carb living. I was so excited to click on my hotmail to see your newsletter & that you developed a product for us “thrifty genotypes” (borrowing from Dr. Bernstein here :))…I’m a mild type II & weight just doesn’t want to budge.
    Where can I buy some of the Metabosol? I see that your gracious free samples have run out (that was entirely generous). If it is not available until production time again, please just post on your newsletters when this will be ready again, b/c I have a goal and I’m hoping that your product will usher me to my goal a bit sooner. 🙂
    Sincerely here in Nova Scotia, Canada :))
    p.s. I live by the tenents in your “Low-Carb Diet Solution” book. :))

    1. Thanks for the nice comment. Sadly, whenever we do have Metabosol available again, we still won’t be able to ship it to Canada. You’ll have to have a friend in the US get it and ship it to you.

  40. Oops…I forgot to checkmark the “notify” box to followup comments, so thank you again!!! :))

  41. “I’m really kind of surprised at all this interest.”
    Oh, Dr, Mike. Do you not know you have HUNDREDS (probably even thousands) of devout fans out here, checking your site every single day to see if you’ve written anything new? I keep an icon on my desktop for your site, so if I want to go to Amazon I can click right through. You’re in my RSS reader (although, I must say… er… write… that I always save your entries for last, so I can finish my morning reading with whatever you’ve written). When I began the Metabosol entry this morning, I jumped immediately to the order page to place mine, because *I* knew it would be “Filene’s Basement on wedding dress closeout” day!
    I don’t mean to embarrass you, but you are SO important to SO many of us! A friend (who also managed to get an order in, cause I emailed her to do it right away) wrote me: “I don’t see a list of ingredients,” and I wrote back: “maybe not, but I trust Dr. Mike.”
    (Oh, and our chef at the Ichiban Japanese steakhouse (our every-Friday-lunch place) was excited today to hear about the pro version of the SVS. The cooking school he’s getting his (business) degree at had done a demo of sous vide cooking, but with a Rube Goldberg device. He’s gonna go look at the site and see if he can interest the school in getting some.)
    Have fun (or at least success) in Chicago!

    1. Thanks for the very kind words. Geez, now you make me feel guilty when I don’t post.
      We are excited about the new SousVide Supreme Chef. We just got our UL certification for it a couple of days ago, just in time for the big restaurant show. According to UL, we are the only commercial sous vide unit that has UL.

      1. “Geez, now you make me feel guilty when I don’t post.”
        {snicker} Hey everybody, lookit! It worked!! {wink}
        (No, really, whatever, whenever you get a chance to write. Although I really WOULD like to see the rest of the hog-butchering y’all got to do!)

  42. Sorry I missed out on the Metabosol test but I hope you have good results and can put on the market. Have been on the Hi protein diet since 2003 and feeling great. Good luck to you.

  43. Mail Chimp? Is that anything like Trunk Monkey? I check your blog every day to see if you posted. I signed up for the feed after successfully ordering my two free (one of each) containers. Ironically, if I’d signed up before I’d have missed out.
    I think there is an assumption that signing up for the feed will result in immediate notification.
    PS. If you didn’t get the Trunk Monkey reference Google it, the ads are hysterical.

    1. Yes, I’ve seen the Trunk Monkey videos and think they are brilliant.
      The email program I’ve been using is Feedburner, which is free, but, according to everyone I know who understands these things, sucks. All those people told me to get Mail Chimp, which I guess I’ll do once I get back from Chicago. Now when I get it, I’ll never be able to see the words ‘Mail Chimp’ without thinking of Trunk Monkey. Thanks a lot.

        1. A friend of mine who I shared this with said:
          That’s hilarious, man – thanks for sharing! I work with Mailchimp, so maybe I can suggest and advocate the pairing up of Trunk Monkey services for them – LOL
          You could be in for quite the user experience!

  44. Dr Eades, you said that you don’t recommend using Metabosol on its own without the low carb diet or the exercise, but then you go on to say “it’s not a magic bullet”.
    Now I have a problem with this. First, it implies that when something works without diet or exercise, it does so through some magical mysterious property. That’s absurd but there it is.
    Then, it suggests that it may not work on its own and thus the totality of the weight lost during that study, even though there was a tendency for the Metabosol group to lose more, is due exclusively to diet and/or exercise. That’s slightly less absurd but it qualifies your product as placebo.
    However, there’s this third possibility. That it does work on its own, but through some currently unknown method that is not magical nor mysterious. We know it’s through some method that we already know about, but we don’t know exactly which one because we didn’t measure.
    In no event does the saying “it’s not a magic bullet” apply in this case, or generally in nutrition or physiology.

    1. Wow! Talk about splitting hairs.
      I think there is some confusion about the term ‘magic bullet.’ In the supplement business, a magic bullet is a supplement that is advertised as being able to bring about weight loss irrespective of diet and exercise. These are the supplements in those ads you see that say, ‘Eat all you want of the foods you love, sleep all day, and lose five dress sizes in a month.’ We’ve all seen these ridiculously unbelievable ads. Those products in those ads are what are called magic bullets in the supplement industry.
      All of the regulatory agencies require that if your supplement was tested using diet and exercise, then you’ve got to say that it works only if combined with diet and exercise. That’s what I was saying in that caveat. Our study subjects did diet and exercise, and the group that took Pentabosol/Metabosol lost almost twice what those following the same diet and exercise program without the supplement lost, which would imply that there was an effect from the supplement. Whatever the effect was, it wasn’t magic.

  45. I was lucky enough to get my order in. I do have a question though.. I know it is meant to be mixed with water. Is it ok to add to a protein shake (whey, heavy cream, coconut oil, water and ice) or do I have to drink it seperately?

    1. You need to take it on an empty stomach. Most people take it mixed with water first thing in the morning and again at bedtime. You shouldn’t mix it with anything caloric.

  46. Hi Dr Eades, as I mentioned yesterday, I got the email too late to try your product. I was just wondering if you could provide the list of supplements to purchase, and the amounts, so that I could look into buying them myself to try out while I wait for you to make some more? I realize it may be expensive, but hey, no different than the crazy (and expensive) HCG diet I’ve done twice. Thanks, and I love your posts (I miss seeing them more regularly). have a great weekend!

    1. I think I’ve found an interim solution, but can’t put it in place until I get back from this giant restaurant show in Chicago. I’ll get somehing posted in a day or two.

  47. Do your patients who have found success using Pentabosol found that they need to continue taking it to maintain their weight loss?

    1. Some use it from time to time if they pick up a few pounds here and there. kristi maintains her lower weight nicely, but if sustains some after the holidays or vacations or whatever, she goes back on the Metabosol for a few days until she’s back to her regular weight. No one – at least no one that I know of – uses Metabosol as an ongoing maintenance product.

    1. I guess just by keeping an eye on the site. If I switch email programs and you sign up, I’ll send an email when the new stuff gets made.

  48. Hi, of course a very fine and generous offer from you. Just sorry I missed out this time around. Please let us know when Metabosol is reintroduced, I’d love to try it. Thanks,

  49. Hi!
    I checked in again and Metabosol isn’t on the products page — is there anywhere else the ingredients would be listed?

  50. Hi,
    Until the product is available again, I would really like to know some or all of the key ingredients so that I can try using them together. Please post information on this, as I can’t find the info. anywhere on your website.

  51. I would also like to order some when it’s available. Do you ship to Australia? It sounds like a great product!

    1. Unfortunately, we can’t ship internationally. There are all kinds of regulations making it extremely difficult to ship nutritional supplements to other countries. If you have a friend here who could order it for you, that friend could ship it to you, but we can’t.

  52. While I’m waiting for a restock on Metabosol- just bought some Mangalitsa Lardo, also some Mangalitsa cooking lard, from DBragga”s. Looking forward to tasting it- my poor little dog will definitely NOT be offered any. He can’t afford it!

  53. Thank you so much for the very generous offer. I was one of the lucky ones and received my shipment yesterday. I eat low carb (no refined carbs or crap) and I do strength train with free weights, body weight, and do lots of walking with some sprints thrown in.
    I will give feedback.
    Thanks again for not throwing it out! Very kind of you and much appreciated!

  54. I forgot to add that I keep updated on you and Mary Dan thru Blog Reader, so that is why I was one of the fortunate ones, I guess.

  55. I keep up with your blog on google reader, which is why I saw your post so much earlier than others. I’m looking forward to my shipment arriving. I still have about 40 lbs to lose and it’s been pretty slow going. I’m hoping this will give me a little boost. I’ll keep you updated on how it’s working for me.

  56. Thanks for making this available! I tried a can of the Pentabosol a couple years ago, but since I didn’t remember to take it regularly or stick very well to a low carb diet, I didn’t see any benefit. I’ve tried the citrus flavor of Metabosol, and it’s much tastier & easier to mix. It’s almost too sweet for me! I think it’ll work better this time since a) I’m leaving the Metabosol on the kitchen counter where I will see it & remember to take it and b) my darling wife has gone low carb as well, so it’s much easier to stick to the diet.
    One question: will this work in conjunction with the 6-week cure diet? We’re thinking of running through at least the first 2 weeks to kick-start some weight loss & stay motivated.
    Thanks for all your good work! If I hadn’t seen your guest post on Tim Ferriss’s site a few years ago, I’d probably still be trying to eat a “balanced” diet and wondering why I can only starve myself with 1500 cal for a couple months before I snap and wolf down everything in sight.

  57. Received my Metabosol yesterday. You said you wanted feedback on how it was taste-wise. I thought the taste was fine–better with 8 oz of water than 6 oz. My daughter asked if it was lemonade. No one will have to horsewhip me to keep taking it. 🙂

  58. I’m pretty sensitive to powdered supplements. (I usually hate them.) I started Metabosol two days ago. The citrus tastes just fine, like lemonade, but not too sweet. I put it in a small jar with water and shake to mix.
    I hope you get more before I run out, and I hope that I can afford it. I’ve been low carbing for a while now, and my weight loss has been extremely slow. Very frustrating. I hope that this product will help me.

  59. When should we expect it to be delivered? I ordered right away but haven’t received anything yet- I guess it takes longer to deliver to some part of the countries? (I live in VA btw)

      1. Now I’m concerned- I didn’t receive an email with tracking info, just the original order confirmation email.

  60. I received the order confirmation, and my shipping was paid, but I’ve not yet received an email with tracking info. A friend who lives in this area, who also got her order in, said her package showed up last week.

      1. Thanks Dr. Mike. It just showed up! I’m excited to try it and I’ll let you know how it works for me.

  61. Mine came yesterday (no delivery email, but I wasn’t worried). Drank the citrus last night and the berry this morning. Both are yum! (Citrus is better but then, I love lemon juice!) I use a small jar and about 6-oz water and shakeshakeshake. It’s still a bit… not gritty cause the grains are so small, but maybe… I’m aware it’s made from dust? (Okay, powder…) It’s in no way objectionable — I just pour some extra water in the jar, swirl it around and drink it too, after I drink the main batch to make sure I’ve gotten it all.
    I’ve made a tracking sheet so I know what time I take it (and so I don’t forget to {eye roll}), my morning weight, and any notes that occur. I may add measurements and track those too — or at least, record pre and post measurements.
    Thanks SO much for making this available.

  62. I am wondering…I Googled one of the key ingredients, garcinia cambodia (sp?) and found a couple of references to liver toxicity and a request from a science group for gov’t sponsored tests for toxicity.
    Dr. Eades, do you have any concerns about the safety of this ingredient (which I notice is listed twice in the ingredients, in different forms). Have any studies been done that show safety via no or very few reported side effects?

    1. Sorry for the delay on this. For some reason your comment got snared by my spam filter.
      I’m not worried about the garcinia at all. A few years ago a person taking Hydroxycut (a weight loss, body building supplement containing garcinia along with numerous other substances) died from liver failure. Despite the fact that the person who died was taking a liver-toxic prescription drug, someone, based on virtually no evidence, suggested that the liver problem could have been caused by the garcinia in the Hydroxycut. When this death took place, I looked up every paper on garcinia and liver toxicity and found nothing that confirmed that garcinia was toxic to the liver. There are multiple papers showing that green tea extract, another one of the ingredients in Hydroxycut, has been shown to be liver toxic, but no papers – other than a few speculative ones – say anything about garcinia. I don’t know why anyone even speculated on the garcinia when other ingredients in Hydroxycut are problematic. Garcinia has been used for years by itself and in combination with other ingredients in weight loss products without problems, so I’m not worried about it.
      If you are worried about it or are taking other medications with know liver toxicity, maybe you should not use the Metabosol.

  63. I just received mine and I’m excited to try! In the trial, were the subjects taking any additional vitamins/minerals? (I take mine with meals so I wouldn’t be taking them at the same time as the Metabosol) I’m curious if I keep taking my regular supplements if it may adversely affect any results I would see, or if I should just use the Metabosol.

    1. Strangely enough, I don’t remember whether the subjects had additional vitamins as part of their protocol or not. A vitamin supplement shouldn’t be a problem, though, as long as it isn’t taken with the Metabosol. The reason for taking Metabosol on an empty stomach is to better absorption of the ingredients. If they have to compete with other substances – especially protein or individual amino acids – the absorption will be diminished.

  64. Dr. Eades – thanks for the freebie offer! Got mine and am trying it out. Two questions:
    1) Black coffee ok or does that mess with the metabosol magic?
    2) If you only do it once daily do you lose critical mass or just get 1/2 the results?

    1. Black coffee is fine. I don’t know what happens with once per day use. We didn’t study it that way, so I have no data. You can try it and report back.

      1. Is there a reason from your review of the literature about the ingredients why you chose to have people take it twice a day instead of three times a day or once a day?

        1. Strictly for convenience. For maximal absorption, Metabosol needs to be taken on an empty stomach, so first thing in the morning and the last thing before bed seems to fit the bill. Would probably give a little better results if the doses were taken 12 hours apart, but sometimes it’s hard to fit the second dose in at precisely 12 hours due to meal scheduling. It would probably work better yet if taken four times per day, but that would really be inconvenient. I’m guessing on all this because I don’t have any data to confirm. We did the study with two doses per day taken first thing in the AM and PM before bed.

          1. The reason why I ask is that if Metabosol works partially by preventing fatty acids from being incorporated into adipose cells, then it might be better to take it 30 minutes to an hour before meals. For now, I’m still doing my personal trial according to your instructions of 30 minutes before breakfast and before retiring to bed.

          2. It acts partially by inhibiting the formation of malonyl CoA, which blocks fat from going into the mitochondria. And it also works via the malate-aspartate shuttle to increase futile cycling. It doesn’t really work by decreasing the transport of fat into adipose cells.
            Keep me posted on your results. Thanks.

          3. I love this! The twelve hours apart is easier to work with than ‘first thing and last thing.’ (For me, anyway: My daily clock is ‘shifted’ — up till midnight or 1, and sleep till 8-9.)
            I drink my coffee at 8:00 or 8:30. Wait a couple hours and have the Metabosol, and then wait till I’m hungry for ‘breakfast’ — anywhere from noon till 3 p.m. or so. My husband and I do a version of “intermittent fasting” and “feeding window” merely by not eating until we’re hungry — so mid-day for “breakfast” (after *fasted* Doug McGuff style weightlifting on Mondays, or an hour of fasted water aerobics, which is more social hour with some hard sprints than a real workout on Tuedays and Thursdays) and then dinner between 6 and 7 at night (so he can digest before going to bed at 10-ish). I’m the night-owl at the computer, so it’s nothing to me when dinner is.
            Glad to be able to ‘place’ the Metabosol into my schedule.
            p.s., We’ve been ordering grass-fed meat from TallGrassBeef — Bill Kurtis’s company — and WOWEE! Delicious! And not that much more expensive than local meat (cheaper that Whole Foods in fact! Well, not counting shipping… {sigh}). ($4.97 a pound for ground beef — and it tastes like ‘real’ beef did in my childhood!) We got a 5-cu-ft chest freezer to hold it all!

  65. I received my 2 tubs – thank you :). My feedback so far is that it is incredibly sweet – the berry more so than the citrus. I’ve been low-carb for 18 months now and have very little of anything that is sweet tasting (berries, occasional baked goods using Truvia). Thank you for not using artificial sweeteners 🙂

  66. Dr. Eades, thank you for opting to send this out to your readers instead of throwing it out! I have started taking it, and it goes down just fine. What I wanted to ask you about is how you expect it to affect Type 1 diabetics. I have been T1 for 20 years now. I know it works with insulin and fat metabolism, so I wanted to know if you have any more helpful information in this regard.
    Once again, thank you!

    1. Like anything used by type I diabetics, it needs to be used with care. It was studied using a low-carb diet as the baseline diet, so we don’t know if it works with a higher-carb diet. If you’re not already on a low-carb diet and you switch to one, you could dramatically change your insulin requirements. If you are on a low-carb diet, and you simply add the Metabosol twice daily on an empty stomach, you should do okay. But I would recommend multiple blood sugar analyses while you’re getting started and a talk with your physician before.

  67. When can we order some — i see it’s not listed any more . . . when do you expect to have more?

  68. Received the berry last week and started using immediately. Actually like the taste of it!!! I noticed a nice side effect in the am after taking. My appetite is much less for most of the day. The appetite comes back from dinner on. Would it be ok to take it again 30 minutes before dinner instead of 30 minutes before bedtime? That is my trouble time and would like to know if I get the same result as I do in the am. Also, I have lost weight this past week after being on the Metabosol. Prior to that I had stalled.

    1. Glad to hear you’re doing well. Keep me posted.
      As long as it’s on an empty stomach that will stay empty for at least an hour, you can take it before dinner.

  69. When will Metabosol be available (June 1, 2011)?
    Would love to give it a try. Thank you for your blog as it is very informative.

  70. Hi Dr. Eades,
    Will be looking for Metabosol to be available soon. Have been stuck at losing the first 32 pounds for a long time, maybe I need to eat more fat, as you mentioned before.
    Thank you for all your information and work.
    Just got back from a weeks vacation and was sucked back into the carbs a bit, now getting back on track with some of you and your wife’s fabulous recipes.

  71. I started doing a trial of Metabosol yesterday, taking baseline measurements of morning weight and body fat. I plan to take weekly measurements until the two jars of Metabosol run out while continuing my low carb eating and strength training. I’ll let you know how that ultimately turns out in about a month or so.

      1. After 6 weeks of taking Metabosol twice daily (at least 30 min before breakfast and two hours after eating in the evening before going to bed), I lost 5 lbs while doing strength training 2-3 times a week. I was previously gaining weight at a rate of approximately 1 lb a week despite eating very low carb, so it looks like Metabosol is indeed effective at reversing that trend and producing a gradual weight loss.

  72. Have been using the Metabosol for about a week. Have not lost any weight, but do notice that i am less hungry,

  73. Dr. Eades, I have two questions but you answered one up above already:
    1. Can metabosol be mixed with solid food? (I think you answered above it should be taken on an empty stomach that otherwise remains empty for at least one more hour after taking…)
    2. Similar question, can it be mixed with protein powder drinks?
    3. Can it be mixed with other nutritional supplements taken at the same time? (multi-vitamins, magnesium powders, etc…)

    1. Metabosol should not be taken with protein powder drinks. It is the protein that interferes with the absorption. As long as the other supplements don’t contain any protein or amino acids, it’s probably okay to take them together, but it wasn’t studied that way. The only data we have was generated by people taking it by itself on an empty stomach.

      1. I’m finding that it’s hard not to eat for an hour after taking it in the morning, (half an hour I can just manage), but, with my schedule, I have to eat something before I head out the door to work.

  74. Dr. Eades –
    I ordered a series of supplements to approximate Metabosol until it comes available again. Unfortunately the aspartate is backordered. Is it a futile effort to try out my feeble attempt at a substitute without it or should I give it the old college try without the last ingredient? Is it a problem if it is the calcium salt?
    BTW, thanks for all of the information, advice, and help!! You are providing an amazing resource for all us LC-ers and your dedication is beyond impressive. 🙂

    1. I don’t think the combo will work well without the aspartate. You can try pyruvate instead, but it’s pretty pricy.

    1. I’m working on it, but I’m in Spain right now. Won’t be back until first week in July. I should have a date by then.

  75. Dr. Eades, just wanted to let you know that I’ve already lost 6 pounds after starting Metabosol on May 29. I take it first thing in the morning, then about 30 minutes later, I have a cup of coffee (with cream.) I take it every night before bedtime. I’ve also been on a Paleo diet and trying to increase my exercise. I hope that this product is just what I need to jumpstart my broken metabolism. Thank you.

  76. Dr. Eades,
    Been using Metabosol on a somewhat unconventional IF/carb cyclical (carbs matched to weight lifting days 3x/week) diet. I have been taking the Metabosol every day regardless of the macro and total caloric ratio for the day. The gist of the diet is:
    2200 or so calories 3x week and reduced calories the rest of the week (often Tu/Tr are around 1200, but Sat/Sun varies to a much greater degree). You might have heard of lean gains, well this is a derivative of that program (though it’s been modified a bit by me). I eat usually between 1 and 10pm, so the morning Metabosol is on an empty, fasted stomach that stays fasted for a few hours.
    Anyway, haven’t lost any weight per se but I’m more going for body recomposition anyway, and I think I may be seeing positive results. What I’m curious about is your old post about futile cycling where you say:

    One of the things that happens on a high fat diet is that the body makes more uncoupling proteins. So, with carbs low and fat high, the body compensates, not by ditching fat in the stool, but by increasing futile cycling and by increasing the numbers of uncoupling proteins and even increasing the porosity of the inner mitochondrial membrane so that the protons that required energy to be moved across the membrane are then moved back. So, ultimately, just like the rocks in my example above, the protons are taken from one pile and moved to another then moved back to the original pile, requiring a lot of energy expenditure with nothing really accomplished.

    I noticed above that you said:

    It acts partially by inhibiting the formation of malonyl CoA, which blocks fat from going into the mitochondria. And it also works via the malate-aspartate shuttle to increase futile cycling. It doesn’t really work by decreasing the transport of fat into adipose cells.

    What I’m perplexed about is why you’d want to block fat from entering into the mitochondria — I’d have thought you’d want to increase fat moving into mitochondria to be burned as fuel, but I have a hunch that I just don’t understand how the “turbine” actually works. Was curious if you’d be willing to extrapolate on what’s going on here more.

    1. One of the ingredients in Metabosol inhibits the formation of malonyl CoA. Malonyl CoA blocks the transport of fat into the mitochondria. So one of the ingredients in Metabosol blocks the substance that blocks the transport of fat into the mitochondria therefore Metabosol increases the flow of fat into the mitochondria.

  77. Any update on the interim solution, Dr. Eades? Thanks for all the great work you and your wife have done. I’ve maintaid a 100 lb weight loss for over five years, but have stalled out before my “goal” weight and would love to try this product!

  78. The stuff works. I changed nothing else, and have started to lose inches. I actually mix it with a little coconut milk, and the combo takes care of hunger for quite a while.

  79. Just wanted to let you know that interest hasn’t waned. Can’t wait till you find that interim solution!

  80. I’ve been doing the low carb for over 2 weeks now and am not losing weight. I am 55 years of age and have an autoimmune disorder. I do exercise 5 days a week. I would very much like to try the Metabosol. Will you be doing the free trial again? Is there any word on when the product will be available?

  81. Dr. Eades,
    I got two cannisters of Metabosol (thanks!) and started incorporating it into my diet back in late May. I’ve kept MOST of my diet the same, which has actually been more like LeanGains, which uses intermittent fasting and cyclical low-carb/high-carb paired to weight lifting. Obviously that confounds all of this a bit. Bottom line is that nothing changed really in my diet except for metabosol.
    Over that time period, I’ve actually gone from 163 to about 171 … needless to say this is a bit perplexing, but I’m curious if there is any impact on Metabosol on water retention — any idea what might be going on here?

  82. Hi,
    I am starting your Protein Power diet again after a 14 year break. I want to try some metabosol. Your last post in June said you were working on it. http://www.metabosol.com still has no supply. Can you give us a status update on the production progress and ETA?
    Thanks! 🙂

  83. I also think it works and am almost out of my supply! I hope you will be able to produce more or similar sooner than later! Thank you!

  84. I was wondering when it would be available again?
    Is there a list that you can get on so that we can be notified when it is available?

    1. 10/3/11
      Was trying to reorder. Pentabosol website person says product is no longer available. Then if so, why don’t they take the product site down.
      I’m a customer of over 10 years. Please let me know if product is available and where it can be ordered.
      Barry Reischling

  85. Dr. Eades – I would like to thank you and tell you that Metabosol has really worked for me, in conjunction with exercise and paleo diet. I started taking this at 236 (I am 5’4″) and am now down to 212. Not huge loss, but prior to taking Metabosol, I was watching the scale actually creep up even with exercise (and caloric intake at 1500) so I am VERY pleased with the results. I have charted inches lost too! I do have a ways to go yet, and would like to continue using Metabosol as I lose the remaining 50# or so. Any idea when this will be available again? Thanks again!!

  86. Update on availability? It works for me and I’d like more! I have lost 30 pounds since going paleo and taking it starting at the end of May. Still have 60# to lose though.

  87. I am confused. Pentabosol is for sale but not Metabosol. Have you gone back to the old formulation or did you just decide against the Metabosol name? Reading the post, you suggested that the Pentabosol did not taste very good and was gritty, is that still the case? ((Not trying to be picky but is Pentabosol also wheat free?))

  88. You just posted your comment yesterday at Noon that this item is available, but the red intermittent notices say that due to overwhelming demand, you are out of your supply. If I provide you with my contact information, can I get some when it becomes available again? I have a bad situation–I don’t overeat. I have a thyroid problem lifelong, complicated by Lyme Disease and Babesia that had just been diagnosed after 8 years, as well as heavy metals poisoning, for which I’ve been on chemet intermittently over the years, which all serve to suppress my metabolism and make it impossible for me to lose weight. In fact, I’ve been steadily gaining 10-12 pounds per year for each year that the Lyme and Babesia conditions have goine undiagnosed, despite being on a high protein, low carb regimen with exercise. It is extremely frustrasting because I don’t deserve to look or feel the way I do–I am an extremely disciplined person, and know that my condition would be that much worse had I given in to easting whatever I wanted. Could your product even work for me, or do these other conditions need to be either resolved or under control before it would work?

    1. What you are reading is the old post I did in which we gave away Metabosol that was quickly going out of date. We shipped about a thousand containers before we ran out. We now have a brand new shipment, so you can find it on the products page at the top of this blog.

  89. I forgot one more thing. I was just diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. Apparently all of these conditions/diseases listed here and in the above comment rob my body of oxygen and totally suppress any metabolism that I once had. I’m cronically exhausted, and I don’t even let this stop me. I am a busy professional (environmental attorney) who commutes 2 hours each way into NYC to work, and am also a mom of 3, with the attendant responsibilities of same.I am never “rested” or “refreshed from sleep”, and yet I drag myself around, exercise when I can (running up and down multiple flights of stairs throughout the day while at work plus regular exercise routines too) and conform to a rigid high protein low carb diet. Any help you could give me would be much appreciated.

  90. Dr. Eades
    I have been following the blogs on this site. I have ben on again off again excecising my whole life i do really good then fall off what can i say life happens. My question is this I have tried everything at least twice and back about 10 years ago (man times flies) I tried the lemonaide metabosol and it worked with my 3 days a week cardio and weights along with a 1300 calorie diet. now i am older and i have been on phetermine 37.5 that does not work like it used too the 1st time i had fantastic results but it is like my body built some sort of immunity to it. Could that be very possible with this product? I do not need a free sample I know this powder works. I am traing for my 1st 5k and I have been working out since New Years 4 days a week running 4 miles a day and with switching to 1 hour cardio on some days or weights and toning on others. Would you suggest I try this product again or do you have something else a little stronger for optimal resutls. I am trying to lose 20 pounds by May 1st Please advise? Thank you!

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