TV news as it should be with Mika Brzezinski.


  1. How dare Mika! How dare she not bore us with a story about America’s over televised bucket of skin and bones. My life is more interesting than P.H.’s and not one journalist is standing outside my door.Oh well, I guess they just missed it.
    Yeah, where were they when I got my hole-in-one?  Let’s see PH do that.

  2. Mika is my freakin HERO, the only journalist I have any respect for these days. GO MIKA!!
    I know.  It’s enough to make me start watching MSNBC.

  3. It’s easier to distract the masses from questioning what’s going on in the real world when stuff like this leads the news. As George Carlin once–and aptly–said, “Think of how stupid the average person is, then realize that half of them are stupider than that.” And that percentage are the ones gobbling up the People magazines with Paris on the cover emblazoned MY 23 DAYS BEHIND BARS!!! I don’t know if it’s still true, but I remember hearing once that the periodical with the highest circulation in America was the National Enquirer. ‘Nuff said.
    Love the Carlin quote, which is sadly all too true.

  4. That was quite hilarious.
    I want to marry her.
    Oops, what an ambiguous pronoun.
    ‘Her’ is an ambiguous pronoun? 

  5. I’d breakdown and get cable to watch her.
    And can the media please get the terminology correct? Paris was in jail, not prison. There is a difference.

  6. Yes, I could’ve meant either Mika or…ummm…the crazy chick in jail. Whatever her name is.
    Oh, I see.  It’s all clear to me now.  Well, I would fight you for Mika, but you can have the one in jail.

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