Many thanks to reader, Julie P., for sending me some info about an interesting web business geared solely toward helping busy moms (or dads or couples or singles) get back to the dinner table again. Be advised, it is a business, not a free service.

I visited and perused the site, called Saving Dinner, which is run by certifited nutritionist and syndicated columnist Leanne Ely. Like me, Ms. Ely is on a mission to get families back to that all-important piece of furniture, the dinner table. Toward that end, her Saving Dinner site is filled with ways to do just that offering online delivery of everything from meal plans and recipes to the exact shopping list you’ll need to take to the store. What a great time and money saver that is!

There appears to be something there for all, no matter what the dietary regimen, including vegetarian, frugal, crock cooker, heart healthy and low carb (the latter two of which in my world would be one and the same, but then it’s not my site and that’s another blog.)

I have absolutely no affiliation whatsoever with her or this site, have not used it myself, and can therefore make no cogent comment about the quality of the service she provides. I just think it’s a great idea and I pass it along solely because it’s one more tool that may assist in getting us all back to the table.

Hats off to her!

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